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It seems our own appearance on BlogTalk Radio's SquatchDetective show this Wednesday has innaugurated a full-blown crazy week of Bigfoot in the media. (LISTEN TO THE SHOW WITH YOURS TRULY... HERE.) Right now our show is at #3 among the 500 rankings on BlogTalk under the search term, "Bigfoot." Cool! At least we didn't flub up too badly.

Image: A burl bigfoot found outside of Orick, CA, on Hwy. 101

We have word from the inside (we know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is involved) that the folks from the MYTHBUSTERS TV show will be up here in Humboldt County this weekend filming an episode "debunking" Bigfoot. They are contracting with a member of Blue Lake's Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre (founded by Carlo Mazzone-Clementi) to wear the Bigfoot suit.

The theatrical troupe and school focuses on physical theater and comedy, so we will probably get an agile and possibly convincing Bigfoot enactment from them, but it could also be a mocking and exaggerated one. Whatever the case, we are sure this show will be a smug and superficial dismissal. We are already arranging to play some pranks on them wearing a Sasquatch suit and tracking them around, throwing rocks from the trees.

Coming up on Sunday night is the much anticipated National Geographic BIGFOOT documentary. We and Crazy Ian encountered the scientific and filming crew from this show down at the Patterson-Gimlin Film Site on Bluff Creek this summer. Read about black helicopters landing on the PGF zone and other musings in our PREVIOUS BLOG. We have high hopes for this film, as the producers told us they were giving the PGF and other evidence a very serious and fresh new consideration. They did high resolution scans of the entire film site area with a density penetrating device that will hopefully aid us in locating markers that will prove the exact location and trackway. One problem: did the find the REAL film site? We had our doubts. They also obtained an incredibly high quality scan of an apparently first-generation copy of the film from Patricia Patterson. We are intensely curious as to whether they plan to issue this entire film copy in digital form on the DVD. This one will depend in a vast way on the Bonus Features, folks! It could be great!

From the Nat. Geo. site:


Sasquatch. The Wild Man. Bigfoot. Believers in the massive creature claim he's half man, half primate and roams the Pacific Northwest. Join a team of experts as they use advanced scientific analysis to investigate the phenomenon to reveal what's science, and what's science fiction. Follow along as we break down one of the most controversial pieces of evidence... a 40-year-old film that many believe is actual video of the apelike being."

WAIT! This gives us pause: "half man, half primate"? How scientific can they be if they can say something like that? It's like saying, "Half human, half mammal." Humans ARE mammals. Humans ARE primates. Humans ARE apes, or at least part of the same family of animals. Anyway...

Go to the National Geographic page for the show HERE to view some photos and a video clip featuring Jeff Meldrum.

That same night (set your Tivo and catch both!) the NABS guys will appear again on Coast-to-Coast AM ("The Art Bell Show"):

"Sunday, January 24, 2010: George Knapp welcomes researcher David Paulides and forensic artist Harvey Pratt for a discussion on the relationship between Native American cultures and Bigfoot. They'll also provide eyewitness accounts of the creature that bridge the gap between folklore and fact."

Let us hope that Mr. Dave will refrain from going public with his "Bluff Creek Massacre" theory beliefs. Remember, the C-2-C AM show repeats again (2:00 a.m., Pacific Time) on most radio channels. Catch it the night of the show, though, as the archived versions are only available to paying StreamLink subscribers. Check the COAST TO COAST AM Web Site for affiliates and show times in your area. Or check in here:

UPDATE: Ugh! For one of the first times in recorded history a C2C AM show has been canceled! What happened? Good question; but the usual conspiracy theory answer used on the show might suffice: the government wants to suppress controversial information that Paulides might unveil. Maybe? Or did Dave's cell phone suddenly die? Did Bigfoot get him? What a huge disappointment. Well... here is what they say on the Coast-to-Coast AM web site:

"Due to technical difficulties, tonight's live program has been postponed. In its place, we are airing the 2/17/08 episode featuring George Knapp talking with Jim Marrs about UFOs, remote viewing, and the JFK assassination. Previously scheduled guests Kathy Strain, David Paulides, and Harvey Pratt will be rescheduled. "

We've just received a call from Bunbury Films regarding their fine documentary, BIGFOOT'S REFLECTION. We blogged about and reviewed the film HERE. Their web site for the film is up and running live, and their representative Andrea tells us they are in process of posting all sorts of BONUS FEATURES for the film on the web site for free access rather than putting them on the DVD itself. This includes trailers and unreleased portions of the interviews with some of Bigfootings great figures. CHECK IT OUT or get the film at! During the development of this site one might want to check out their FaceBook fan page, where an interview segment with John Green and other goodies are posted.

More NEWS: We've been contacted by a graduate student and his film documentarian partner, and they will be visiting us in early February. They are workikng on an MA-level thesis project in Anthropology, intending to produce a serious documentary film on the Bigfoot phenomenon. We're going to visit and interview Bigfoot godfather, Al Hodgson. Look for that!

Image: Al Hodgson on an A and E documentary.

In our conversation with Al we here at Bigfoot's bLog intend to clear up some issues regarding the PGF timeline, and debunk (we hope!) the notion that Roger and Bob were in Bluff Creek and Willow Creek at the same time as John Green and Rene Dahinden, in the fall of 1967. Watch out, "Massacre" believers. Will the GCBRO let us post THIS? We doubt it!

Also! an update just came in regarding our previously blogged ODEN FLAT SIGHTING. Big news there regarding some very convincing repeated and habitual Bigfoot activity. We will be going there with the aforementioned film guys to investigate with the residents, so look for an update soon! BFRO, do you want to get involved? We need to get some game cameras up.

Bonus Images:
Everything is Bigfooty in our area!!!
Bigfoot Wrestles!

Wyatt's Motel ad--now known as the Bigfoot Motel, this was the site where the founding members of the Pacific Northwest Expedition including Green, Titmus and Dahinden first met with millionaire organizer, Tom Slick, and looked at a jar full of moose poop and other evidence.

 A sign warns campers in the Klamath KOA that there be Sasquatch in them thar woods!

License plate seen at the Willow Creek Post office. The driver was an unknown primate.

Photos by Steven Streufert save for those from company and corporate promotional logos/sites.

How come no hu-man ever film or interview ME? Me no get it. What yer problem? Me no clean enough for you, stinky hu-man? Me no talk good? What? Jeez. Me go back to cave.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bigfoot Books Blogger to appear on BlogTalk Radio show, SquatchDetective

"Steve Kulls discusses the hot topics in the Bigfoot world with tonight's guest Willow Creek resident and blogger Steven Streufert."


Yours truly, the Bigfoot Books blogger, will theorize about the epistemology of cryptozoological hominology, live to the known universe.... Eeek! This show streams live online, or via permanent archive, available through the link below. If you miss it live you can always listen later.

SquatchDetective Radio 1/20/2010 - SquatchD Radio on Blog Talk Radio...
that's Wednesday, this week, at 7:00 Pacific Time, 10:00 Eastern Time.

Mr. Steve Kulls, the host, now residing in Albany, New York, is a long-time Bigfoot investigator. He is a former private investigator, hence his nickname, Squatch Detective. His web site,, has some interesting material and is growing by the day. Kulls has done good work, including his devastating exposure of Tom Biscardi's Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. Business Plan and the actions surrounding the Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax of 2008.

We blogged about this last week, so check it out HERE, or at... You'll find the links to his report on The Hoax and Biscardi are conveniently placed there for you. To delve into it more deeply, check out Kull's other site, BISCARDI EXPOSED You won't believe how deep it goes into the mire!

Check out BlogTalk Radio in general. It is a fabulous resource for Bigfoot/Sasquatch, with a whole bunch of shows covering the topic. Just search for "Bigfoot," and then refine it to "On Demand" to see all the shows that have been on recently. Our favorites, besides SquatchD, are SasquatchWatch, Campfire Shadows, Bigfoot Busters, The Grey Area, The Sasquatch Experience, Bigfoot Quest, The Bigfoot Mystery, Bigfoot TruthNLies, and then there are many, many others. It's scary--sometimes we don't even have time to listen to the Art Bell/Coast-to-Coast AM Show!!! BlogTalk is, also, a great source for just about any topic, including UFOs, Reptilian Aliens, The Illuminati, Global Conspiracy Theory, or just Cooking, or whatever floats your boat.

Me no angry now, me no like cold rain, so me sleep winter in secret cave on hill behind book store. Me might come out to talk on radio show, hopefully talk angry word, make hu-man FCC very mad at me for saying all seven bad word you no say on radio. Ha!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

ANATOMY OF A BIGFOOT HOAX: Biscardi Tells His Side of the Georgia Gorilla Debacle, Supports BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM; The S. Kulls Report

We know, a lot of you out there are going to be saying, Jeez, the NERVE of that guy. After apparently tricking the world with the GEORGIA GORILLA or "Bigfoot Body Hoax," and doing huge damage to the world of serious bigfooting, here he comes trying to make a buck off of the aftermath. But hey, here's Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. crew, trying to have their say as to what REALLY happened. We, for one, are willing to listen, at least out of curiosity about the workings of the propaganda machine and PR tactics in the post-modern age.
We've blogged on Mr. Biscardi and his "Bigfoot Lives" DVD before--read it HERE and HERE. We're willing, for now, to suspend the majority of our criticism and let him have his say... especially as this DVD is, for the next three months, being sold to benefit a GOOD CAUSE. Yes, Biscardi is ever the social networker, and does appear to truly care about his friends and associates, at least judging by his friendly tone and myrad of shout-outs taking up a large portion of his BlogTalkRadio show, "Bigfoot Live." Now he is offering exclusive distribution rights to Michael Rugg to benefit his fabulous BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM and BIGFOOT DISCOVERY PROJECT, found in Felton, CA, in the redwooded hills outside of Santa Cruz.


The BDP/BDM will receive ten bucks from every $29.95 DVD sold, so if you're curious about this subject buy now! Details can be found in the press release, below. Suffering under the recession and other factors (including the infamy and discredit brought upon Bigfoot by the Georgia hoax, perhaps?), the Museum needs your support. At least, if you're not buying the DVD, or have qualms about giving money to Biscardi, be sure to visit the Museum and leave at least ten bucks in their optional donation slot. OK? That's what we plan to do. However (if it isn't a cynical ploy to somehow gain control of the Museum), we'd like to sincerely COMMEND Mr. Biscardi for taking this gracious and philanthropic action. Kudos, and a big honk of the horn to you on this one, Tom!!! 

Michael Rugg is a very interesting, highly knowledgeable representative for bigfooting to the general public, and we feel that his Museum right along Highway 9 is of extreme importance to The Cause. Also, along with partner Paula Yarr, he hosts each year a fine mini-conference called BIGFOOT DISCOVERY DAYS, which in the past has fielded a large number of seriously important Bigfoot people, such as Bob Gimlin, Bill Munns, Kathy Moscowitz-Strain, Jeff Meldrum, David Paulides and more. SUPPORT THE MUSEUM!

Listen to the very cool interview with Mr. Rugg streaming online on BlogTalkRadio's CAMPFIRE SHADOWS using this LINK. You'll find Michael has a rich and fascinating viewpoint on the Sasquatch to share.

For us, it is particularly difficult to believe Searching for Bigfoot Inc.'s declaration that Tom and crew were naively duped by two good old boy hoaxers out of Georgia. We take this position, especially after reading the absolutely scathing indictments issued by Steve Kulls, a former SFBI associate to some degree who goes by the moniker, SquatchDetective. Visit his website, But be sure to check out his quasi-legal analyses of what REALLY HAPPENED (?) down there in the woods of GA, links following. Presenting not only inside information discovered in association with SFBI, Kulls' piece reveals the amazingly cynical leaked "Searching for Bigfoot Business Plan 2008." In this plan, among many other far out things, is the declaration that SFBI is a "entertainment company" basically seeking to generate evidence and hype surrounding the popular myth elements of Bigfoot in order to create a profit-generating business and investment opportunity. Note the emphasis on creating evidence, from the SFBI Business Plan: ""To educate and create exciting and interesting proprietary properties surrounding the mythology and capture of Bigfoot." Kulls goes so far as to accuse SFBI's valuation of fake evidence in ranges over millions of dollars a piece as being basic, naked attempts to defraud investors. We will withhold our personal judgment until after we manage to see Biscardi's new DVD.
For now, READ FOR YOURSELF. It is a fascinating story, whatever "side" one is on.

The Official Report of Steve Kulls regarding the Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax of 2008

Read the report about this on Cryptomundo, Biscardi Blamed For Bigfoot Hoax.

See the whole Kulls Report, through these links:
The Big Claim
The Deceit Begins
The Second Trip and the Media Blitz
The Pick Up and The Press Conference
The Hoax Exposed
Searching For Bigfoot, Incorporated (The Big Lie)

Be prepared--you are going to see cow eyeballs and sheep testicles, piles of guts, and other strange and disgusting things in the realm of human ethics. This is astonishing stuff, and if true, it should be the utter ending of Biscardi's reputation as a real Bigfoot Hunter, and call any and all of his future evidence and activities into question. Folks, we'd just like to add: Look, it is clear that no formal accusations of fraud, nor any legal action, were taken in this case due to the simple fact that the general public already feels that Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a JOKE. After escapades such as this one, how can we expect anyone to take the Creature, and the determined and honest activities and works of bigfooters trying to find it, seriously? This kind of crap has just got to end, and all the blobsquatches along with it!

Bigfoot Discovery Project sole distributor of a new DVD called “Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax” available for a limited time only.

"This video documents the true story of the “frozen bigfoot body” that was revealed to be a costume filled with the body parts of dead animals after two men from Georgia‑-at an international press conference arranged by Bigfoot Hunter Tom Biscardi--announced they had found a bigfoot corpse. The press event took place August 15, 2008 and came to be known as “Black Bigfoot Friday” due to all the Internet sites that crashed under the burden of millions of hits by people all over the world seeking details of the story. Information on obtaining the DVD can be found at

The Bigfoot Discovery Project (BDP) and Museum, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Central California, became involved when Biscardi heard that the Bigfoot Museum was struggling financially, and he volunteered to help out by offering the “Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax” DVD exclusively through the BDP for three months.

The video chronicles the entire episode via a combination of live narrations by Biscardi and his colleagues, combined with live action video of the two Georgia men from YouTube, their website, and the press conference in Palo Alto. Also shown is the actual transfer of possession of the freezer holding the "body" in Georgia.

Robert Barrows, PR man for Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. (SFBI) thinks the highlight of the video for most people will be the "dissection" of the macabre "bigfoot corpse," which took place in Indiana a day or two after SFBI took possession of the freezer. It’s disgusting what those Georgia men did to make the thing appear real.

Michael Rugg, curator of the BDP and the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California said this about the arrangement: “I agreed to market this DVD because we are very much in need of additional funding due to the recession (Biscardi pledged 1/3 of sales receipts to the Bigfoot Museum). I also think the public needs to see how well-orchestrated the hoax was, and how guilty the men from Georgia were of perpetrating what I think should be considered a criminal act from the get-go. In light of the recent ‘Balloon Boy’ episode and the ensuing court judgment, I feel these two dudes should also be punished for the massive hoax perpetrated on the public, as well as the fraud they committed in taking $50,000 cash for the alleged ‘body.’"

The video makes it clear how the former correctional officer (Rick Dyer) and the Deputy Sheriff (Matt Whitton) were able to use their police affiliation and experiences to help make the whole thing believable to Tom and his team. It was all carefully orchestrated right up to the transfer of possession.

Rugg said, “I was at the press conference and spoke to Tom that day. Based on what he told me then I'm convinced he had no idea the body was a fake.” Through chronological video clips the DVD makes it obvious they were ALL fooled until some of the ice was melted and chipped away.

You’ll learn how Matt and Rick set up the sting when Biscardi met with them in Georgia, allowing only the parts of the fake body that incorporated genuine anatomical elements to be available for Tom to inspect. “When he went to see the body it was late in the evening, in a location with poor lighting and they greeted him with pointed guns to set the mood and keep him off guard. He took it hook, line and sinker,” Rugg explained. They then insisted Tom call the press conference that Friday because they knew the lies would be found out as soon as the SFBI team got to Indiana and started defrosting. So they culminated the deal and got their cash on August 14 in Georgia, while Tom was in the Bay Area preparing for the press and awaiting the final DNA results.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum thinks this video shows the cleverness and culpability of the two Georgia men as hoaxers who are also guilty of fraud. Rugg hopes it will help to get a law passed against this sort of orchestrated prank, which does indeed cause harm to the public. For example, this has already lead to several recent hoaxes aimed at getting web hits for profit, book, movie or TV deals in a fashion similar to the Balloon Boy caper. Besides the $50,000 in cash, this fiasco also cost SFBI many more thousands for wasted payroll, plane fares, gasoline and so forth, while leaving the public with dashed hopes of a solution to the mystery.

Tom Biscardi is a controversial figure in the bigfoot research community largely because he is a natural born promoter, and his tactics with the media make other researchers uncomfortable. What’s more, he’s a “true believer” and has been taken in more than once by hoaxers and liars along the way. Consequently, he has some out-spoken detractors among his bigfoot peers and competitors, and as soon as the DVD release was announced, some of them immediately accused him of trying to profit from the hoax.

Rugg responded with this statement to Biscardi’s critics: “Yes, Tom has been fooled by a number of hoaxers and he apparently is not a good judge of bigfoot flesh, but he’s dedicated to the hunt, and has a full-time crew out in the field doing their best to obtain real evidence. Very few others have invested that kind of time and money in an attempt to get this done. I certainly don­'t blame him for trying to recoup some of his expenses by marketing a DVD that sets the record straight on this real life tragedy.”

For more information contact the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Felton, CA 95018 at 831 335-4478"

Or visit, or use this LINK to buy the DVD or learn more.

So, we will concede: maybe Michael Rugg is right, and Biscardi is just so enthusiastic about finding Bigfoot that he just can't help himself every time he finds a toenail or animal body part. We'll grant Tom that--he certainly has devoted much money and effort, and several decades, to the pursuit. For better, or worse? These things he finds could be of Bigfoot origin. Who knows?

But we, especially after the Happy Camp debacle a few years back (read our previous blog entry), find it difficult to accept. Certainly, for all of us, expectation and habit precondition experience; but one must ever be aware of the potential con or delusion that may present itself. Get this video, help out the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, and weigh it in the balance with what Kulls says. If one doesn't necessarily learn anything about Bigfoot/Sasquatch, well, at least we can learn a thing or two about human nature. If Biscardi can help save the Museum and Bigfoot Discovery Project, then all will not have been a big waste of our attention and CNN's airwaves, after all.

IMAGES: CLICK TO ENLARGE AND READ. Sources: Promotional images from respective web sites. Use the map above to find Felton, CA and the BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM. You can't miss the building, right along Highway 9.

Me think it such a joke, hu-man. You try find me? Can't! You start go crazy! Look everywhere, make up big doo-doo stuff. Take good food, animal part, and put them in costume suit you think look like me? Stu-pid hu-man! Why not just go trick or treat? Me not no alien you catch and do Bigfoot Autopsy. I kick your naked monkey ass! You hu-man pile gut on top of Bigfoot corpse, think you fool me? Ha. Me take Searching for Bigfoot, feed hu-man to my buddy fox and raccoon. Me pile hu-man bones outside my cave!

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Monday, January 4, 2010



In regard to our previous blog posting involving those shall we say "controversial Bigfoot issues," a certain "Anonymous" said in our Comments field:
"How can there be a massacre of creatures that do not exist?"
And then Anonymous said...
"No Bigfoot. No cry."

This led to us contacting him to discuss Bigfoot a bit more in-depth. What follows was done by email, often with two threads going at one time, back and forth, so it is a bit freewheeling and a touch disjoint at times. Bear with us. We feel there are some interesting points made in there.

Image: "Thinker-Squatch" confabulated by Steven Streufert, who is a somewhat sloppy Photoshop artist.

ANONYMOUS: Ain't no such thing as B/bigfoot. Waiting for Godot. Good for laughs. Good for a window into what's going in the minds of the fringe of humankind. But that's it.

I've read your blog. Your considerable intelligence and apparent talents are going to waste. They are being wasted on a dispute with a fool who is, like Don Quixote, attacking windmills, while you defend the windmills, both of you agreeing they are something more than windmills. There is an imaginary movie on the screen. You defend what is on the screen. Another says that what is on the screen does not show the full reality of the fictitious fiction-predicated fiction that follows. Bottom line is, it's all fiction. Why argue over fiction.

There is no bigfoot. Never was. Never will be. The Patterson-Gimlin film is a hoax. The whole thing is a sham. It's obvious. If there were a bigfoot, there'd be certain evidence of it by now. A creature that size cannot exist without a breeding population of some size, bones, etc., and, if it is intelligent, other signs of its society. Why not focus on elves and dwarves and trolls? If you want to comment on the social phenomenon, write a book about the bigfoot culture? Either you can be a Tolkienesque fiction author or you can be a social commentator. Other than that, why waste time on this fiction?

This little feud also shows that it's just like everything else involving humans - much ado about nothing - except in this case it's much ado about REALLY nothing.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: You may be wrong....

I guess I don't know what else to do these days, really. Plus, Bigfoot is fun and fascinating.
I suppose what I am doing is kind of like full-immersion anthropology.... And I do tend to believe. Bigfoot is one of the last real mysteries in the visible, objective world... I mean, what we can see with our eyes and physically sense.

ANONYMOUS: There ain't no bigfoot. Take my word for it.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: So, let's make this the start of an interview for the blog, eh?

ANONYMOUS: Nah. You need publicity. Not naysayers. No interview. There ain't no bigfoot. Take my word for it.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Afraid of the debate, eh?

ANONYMOUS: I see no debate. There are real things that I struggle with that are right in front of my nose that are up for debate. A modern-day fairy tale is not one of them.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: We miss so much, always looking at those things right before our noses, always seeing things from the nose perspective....

ANONYMOUS: We don't miss that much. There are MANY noses. We are not talking a microbe here that would only be seen if the right soil sample were put under a microscope. We are talking a creature bigger than a man. There is no way that and the artifacts of its existence would be missed. It is so incredibly improbable that Bigfoot exists that it is a sign of insanity to even believe in it. This is religion. This is a sad pastime for minds that are bored and unchallenged. There are indeed many wonders out there, but it requires some patience and some discipline and learning to address these questions. Bigfoot is just cheap thrills. Bigfoot is a wannabe "scientist's" adolescent drive-in movie sex.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: How do you KNOW????

ANONYMOUS: Logic. Occam's razor militates against the existence of Bigfoot... BIG TIME!
Large animal. Intelligent. Ape or even hominid. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL that this large and sophisticated creature, with a breeding population that would have had to last from the last thawing of the Ice Bridge to the present, would not leave REAL evidence of its existence. If such a creature were real, there'd be bones, discarded tools, burying grounds, nests, a lot more footage of the creature, almost certainly animals captured, etc. It is, in fact, INSANE to believe otherwise.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: A lot of things that do exist would be considered highly unlikely or non-parsimonious if they did not in fact exist. What if you had never heard of one, and I proposed the idea of a panda to you? Or a whale? There is a lot of evidence of Bigfoot, just none yet accepted by many scientists. Google Jeff Meldrum Bigfoot, see what comes up.... Occam's Razor is a mental tool, not an external fact. Belief in Bigfoot usually IS based on evidence, or even actual experience, for those who believe.

ANONYMOUS: There are Pandas and smaller whales in zoos and aquaria. Larger whales have been photographed and filmed extensively. The marine realm is much less accessible to us than the deepest forests, yet we have evidence of myriad "improbable" marine creatures. There is NO hard evidence of Bigfoot. None. Just a movie that is almost certainly a hoax and lots of footprints, which are easy for humans to make and of which the large part are, even amongst Bigfooters, clearly considered hoaxes. It is a billion-to-one against a Bigfoot exiting on logical grounds. So... applying the principle of Occam's razor, a thinking person must conclude that Bigfoot almost certainly DOES NOT exist.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Not everything is logical, on it's surface. Logic does not always have predictive power. The universe is full of surprise and things of wonderment. At one time Westerners scoffed at the idea of the panda. And the gorilla....

You can cite all the animals in the zoo, but perhaps Sasquatch is smarter than they are, with a much smaller population. One of the premises of the reality of Bigfoot is the idea that they are highly adapted to avoid humans; they would have had to be so to survive alongside our species as homo sapiens spread out across the land bridge. I think you exaggerate those "odds" against its existence. For instance, the Gigantopithecus lived for some odd million years, and the only way we know of it at all is a few dozen teeth and two partial jawbones.

ANONYMOUS: The universe is indeed full of surprise and things of wonderment, but they are always things that can be rendered credible or explained in some logical framework. Things outside of that are the realm of hallucination, superstition and religion.

No matter how smart Bigfoot is, it cannot exist without a breeding population. At the very minimum, we are talking, say, 200 individuals, but even then it's hard to see how enough genetic diversity to maintain a species that would not succumb to deleterious recessive traits could sustain the species. Now, that's AT LEAST 200 individuals who would have the chance of encountering one another. And if they are intelligent and human-like, everything suggests they'd live in groups. They'd thus logically be concentrated into small units, yet disperse enough to avoid detection. But there'd have to be enough to maintain a viable breeding population in America over tens of thousands of years.

American Indians are genetically related to the much larger population of East Asians. Where is the evidence for a similar larger founder stock of American Bigfoot in Asia? Abominable Snowman legends? Moreover, the smarter it is, the more likely it will leave artifacts of it existence. Is it a human-like ape? It's going to be intelligent and social and leave real artifacts of its existence. Okay...let us just concede then that maybe a minimal population of these creatures exist. They came across from Asia, but became extinct there, only surviving in legend. They evolved to be afraid of humans and to hide from humans. Fine. Still, there'd be some remains of them. Bones. Burial grounds. Something. Unless they are super-intelligent aliens or ghosts. It's in the same category of plausibility as UFOs or ghosts. Gimme a break.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: There are logical explanations for the possible existence of Sasquatch; it's just that there has not been the full objective verification of a confirmable body or part that would have been distinguished as such. Read the Meldrum book, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. There is a lot of evidence that goes beyond hoaxery, apparently. Even the Patterson film has never been conclusively proven to be fake. People just say, Oh, that could not be real, even when it is right there before their eyes! Look closer and you will see the convincing details, too.

ANONYMOUS: Sasquatch as a microbe of a micron in diameter that has not been detected: okay. Sasquatch as a very large and intelligent ape that ranged far and wide and crossed from Asia to America without any definitive trace: near impossible.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Right now, up in the Klamath and Siskiyou wilderness area I would venture to guess that there are NO "noses" out there. There is a LOT of open and inaccessible land. Any remains would be a needle in a haystack to find. Some would argue with you about "signs" and traces. Many involved are not insane or deluded or something like that, but simply SAW one, clearly, right before them, leaving tracks behind that were later cast. How do YOU know they were hallucinating?

And actually, bigfooting is a much more fun and healthy pursuit that sitting around in a laboratory all day under fluorescent lighting. To these guys, myself included, it is also an enjoyment of nature, and one of the last non-internal adventures left to us humans.

ANONYMOUS: Bigfooting is fun. There you go. That explains the phenomenon. Seriously.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Well, first, from the sightings there would seem to be a population that ranges through most of the parts of North America that provide forested, isolated, and normally high precipitation zones; or there are several regional groupings. If anything, encounters are proliferating.

ANONYMOUS: Big area. Breeding population means they can all encounter one another. Encounters proliferating could just mean alcohol is proliferating.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Family groups have been sighted. A fellow in my shop whom I know to be rational and sane told me he was out hunting and saw three of them as clear as day down the hillside. No mistaking them for a bear or humans. What do you say to that? I hear such things ALL the time around here.

Image: Original source unknown, found on internet site.

ANONYMOUS: Sightings? Why all the sightings? With so many sightings proliferating in the age of cheap digital cameras and cell phones with camera/video capabilities, shouldn't digital evidence be increasing? Sightings. Hallucinations. Drunk or otherwise.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: The background population is considered to be either a branch of earlier hominid, or else the Giganto type of ape. There are plenty of examples of relic populations of animals being found.

ANONYMOUS: Evidence of migration from Asia to America? Fossils usually exist for this type of thing. No? Ahem...

BIGFOOT BOOKS: There HAVE been artifacts and remains found, but none have either been preserved for modern science or been found convincing enough to be accepted by the mainstream. What do you make of hair found that tests out as "unknown primate"? What do you make of the incredibly scant evidence for Giganto... which is, despite that, a known species?

ANONYMOUS: Where can I see these artifacts? What museums? Or can I at least see photos? Face it, you are in the realm of RELIGION. The weird Bigfoot Religion. Amen!

BIGFOOT BOOKS: But you admit... it is "NEAR" impossible? You said it "ALMOST certainly" does not exist.

Reports are numerous of Sasquatch being seen but then basically just disappearing by blending in with their surroundings, or of odd sounds, and rocks being thrown, but with the actual sighting being totally elusive. If real, they are very sneaky, clever, and perfectly adapted, without the need of tools and cultural artifacts. Despite this, they ARE seen, they do leave traces, however frustratingly inconclusive.

ANONYMOUS: They must be as sneaky as bin Laden, who is dead. Give me a break...

Yeah, I admit it NEAR impossible as in:
[He presents a link to a scene from "Dumb and Dumber:"]

BIGFOOT BOOKS: And yet, you believe in bin Laden, and with no evidence you believe he is dead? Osama was alive once, and MAY just be hiding, not dead.

ANONYMOUS: Yes, because there is no evidence he is alive now, but there is evidence he once was. Evidence!

BIGFOOT BOOKS: If a rock hits you on the head in the middle of the woods with no other humans around, and you heard strange vocalizations and found big footprints, how would you explain it?

ANONYMOUS: I'd say you were then suffering from post-concussion hallucinations.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: I meant... a small rock. And where did it come from? A mischievous squirrel?
Yes, bigfooting is "fun." So I argue it is a very healthy, sane pursuit. I like the idea of mysteries and unexplainable things; but I have experienced certain things in the woods I cannot explain, and I know people who HAVE seen them in states of total sanity and clarity.

ANONYMOUS: Me too. The wind. A poetic moment.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Look at science. Many of its propositions seem utterly absurd or incomprehensible (like multidimensionality and quantum physics), and much of it remains in the realm of hypothesis and theory (like string theory).

Image: Original source unknown, found on internet site.

ANONYMOUS: Not true at all. Completely unabsurd and very comprehensible if you know science.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Whales can encounter one another over vast spaces of oceans. Why not Sasquatches across the mountains and woods?

Actually, there has been an increase in photo evidence, but they are nearly all very dark, tiny, blurry, inconclusive. Blobsquatches. The creature is not posing, you know? And this equipment is normally of very limited quality, resolution and capacity. If I took a picture at night with my cell phone camera of my daughter standing on the edge of the woods in my yard one would only see a dark blur.

The artifacts are held by researchers, as museums won't have them. Dr. Meldrum has a ton of great evidence I his lab. There is an element of faith, and of Mystery, I'll admit that. It's part of the fun and fascination. And, I'd argue that Bigfoot is way more plausible than God, yet billions believe in That!

ANONYMOUS: Whales don't pose either, yet, in an alien (to us) aquatic habitat, they make their presence known in film and photos. They spend a tiny fraction of their time breaching, yet we have the evidence. Sasquatch, a terrestrial creature, can't even give us that? What a spoiled sport. He is nocturnal. I guess the confident stride of PGF is an anomaly, then. Artifacts held by researchers? Any researcher worthy of the name would have it documented and publish it, a.s.a.p. Bigfoot is more plausible than God, but that doesn't say much. Tinkerbell is more plausible than God.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: There is nowhere for a whale to hide when it breaches. That is why they are sitting ducks for whaling ships and sightseers, despite considerable brain size and all. No one ever SEES Tinkerbell. The stuff HAS been published. It's just kind of hard to get peer review. Look into the works of Meldrum and Grover Krantz.

ANONYMOUS: Can you send me the evidence? If it has been published, that should be easy. Otherwise, it's TinkerFoot to me.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: I don't HAVE to believe in Bigfoot. God requires belief and faith. Bigfoot just shits in the woods, walks across the road, and then eats blackberries in the yard. It's very simple, actually. No heaven, no hell, no dogma; just a well-adapted creature living in the forest and mountains in the real world. To me it is relieving to not have superstition and belief. Bigfoot is anti-religion, anti-human culture, its very opposite.

ANONYMOUS: Tinkerbell is the same, and her shit has also not been found. Anyway, who cares? There are a lot of myths. Evidence?

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Like Rene Dahinden said, "What if I hit you over the head with one of those footprints' plaster casts? Would that be real enough for you?"

ANONYMOUS: Does buying an extra-large condom mean you have an extra-large dick? Same logic.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: You can't verify the empty space in the condom, nor really hit someone over the head with it. But many of the footprints have very convincing anatomy. Good enough to convince anthropological anatomist, Meldrum, anyway. Any guy can buy a big condom, but can he USE it???

ANONYMOUS: Anyone can make a "cast" of my penis that is two-feet long. That is not evidence of being Long Dong Silver.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: But would it have dermal ridges, and convincing anatomy? Perhaps "unknown primate" pubic hair remains, too?

ANONYMOUS: Oh, does all that show up in Bigfoot foot casts? Wow. They must really be into foot-casting, pressing their dermal ridges and sprinkling pubic hair on them as well. Smart Bigfoot. Good boy. Heel.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: The pubic hair would have come from your theoretical penis casting. Normal remains of an organic, biological mammalian foot placed on the ground. Ask Meldrum. Primates have dermal ridges on their feet, too, you know. Bigfoot will have his say!

ANONYMOUS: If you believe in Bigfoot, you are as irrational as any theist. Evidence. Show me. They have published shit evidence on other animals before. Where's the Bigfoot shit evidence?

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Bigfoot shit HAS been found, or so it is proposed. Big, nasty, stinky ones, containing parasites not known in other animals. I had a bird shit on my head once--could that have been Tinkerbell?

ANONYMOUS: If  I had evidence of this, I'd publish a.s.a.p.. It'd make me famous. Any scientist would do so. If it were real. Bigfoot flies with Pinocchio

BIGFOOT BOOKS: Hey, Pinocchio becomes a "Real Boy."

Where's the Bigfoot scat evidence? Well, I can't really say. But the problem with excrement is it decomposes quickly in the field and smells really bad. The parasite scat thing happened in the early sixties. Science journals don't like to publish Bigfoot stuff, so it ends up in the Bigfoot genre books and web sites.

ANONYMOUS: There you go. I guess excrement doesn't decompose so quickly when it is important.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: If a turd falls in the forest, and no one is there to see it, does it really fall?

I think this is part of why I like Bigfoot: It is not human, just a free floating possibility and it represents freedom; and yet it has its feet on the ground, as it were.

Bigfooters love science and scientists, by the way, or at least when they have open minds they do....

ANONYMOUS: Yeah, whatever. If you publish this it could be perceived as justification for hating scientists. They don't need more anti-sciene BS. Other scientists are already enough for scientists to deal with.

BIGFOOT BOOKS: You should see how they revere the scientists at Bigfoot conferences...!

ANONYMOUS: ...those who validate preconceived notions and ideology.


Editorial NOTE: From here the conversation evolved into Existentialism and Politics. THE END, for all Bigfooting purposes.

Some readers on the believer side may wonder why we published all these criticisms. Well, please keep in mind: these are questions we have to face all the time. It is good to consider them, and to hone and perfect our responses. We say: welcome skepticism and criticism, but then CHALLENGE it with logic, evidence, and accuity.



Many of the readers of this blog may wonder why we came out as so critical of David Paulides, author of The Hoopa Project. Well, we felt much of that needed to be said. Our intention was mainly to explore the issue of "The Bluff Creek Massacre Theory," which we had tried to delve into with Dave and MK Davis in interviews. We were unable to crack that nut with them. We also wanted to challenge certain ideas about the timeline of events surrounding the making of the Patterson-Gimlin film. Along the way, in our effort to defend the honor of John Green and Bob Gimlin, not to mention the memory of Roger Patterson, Bob Titmus and Rene Dahinden, some interpersonal issues arose with Mr. Paulides. Our interview with MK fizzled out when he would not talk about certain issues. Really, we wanted to stick to the just the issues, but we felt some of these things to be of deep importance within the Bigfoot community. And so we talked about them. However, we had told Paulides before that we felt The Hoopa Project was among the bigfooting classics, and would last over time--we STILL think that is so.

DON'T GET US WRONGLY--we read both of Mr. Paulides' books (the other is Tribal Bigfoot), and found both to be mainly quite fascinating reads. We STILL recommend them. Mr.  Paulides is a dogged investigator with some unique angles, and did some excellent work especially by focusing deeply on particular areas, delving into them, and revealing both new information on Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings in those areas, and also unique characteristics that would have been missed in superficial or more glancing inquiries. However, our qualified problems with these books and their conclusions and methods remain. There are issues with the facts in some major and important areas, there are issues of logic and methodology that need to be addressed. There is the issue of history, and the books' serious lack of citation and crediting of prior books and research done by others. We wish to again explore The Hoopa Project, and in an analytical close re-reading we intend over the course of the next few weeks or months to unearth what we liked in this book, and to reveal and explore what bothered us about it during our first read and subsequently. We hope that NABS and their friends will not see this project as an outright and biased attack. Rather, we wish to be fair, and give credit where credit is due, but yet to discover areas that could be corrected and improved. The book has great value, and we hope that in the end perhaps Mr. Paulides could be encouraged to issue a corrected and revised second edition of his interesting book.

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