Friday, September 28, 2012

Online Radio Appearance on 188 GARRISON PODCAST, by Steven Streufert

NEWS, September 28th, 2012

Yes, I've been neglecting this blog. Things have been rather distracting, and I'm frankly a little tired of the Bigfooting scene in all of its petty dysfunction.

Anyway, I promise, there are some cool things in the hopper. For now, enjoy an online radio show I did recently. Be sure to check out the rest of this cool podcast, 188 GARRISON, which has recently featured a number of Bigfoot guests besides myself, such as Cliff Barackman, Jeff Hilling and the Bigfoot Chicks.

Here is the link:

"Steven Streufert is the proprietor of a used and antiquarian bookshop in Willow Creek, California, in the heart of the historic "Bigfoot Country." Willow Creek is where the name "Bigfoot" became a household word in 1958, after giant tracks were found and cast just north of the town, up in Bluff Creek. This is the same area where the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot was shot. Steven blogs about Bigfoot on BIGFOOT'S BLOG, and has been writing about the topic since 2007. Steven has appeared on Coast to Coast AM on two separate occasions."
Also featured on the show are Oklahoma researcher Chad Scott and comedian and Bigfoot believer, Bronson Vaughn.

You may "Like" the podcast on Facebook and receive regular updates here:

You can see that Bo is expanding the nature of his podcast, as it is heading in a decidedly different direction from its origins as a comedy and local music show. Here is its description on Facebook:
BTW, that image of myself above was shot by Robert Leiterman this year, 2012, in upper Bluff Creek, just downstream from the now fully-proven and surveyed Patterson-Gimlin Film Site.

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  1. Hey just wanted to mention (we stopped in the bookstore on our way up to fish lake 2 weeks ago.) Took a day hike up onion mt, and at onion lake we found a line of sasquatch size tracks about 30' long in 6 " of water about five feet from shore parallelling the left bank ( if your looking down the pond from where one can park. ) We could clearly see the toe marks. There were lots of bear signs around the pond and I don't know what bear tracks would look like in 6" of water but the tracks were really long, probably about 18". The really odd thing is we could not find any obvious entry or exit point of that line of tracks. Tho we did find tracks leaving the pond at the far end of the pond, opposite of where the tracks in the pond were. They were still wet and several of the tracks were at least 2" deep(we measured them). Our own feet made no impression in the soil at all standing next to them. The tracks coming out of the pond were not clearly delineated because of roots and rocks. What we should done is taken off our shoes and try walking in the pond to see what human prints would look like in 6" of water. Alas we we in a hurry to climb onion peak. Another unsolved mystery of Bluff creek.


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