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COAST-TO-COAST AM Radio Appearance. BIGFOOT, with Steven Streufert and Lyle Blackburn, with Post-Show UPDATE

NEWS FLASH, April 24, 2012 
(plus see update, below)

Just a little reminder... yours truly will be on COAST-TO-COAST AM radio TONIGHT, 11:00-1:00 Pacific Time. The subject, of course, will be BIGFOOT.
Stay tuned in the last hour for Lyle Blackburn on the topic of the Beast of Boggy Creek.

"In the middle two hours, scholar of Bigfoot history, Steven Streufert, will share both the history of the creature, including the Patterson film, as well as current reports of sightings around the country. In the last hour, cryptozoology advisor to Rue Morgue magazine, Lyle Blackburn, will discuss reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster that have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. First Hour: Plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn talks about bizarre and botched surgeries."


Be sure to tune in while the show is on the air, as you have to be a Coast Insider subscriber to access the archived stream or podcast afterwards. On some western stations the show repeats again after 2:00 a.m., if you miss the 11:00 live broadcast.  This is a broadcast radio show, so find an affiliate station in your area here: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/stations. Some of them stream live online. The I-Heart-Radio app will allow you to listen on your phone. I use 1190 AM out of Portland to listen, myself.

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The Coalition for Reason, Science, Satire and Sanity in Bigfoot Research
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BIGFOOT'S BLOG, on Facebook.

BIGFOOT BOOKS, online book inventory.
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POST-SHOW UPDATE, April 25th, 2012

Well, that was fun, and nerve-wracking! George Noory is a true pro interviewer, and kept me moving along in novel ways that my own agenda may not have pursued had he just let me ramble. Some 5,000 hits have come in to this blog in the last couple of days, which is awesome! Thanks to all at COAST-TO-COAST AM, a show I've enjoyed most days since the very early 1990s.

You may read the show recap on the C2C web site here:  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2012/04/24 

Or here...

Bigfoot & The Beast of Boggy Creek

Host:George Noory
Guests:Steven StreufertLyle BlackburnDr. Tony Youn
In the middle two hours, scholar of Bigfoot history, Steven Streufert, shared history and analysis of the mysterious creature. He runs a used and antiquarian bookshop (specializing in "Sasquatchiana") in Willow Creek, California, considered the heart of the historic "Bigfoot Country,"-- the location is near where giant tracks were found in 1958, and "Bigfoot" subsequently became a household word. Willow Creek is also near where the famed Patterson-Gimlin film was shot in 1967, and Streufert has been involved in the Bluff Creek Film Site Project, which has traced the exact location of where Patterson filmed, in order to verify details about the creature, and its environment. He also participates in a Facebook group that seeks to promote the spirit of rational thinking and evidence-based Bigfoot research (in reaction to some of the more fantastical, insubstantial, or promotion-based claims made about the creature).
Streufert spoke about some of the ancient Native-American lore regarding Sasquatch, such as the beings speaking a language, as well as trading with, abducting, and even mating with humans, and producing offspring. One theory, he noted, is that Bigfoot are actually hybrids between humans and proto-humans. He also discussed the current Bigfoot DNA Project, spearheaded by Melba Ketchum, and a controversial case from last year when a hunter claimed he killed two Sasquatch in the central Sierra Nevada mountains, and now has "Bigfoot steaks" stashed in the freezer.
Last hour guest, cryptozoology advisor to Rue Morgue magazine, Lyle Blackburn, discussed reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster that have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. In 1971, a family was reportedly attacked by a "big hairy monster," and within a year, there were around 50 more sightings, with descriptions of an adult creature with a narrow build. The creature became popularized as the 'Beast of Boggy Creek,' when the low budget film The Legend of Boggy Creek was released in 1972, and became a hit. The movie was indeed based on some facts, Blackburn said, who added that he considers the creature to possibly be a cross between the foul-smelling Skunk Ape and a Pacific Northwest-type Bigfoot. In 1991, a large skeleton (missing the skull) was found in the woods near Jefferson, Texas that some believe could be a Bigfoot, he added.

Strange Surgeries

First hour guest, plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn recounted bizarre and unusual medical procedures. For instance, one plastic surgeon claimed he used the fat extracted from liposuction operations as biodiesel to run his car. Youn also touched on "body transmogrification" in which people have strange modifications such as the lizard-like tongue bifurcation, as well as a new weight loss strategy in which a doctor stitches a mesh patch on the tongue in order to make the act of eating uncomfortable.

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The Boggy Creek Beast

The Boggy Creek Beast The Boggy Creek Beast
Lyle Blackburn shares two images in tandem with his4/24/12 appearance. On the left is an illustration by Dan Brereton of a young hunter encountering the Fouke Monster in the 1960s. The other illustration, by Justin Osbourn, depicts the Beast of Boggy Creek, which the Fouke Monster was later called.
Click on images to view larger.

Before the show the producers give the guests a chance to submit a range of topics and questions that they would like to cover. You can see from below that George Noory took his own direction in the interview. Here's what I sent them, in rough form....

"Here are a few topics I'd be happy to have George ask me about when I'm on the show. I like discussion, though, so I'm totally open to whatever he wants to bring up for the two hours.

1) Life in Willow Creek, CA, the "Bigfoot Capitol of the World," or "Gateway to Bigfoot Country." What is it like here, and why does this little town in the middle of nowhere get such recognition. It is the "Mecca" of Bigfooting. How did Steve end up living there, and was it because of Bigfoot??

2) How was "Bigfoot" born, and how did it become a household name. In 1958 tracks were found up in the Bluff Creek basin, while they were building a new logging access road into virgin timber. How far back in history does this phenomenon really go?

3) The Patterson-Gimlin film. What is its history and how is it connected to Willow Creek. What controversies surround it? Why is it so central and important to the study of Bigfoot? How did they manage to capture the creature on film when so many others have failed? Was it really a hoax?

4) The Bluff Creek Film Site Project. What is it, and why was the PGF site "lost" for all those years? How was it found again and documented? Why did we receive the "Bigfooter of the Year" award for that process? Why is Bluff Creek so important to Bigfooting?

5) What kind of store is BIGFOOT BOOKS, and how does Steve get any work done while being constantly distracted by those curious about Bigfoot?

6) Weird Willow Creek, in other words, Bigfoot is not the only strange thing here. We've had many UFO reports, legends of underground caves and tunnels and even cities (up in Mount Shasta), and strange cryptid creatures everywhere, it seems. The local people report seeing black panthers, river serpents, "Little People," mer-creatures in the rivers, giant six-foot salamanders, and yes, even a few believe in werewolves out there. Reports of grizzlies have become somewhat common, and a wild wolf was reported just north of here.

7) The "Bigfoot Scenic Byway"? What is it? Also, the Bigfoot Collection at the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum. Is tourism a big factor or motivation for the spread of the Bigfoot idea?

8) FINDING BIGFOOT on Animal Planet. What is its impact on the Bigfoot and mass popular culture, and what is it like seeing your friends on TV (Steve is friends with Matt, Bobo and Cliff from the show). What was it like to see ONESELF on TV? How will it influence the future of the quest for Bigfoot? Will it create problems with hoaxers, amateurs and newbies?

9) "THE BIGFOOT WARS"... why does the Bigfoot Community suffer from such combative egos, theories, and conflicting regional groups? Why is everything so controversial? Can they ever agree on anything? Is there a "gold rush" to be the first to "discover" and prove Bigfoot?

10) Will they ever be able to prove Bigfoot? What would it take? WHY has it not been proven with over five decades of active searching, not counting the previous Yeti expeditions in the Himalayas?

11) What IS Bigfoot? Is is an ape of some kind of human? WHY is this even controversial? Does it present problems for Religion or civil rights if it is "human"?

12) NATIVE AMERICAN background. What are the origins of "Sasquatch," and how does it relate to the American Bigfoot? What is it like living in an area with so many native tribal groups (just up here we have the Hupa from Hoopa, Yurok and Karuk)? What do they REALLY believe about Bigfoot?

13) Bigfoot mysteries? Telepathy, interdimensional travel, "zapping," infrasound, curses, taboos, underground civilizations/lairs, and UFO contact are all associated with Bigfoot. Is it real? Are we looking for a flesh and blood creature, or something mystic or mythic, either in/from another world or else generated by some archetypal need in the human mind? Some even claim to have a Bigfoot as a spiritual TEACHER or guru, and to receive mental messages from them.

14) What was the necessity for founding the Facebook discussion group, The Coalition for Reason, Science, Satire and Sanity in Bigfoot Research? Perhaps this link could be mentioned on the air:

15) THE BIGFOOT DNA PROJECT... Will it really be published in a scientific journal in two weeks?
Will it prove Bigfoot???? How did it get started, where did the samples come from, and what have been the controversies along the way. One strange aspect of this is a rumor that the head of the project believes in "ALIEN DNA," that something "out of this world" was found in the test results.

16) THE SIERRA KILLS. Last year one large controversy was the supposed killing of two Sasquatch by a hunter in the central Sierra Nevada mountains. What happened, did it really happen, and how is it connected to the DNA project? Supposed "Bigfoot Steaks" were obtained, and samples have been tested for DNA.

17) Is there only ONE Bigfoot, or a whole species? Are the MANY subspecies of this unknown primate? How do we account for regional variations like the southern Skunk Ape? Why do they seem to be present all across the globe, and in human historical legend?

18) How do we deal with the rise of hoaxing on YouTube and the phenomenon of the "blobsquatch," poor quality photos and films showing blurry and dubious supposed Bigfoot creatures? Shouldn't the rise of cell phones and digital cameras help prove Bigfoot? Why haven't they? What are the motivations of someone faking a Bigfoot video or sighting report?

19) Public Ignorance: WHY do so many assume that Bigfoot is a Hoax or just a joke? Without really studying the evidence or after hearing or reading a poorly researched news article many assume that Bigfoot is fake, or just a delusion. WHY? Why is this field of study and its phenomenon not taken seriously, and why do so many false things creep into the documentation and public understanding of it?

20) HOW do sane, normal people see something that cannot be proven but was utterly real to them? These include every day rural folks, police officers, forest rangers, Native Americans, etc. The sightings are often not at all extraordinary or "weird." These people are simply seeing an everyday kind of creature, but one that they know darn well is not a bear or a human. Not all Bigfoot sightings are mere shadows and phantasms. Some are clear as day, and in fact many have been face-to-face. I have met these people here locally. What is that like?

21) HABITUATION: Do people really have Bigfoot living in their backyards, and are they really interacting with these creatures/beings? Why has so little evidence emerged from them, if so?

22) How did your background in Literature, Critical Theory and Philosophy, and your profession as a seller of used books, somehow lead into the strange world of "Bigfoot Studies"? How did that background prepare you for what you are currently doing.

23) WHAT IS THE ADDRESS OF YOUR BLOG, or other web sites that you operate?
BLOG: http://bigfootbooksblog.blogspot.com/
BF BOOKS on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BigfootBooks

24) WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF BIGFOOTING? What can we expect?

I hope those are a good start. Let me know if I should send any further details. Browsing my blog a bit should help George get a handle on what I've been doing and what my perspective on this mystery is.

Best, Steve
Steven Streufert, Bookseller
Bigfoot Books
P. O. Box 1167
40600 Highway 299
Willow Creek, CA 95573 USA
(530) 629-3076 store
EMAIL: bigfootbooks@gmail.com

BOOKS: http://bigfootbooks.webs.com/
BF BLOG: http://bigfootbooksblog.blogspot.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/bigfootbooks
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/steven.streufert
BLOG on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BIGFOOTBOOKSBLOG
BF BOOKS on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BigfootBooks

That's a lot to try to cram into the less than two hours on the air, after commercial and news breaks are taken out of the picture!

If you missed it... Don't forget, you can get access to the vast archive of past shows by subscribing as a Coast Insider. It's worth it if you can't catch the show on a nearly nightly basis as I do, nightowl that I am.
Someone DID post it on YouTube....
Try clicking the link below, and then clicking the forward button in the video player to advance to hours two and three, or four. 


Me tell hu-man friend, "Break a Leg" for radio show, and guess what? He actually DO it. OK, me help a little....

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  1. Steven, you did a fantastic job on the radio show. The whack jobs were out in force for the call-in portion though!

    I love what you were saying about taking some measurements etc. at the PG film site to confirm the authenticity of the PG film.

    Didn't I guess that you were going to do that in the last blog post? ;)

    That will earn you the Bigfooter of the Year next year too, from Daniel "Don't Call Me Danny" Perez!



    Jason Cain is a retired police officer living in British
    Columbia, Canada. He is independently investigating the
    possible existence of an unknown homonoid.

    His blog can be found at => http://SasquatchSighting.ca

  2. Hey! I listen to Coast to Coast pretty regularly, and I have to say I'm very glad you were on last night. I have been waiting to hear something interesting! Did you happen to hear that one lady, a few weeks ago, named Cal Orey? She was so irritating I had to turn off the radio. But last night, I fell soundly asleep enjoying the show. Thanks for all the spooky and interesting information!

  3. Hi Steven... I confess, I haven't listened yet. But I am a C2C Streamlink member and will listen to your interview soon. I always listen later so I can skip commercial breaks, which drive me batty. After I listen in, I'll write something about it on my blog. I have to admit I was THRILLED when I saw you were a scheduled guest. I'm so happy for you because you've done so much work on Bigfoot research with your store and blog, and you deserve the recognition, and besides that, you're a genuinely nice guy. In my opinion.

  4. Steven, you did a fantastic job on the radio show. The whack jobs were out in force for the call-in portion though!
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  5. re c2c bigfoot language. forget phonemes. like other primitive human languages, like the african drum talk...bigfoot lang is most likely tonne based...not phonetic. just an idea as i got from reading Gleck's new "Information" book


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