Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Exactly "FINDING BIGFOOT" in Willow Creek, *EDITORIAL EXCISION*, BFRO Expedition in Bluff Creek *EDITORIAL EXCISION*: Sasquatch Invades Our Life in General

Bluff Creek Road Sign, on Forest Road 12N13, heading toward PGF Site.
All non-promotional photos in this blog entry by Steven Streufert,
and yes, they are hereby Copyrighted.
Mid-Late August 2011 Edition


The rest of this blog entry will be left just as it was. Hopefully the producers of the show will see from what remains that we WERE NOT trying to "scoop" their episode, but rather to PROMOTE it, as many other journalistic outlets have done with prior episodes. We sought, also, to defend our friends involved in the show from attacks upon it from within the Bigfooting Community.
Sorry if it now seems disjoint. None of this will be an issue once the episode is aired in October.
"EDITORIAL EXCISION" here means something was cut out entirely. The rest remains just as it was. You can still read about the BFRO Bluff Creek Expedition... or will we have to edit that out too? I dunno.

This sleepy little hamlet of Willow Creek often bustles with Squatching enthusiasts, but the last month or so has been simply ridiculous. What Mecca is to Islam, what Jerusalem is to those other religions, this place seems to be for Bigfooters. On top of the usual parade of Bigfoot-interested tourists, the BFRO came to town to hold an expedition up in Bluff Creek, and then another down in the coast redwoods area. After that the four stars of Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT came knocking on our door, trailing behind them a vast retinue of camera people, boom mikes, lighting arrays, producers, location scouts, managers and a large U-Haul trailer. The Bigfoot Motel read "No Vacancy" for nearly two weeks, and the townsfolk woke up again to the fact that they are, indeed, living in the "Gateway to Bigfoot Country," whether or not they even care for a moment about the hirsute legend.


For those few of you who do not know, FINDING BIGFOOT is a new television show on Animal Planet, featuring BFRO director, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, James Bobo Fay and a woman known as Ranae (why doesn't their website tell us her last name?). Okay, her last name is Holland (but why did we have to look it up?) "MEET THE TEAM"

It's weird to see your friends on TV.
We were somewhat involved in helping out the producers in coming to Willow Creek and finding the Bluff Creek PGF site, and we were allowed to hang out at a bunch of their filming spots, so this blog is going to try to respect their wishes not to reveal things that would act as "spoilers" for the show. We'll try to skirt around that by showing a few things that happened off camera, such as the above. Since we are friends with Bobo and Cliff, and Matt to some extent, such hanging out also involved a certain amount of after-hours... *EDITORIAL EXCISION*

It all started in late July when the BFRO invited us (me, that is) to give a talk at their expedition up in Bluff Creek. That public speaking prospect was unnerving, but we've been told it was pretty good. The topic was The History of Bigfoot in Bluff Creek. We met some very cool folks there, including a family from Utah and a fellow all the way from England.
Fish Lake, just up off Bluff Creek, base of the BFRO expedition.
It is known for its civilized campground, as well as a whole heck of a
lot of Bigfoot activity around the area.
The expedition base was at Fish Lake, but branched out all across the Bluff Creek basin, with some interesting results (details private to the BFRO, save if you can find the report on their page, We noticed that these folks hardly ever sleep. They're up into the wee hours of the morning sitting around in the dark woods with night vision and thermal imagers, and the seem to arise at the crack of dawn.
A rustic high-tech presentation on animal sounds found in the woods.
This included some very interesting barred owl calls, which are all too
often mistaken for Bigfoot vocalizations. They can sound like apes.
Like the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group, the BFRO has sinister, secret
meetings, where vast conspiracies are hatched. Here ranger Robert
Leiterman films a talk, proving a great governnent cover-up.
After a night of very little sleep indeed, we and fellow Bluff Creek Film Site Project member, Robert Leiterman, led a big group of expeditioneers up the creek from the Bluff Creek bridge some three miles to the Patterson-Gimlin film site area. During all of this we met Animal Planet producer Jen, and location scout Rowdy (last names withheld here). From there the Bigfoot thing snowballed to take over nearly the entire next month.
Leiterman casts on display at Fish Lake Campground.
Here are some more images from our experiences on that BFRO expedition, presented without revealing "trade secrets." Read on below for more on Finding Bigfoot!
On the road to Onion Mountain and some night squatching.
The famous Louse Camp on Bluff Creek, before the BFRO.
Louse Camp, after the BFRO invasion.
Hiking up Bluff Creek to the PGF Site, with BFRO expedition.
PGF Big Tree??? This is one of the prospects.
Lower PGF site sandbar.
The area on Bluff Creek where Rene Dahinden put his mark for the
PGF site on Daniel Perez' map. Just upstream.
The area of the "X" as above, seen from just downstream.
Big old growth Douglas fir, with vine maples, upper PGF site area sandbar.
Could this one be one of the big trees?
We will find out in October
"Root balls as big as a room." Remains of the 1965-66 salvage
logging, downstream at the "Big  bend in the creek."
And then, shortly afterwards, Finding Bigfoot came to town....
Though we're not going to give it all away, here are a few pictures around about before and after the filming scenarios.
On the second day they were in town a full house assembled at the Willow Creek Veterans' of Foreign Wars Hall to tell their stories of Bigfoot encounters. Word of mouth around town was enough to gather the crowd, and surely many more would have flooded the place had the event been formally advertised. A few historical notables showed up, as well as some noted Bigfoot Researcher types. We were happy to encounter Tom from Jefferson State Bigfoot Research, veteran but now-retired BFer Rip Lyttle, and some others.
Sign announcing the Town Hall Meeting, outside Veterans' Park.

Bobo's dog Mountain Monkey was a prominent figure playing with her ball
at the feet of the stars of the show all during the filming of the meeting.
Bigfoot bros... Bobo Fay, Matt Moneymaker, and researcher Rip Lyttle.
At the FINDING BIGFOOT town hall meeting in Willow Creek August 10th.
Thomas Graham of Jefferson State Sasquatch Research, with Folksinger
and researcher Tom Yamarone, whose song about Jerry Crew helped
facilitate the sons getting back into the Bigfoot world.
Photo provided by Tom Yamarone.
Afterwards it was beer with Bobo at the Forks Lounge.
Bobo actually defeated an arm-wrestling champ here that night.
And here is a clincher, perhaps of of the true Holy Grail items to emerge from the historic return of the *EDITORIAL EXCISION* to the world of Bigfooting.... *EDITORIAL EXCISION*
Disclaimer: Though this blogger is affiliated in a friendly, non-formal way with the BFRO, and we are indeed friendly with a number of members of that organization, we'd like to say that we have never actually signed the NDA, and are in no way obliged or beholden to follow any rules or censorship from that organization. Neither are we "an informant" for the BFRO. That having been said, we spent a good bit of time hanging out with Mr. Matt Moneymaker, head of the group and quite a controversial figure, and we found NOT ONE moment of displeasure in doing so. The conversation was good, and fair, and nearly entirely free of judgment of other researchers. We understand that there are a lot of you out there who have reason to feel otherwise, but it has been our own experience over the last few years that Matt is really a cool dude. Strange, you might say, but true.... Go figure. Maybe it is because this blog has nothing to prove to ANYONE.
A slightly melodramatic promo pic from Animal Planet. Enough techie gear
to scare off the biggest squatch. Bobo, what is there in that "Evidence" bag?
We were interviewed for a story by the Hoopa Valley tribal newspaper on the topic of the TV show coming to our area. If you go to the bottom of the online article you can even read the reporter's sketch notes from the talk, for some reason also published. Read it here: Shooting Bigfoot with Film not Bullets.
For the rest of the story, tune in to Animal Planet in October. We've heard the special two-part episode on the Klamath-Trinity area is supposed to air on Halloween. After that we will surely have yet another blog entry to write.


Hanging out with the rest of the gang, especially our friends Cliff, Tom Yams, Paul Graves, Craig Flipy and Rowdy from the production crew was also quite fun. It involved a lot of great Bigfoot discussion, endless planning sessions for the filming (which we were not really part of), and lots of sitting around while the filming sessions were going on. 


Ever quizzical and inquiring, Cliff Barackman considers the Evidence.
Willow Creek Museum Gift Shop.
Next blog entry we will have some more detailed *EDITORIAL EXCISION* 

Sorry to leave you all hanging a bit, but there's only so much we can put into one blog entry, and there is only so much we can tell you out of respect for our friends involved with the FINDING BIGFOOT TV show. You'll see it all soon enough; and after we'll tell you about all the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor.
Until then, see ya....
Bobo, Bigger than Bigfoot.
Go to the web page for the show for updates, here:


Me HATE the hate. Me "Angry," that true. But Bigfoot not like be cause of all hu-man hate each other. You KNOW me? No. You know ABOUT me? Not. Me still laugh at hu-man in woods with silly headlamp and goggle on face. But me not hate them. They like TV to me. But when me see them use me to hate other, then me say, phooey. Me not EVER let you see me. Me not EVER let you even come close. Me go far away so you not EVER even hear me laugh, and me laugh harder and harder every day, hu-man.

This blog is copyright and all that jazz, save for occasional small elements borrowed for "research" and information or satirical purposes only, 2010, Bigfoot Books and Steven Streufert. Borrowings for non-commercial purposes will be tolerated without the revenge of Angry Bigfoot, if notification, credit, citation and a kindly web-link are given, preferably after contacting us and saying, Hello, like a normal person would before taking a cup of salt. No serious rip-offs of our material for vulgar commercial gain will be tolerated without major BF stomping action coming down on you, hu-man.


  1. I am a believer in Sasquatch, have been since 1977. I have read just about every book, watch just about every program and have been on all over the internet to educate myself more and more on the elusive creature. I found the BFRO website awhile back and considered it the "bible" of all things "Squatch". That was until I watched the program Finding Bigfoot. To say that I am disappointed would really not be stating my feelings strong enough. After watching the crew, Matt, Cliff, Bobo and Ranae and how they take their "expert" approach to each investigation I have realized that jumping to conclusions must be the very first step of the investigation. That is everyone but Ranae. Her skeptical approach is perhaps the BEST and gives the only validity to the program and therefore the BFRO itself. To say that most of what they see as "evidence" is insulting to those who have been believers in this creature for just as long as these guys. Trust me, do the BFRO and the program justice and have Ranae lead ALL investigations and promote Mike to bag carrier.

  2. Anonymous, you have to remember that this is a network TV show, produced by Animal Planet, and it is NOT a direct depiction of BFRO nor of any of the individual cast members' field methodologies. They do try, but they are not in charge of production and editing. I've seen the process in person, and I know those guys personally; and I can tell you that their true methods are not shown on the show. It is made for entertainment value, with an eye towards ratings constantly. A wholly BFRO-produced show would look very different from this, believe me. But there is no way such a show would have lasted a season on commercial TV.

  3. The show is really quite stupid and the characters on the show seem to discredit themselves as soon as they open their mouths. I am a believer, but am ashamed by the kindergarten approach of these guys. On one episode they found a heel print and immediately insisted it could only be Bigfoot. Are you serious? I'm glad Bigfoot is doing his best to hide from these guys.

  4. Bozo or whatever it is he calls himself comes across as a simpleton who claims to be an expert bigfoot caller..
    He makes wild claims about how he knows what bigfoots do, eat, walk,talk and mate with each other, every little knocking sound or broken branch is the result of bigfoot activity.
    best episode involved Bobo and his claims of how bigfoots liked fireworks, so they let off fireworks, guess what? no bigfoots.. so they tried an air raid siren...guess what? no bigfoots, they tried bacon, donuts, wood knocking, screaming, shouting and even resorted to getting indians to clens there souls.. still no bigfoot.. yet he still claims bigfoots are everywhere,they watch kids play, the peer through peoples windows and they piss on campers tents..

    1. That isn't a very nice thing to say. Bobo is a great guy. He does good research in real life. He is a lot smarter than his mellow-dude demeanor might make him seem. The TV show is for TV, and hence is edited for entertainment value, and of course subject to production schedules that don't really allow long-term, real investigations that might really find something out there.

    2. Whoever "Anonymous" is was very thoughtful by not giving ANY name on his post, because then the entire world would know what a jackass he is. Bobo should know what he's talking about as he's been doing this for years & is only trying new tactics to try & lure a Sasquatch close enough to a camera to be filmed, & just because those tactics may have not worked yet, at least he's trying & someone like you has no business criticizing him or anybody else for trying. The only tactics you're trying is opening your big mouth. So please just shut the hell up because the only person you should be criticizing is your spouse for putting up with your dumb ass!!

    3. Anonymous, the comments about Bobo & especially the one about Ranae leading the expiditions are the most asinine I've heard in my entire life. Ranae needs to find another job where the ridiculous remarks she makes & her close & narrow minded attitude could be ignored by people just like everything else she says, & a nortician's job would suit her fine. As for what you said about Bobo, just because his efforts haven't yet come to fruition for the cameras yet, at least he's trying. Maybe you have been ultra successful in capturing a Bigfoot on film, so let's hear your spectactular tactics. So Anonymous, if you don't like the way Bobo conducts his investigations, then grab your remote and change channels, & stop criticizing someone who is at least trying & then maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't be making a fool of yourself. In other words, just shut up!

  5. Hi. I Tried To Get Some feedback on this B 4 When The Famous Patterson Film was Made I Lived In Northern Calif. I Was 12, my Father A Construction Super- Was Working With A Road Crew Putting In A Housing Subdivisions Roads The Job Near Smokeytown Calif. A Now Ghosttown after the gold rush, My Father Explained How The Job Ended Abruptly When Their Equipment Camp Was Attacked By a large group of Sasquatch, Tipping Over A Bulldozer, Tossed Their Tools, Some Damaged Into Woods, and most compelling, left a fist print with skin and hair stuck to it in a full 55 gal fuel barrel. It Is Also My Understanding this got newspaper coverage in surrounding area :Redding -Anderson Calif. Area. My Father Who Passed Away The Next Year Was An Avid Student Of The Unknown, And He Gave Me The Bug Too, I Have Seen Many Things I Can Explain But Can,t Get Most To Believe, Coming To My Major Point:: It Is Arragant Of People To Approach Bigfoot, or whatever name you give them, in a manner that is not giving them an intellegence equal to or maybe higher than our own, this classification dictates the manner in which they are hunted or sought out! I Had an experience when i was in my twenties That Made Me Believe That They Come In many Sizes And Can Speak, and in this case english. I Also Can Say That I And Two Friends Were Followed by a Very Big One Until It Was Sure We Were Leaving And Wished Him Or Her No Harm. To Finish There Is As My Father Told Me Evidence Of The Attack In The Smokey Town Museum :the oil drum with a fistprint in it! I Think Its Worth Checking Out! Project Was Abandoned, There To My Best Recolection a Newspaper Article Available In Anderson Calif. In 1964, had to have been during summer and early fall snow sets in early there and melts late. If You Find Out Anything I Would Like To Know What You Found ! Also If You Would Like To Hear More About My Experiences With Bigfeet , And I Have some Other Experiences Envolving Other Creatures That Are Considered By Most Legend, I Wll Share If You r truely Interrested! Contact

  6. I saw a family of bigfoot in 2013 of June. Got a good look at them for about a minute it was day time. I was not frighten of them I felt calm when they saw me they new I was of no threat so everything was good. Went back there sep. 2013 saw a print and other signs. Going back in June. I would tell the hole story but most people wouldn't believe it so why bother I have a hard time believing and I was there. It wasn't people in a costume at 6000 ft. Have you seen those bigfoot costumes CHEEZY! you would have to be a idiot mistake a real bigfoot for someone in a costume. I have lived in the country over40 years and no it was not a bear, deer,elk. Those people who go to collage for a few years think the rest of us are so stupid that we cant tell a bear from a monkey man. REALLY! BIGFOOT ARE HIGHLY INTELLEGENT. They just want to be left alone so all you none believers keep not believing, makes me happy, happy ,happy. I hope they never find one our heaven forbid shoot one. stay out of the woods

  7. I have watched Bigfoot programmes and find it ridiculous. Four people and a camera crew have visited most States in the USA and also several overseas countries. Everywhere they go, they state that there is an ideal area for squashes. They organise a town meeting -Cue hoaxers, nutters,attention seekers and folk in ape suits. Most viewings by the locals are in daytime - so what does the team do? They go out at night. !! They try to be quite and whisper to each other, yet make loud, animal noises, bang trees with wooden sticks, and illuminate themselves with lights. i dont know who finances this nonsense - but the score so far / BIGFOOTS - ZER0 !!


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