Thursday, July 22, 2010

BIGFOOT WARS 2: The Mr. Mike Debacle, CryptoMundo Demise?, BFF Insurrection, Outing the Bigfootery Enquirer, Lenny Green's Wildman Songs


When it rains, it pours; and if one looks at the state of Bigfooting at the current moment one must wonder if the sky is falling.

You know what they say, When the going gets weird, the weird get going. And, it gets weirder, and weirder....

These days it seems like things are just falling apart in the world of the "Bigfoot Community" (if one may call a subculture at war with itself a community!). Cryptomundo may close down operations (it has actually been, contrary to popular opinion, losing money); or wait, maybe not! Craig Woolheater, president of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy has resigned from the organization, taking Monica Rawlins in tow.

Billy Willard's BlogTalk Radio show, SasquatchWatch, has gone off the air (but the archives haven't); and Eric Altman's Beyond the Edge Radio is soon to follow. 
It seemed to start with the strange ascent of the Blogsquatcher, D.B. Donlon, into the realms of "paranormal" fringe science considerations, and then his final retirement freak-out. Then came the atom bomb of Autumn Williams' "retirement" and subsequent release of  ENOCH, driving a wedge between sides and a stake in the heart of the more extreme camouflage-wearing BF hunters; it also generated a tsunami-sized sea change toward the notion of Bigfoot as a human-like, intelligent creature, rather than a mere, "dumb ape," toward the idea that they should be respected, and not aggressively "hunted."

More than anyone, Autumn seems to have catalyzed this change that is now running through to the core of Bigfooting. Bigfooters all over the place, from Sean Fries to Darin Richardson, are simply "retiring" from active field research tactics and aggressive attempts to "prove" that the creatures exist. In fact, we have heard repeatedly expressed the sentiment that "proving" them to the world would only endanger them and threaten their very survival.

The overview of the crazy equipment that could only serve to scare off any Bigfoot visitors starts at about 1:45. The clip they once had up on YouTube, showing their perimeter system loudly announcing, "Alert Zone Two!"--enough to startle away any form of contact, even with a deer!--has apparently been taken down. Too many people were laughing, it appears.
UPDATE: Oh wait! Thanks to Autumn, here is the link, on another user's account:
2010 Van Ambush Outing....wmv
You've just got to see this one.

Our own war against the Bigfoot Forums has generated huge response, and myriad new members for certain other forums (see below for more on that, as we encourage
among the disgruntled and abused members of the BFF). That's right! FIGHT THE POWER! STICK IT TO THE MAN. Dealing with all of this can be exhausting at times, and other times it is downright disheartening. Why all of these Bigfoot Wars??? Can't we all just get along, folks. Ha ha! No!

Without concrete proof or disproof of the Sasquatch, we are left merely with a few fleeting glimpses, or ghostly thermal teases, and then turn on each other. Can't prove Bigfoot? Just tear each other to pieces instead. Leave no theory, opinion, feeling, sighting or witness standing. Rip them to shreds. This is the way of much of what constitutes the Bigfoot Community, folks, we are very sad to say. We are tempted to retire to that much more civilized field of study, Nessie Hunting. Or else, maybe we'll join Autumn? Let's just go out in the woods and enjoy ourselves, people: keep the eyes open, be sensitive and aware of the life around us, and who knows what we'll see....

Imagine us, peacefully putting together our photos and ideas for a summary of our experiences at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. Imagine us, too, going to war with the Bigfoot Forums, and pulling together another entry collating the many comments we received in support of us after we were unjustly and stupidly banned from the site by small-minded, trollish control freaks seemingly on a several year run of trailer park brewed Nazi-style crystal methamphetamine. Yes, and if you can see that you will see the weird mix that is life in the Bigfoot Community. All that was missing from this equation would be an infrasound zapping from a Sasquatch up in Bluff Creek. Regrettably, there is too little actual Bigfoot content in this lifestyle subculture, and way too much all-too-human humanness.

NOTE: If you are sick to death of "Mr. Mike" and the whole Lan Lamphere brouhaha, please just skip down to our other feature sections, way down below.... We held off on commenting on this story earlier simply due to our unwillingness to let it spin off into the realm of CNN and become the next Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax. Now that the story is DEAD, we will have our say.


And then, when we returned from our work break and daily mail-order books post-office run, there was our answering machine blinking back at us. It was July 2nd, the first afternoon in a story that was to live on in infamy for way past its shelf life. It was a strangely familiar voice on the phone, one part salesman, one part Art Bell radio guy, and he started right in talking about a "whole troop of Bigfoot," a family group, living in this guy's backyard. The message wanted me to call back, and it sounded urgent. Lan Lamphere, the voice said, of Overnight AM radio. Huh? we thought. So we Googled him up first before calling the number. The website looked professional, the guy looked for real, the show was online only, but seemed legitimate, despite the usual herbal penis enlargement and herbal snake oil ads gracing the sidebars. We decided this was worth a call back, convinced just enough by the image of Roger Patterson's "Patty" staring back at us, and a tantalizing headline declaring a "backyard bigfoot." (We didn't copy and paste this headline, and understand that the host was embarrassed by something in it, and has since changed it. As we recall it spoke of "evidence" or "proof." Even below he mentions "Documented Events" and "substantial evidence"! We quote the piece as it now appears on the Overnight AM website.) Here we quote the blurb for the first day's show:

Exclusive – Bigfoot Found in North America – Documented Events Reveal Sasquatch Lives
Overnight AM producers have been contacted by a man claiming to have found Bigfoot living in his backyard somewhere in North America ( Location: Confidential ). The evidence is substantial based on eyewitness testimony of a man whose life has been turned upside down by the creatures, a family of four; two adults and two infants, who bed down in his backyard every evening. UFO Magazine and Clearly Skewed Entertainment has dispatched a film crew to the area to document the events as they unfold on camera. 
Tonight, Mike ( last name withheld ), a 70 year old veteran with no interest in the field of Bigfoot research, will join Lan Lamphere and the Overnight AM radio show audience to describe the events of the past few weeks and his encounters with this family of Bigfoot who have taken to living in the forest behind his home appearing every night to bed down in his backyard to escape biting mosquitos [sic].

Now, before we even went to hit the number pad on our iPhone we had a few misgivings. First, "Mike"? That name sounded just a little too... um.... familiar, after the release of a certain book just before, up in Eugene, on June 19th. Also, why would a Bigfoot family actually LIVE in a backyard, as opposed to just utilizing it as a means along the way to greater ends? To escape mosquitoes? Ah, come on now--why would there be less mosquitoes there than anywhere else in the area? There must be some other reason, like food, water, concealment, shelter, something! for a whole family of these elusive creatures to actually take up residence in someone's yard area. Or were they, perhaps, sick, or refugees dislodged from their larger habitat? Also, WHY was UFO Magazine involved? How "Clearly Skewed" was this "Entertainment," anyway? What did they have to do with Bigfoot reports? Was Bigfoot really "FOUND"? Was there really "Evidence"? Well, there was enough here to intrigue us, despite misgivings, so we called the guy back, if only to see if this witness was to be trusted, or if it were just a bald-faced hoaxer trying to make a funtime lark on the book, ENOCH.

Lamphere has that overly confident voice that dwells somewhere between a used car salesman and a slick television news man or politician. It was readily apparent on the phone, with its rounded baritones combined with pointed diction and a slightly hypnotic, rhythmic delivery style. This guy was smooth, for real or not, and he sounded a heck of a lot like our favorite radio host, Art Bell. The connections, we were soon to find out, were far from coincidental. Hello, this is Steve from Bigfoot Books, we said, and you'd just called us? Well, we're looking for someone to appear on our radio show, he said. We say now: thank the heavens that didn't happen! What's this all about, now? we asked.

He began to tell us of this report he'd received. A man had called "Information," or "411" to report a whole bevy of Bigfeet living in his yard. Strangely, the information operator, quite out of character for such workers, recommended something outside of the box: not the Department of Fish and Game, or Animal Control, or the Humane Society, or perhaps a psychologist. No, they gave the witness the number of UFO Magazine and William Birnes, publisher. Now, this is just plain odd, we thought; but Lamphere kept rolling on. The History Channel was involved, he said, and would have cameras and crew on-site over the weekend. Great! we thought. The habituating witness was willing to have this looked into, and would allow investigators to his home to see if this were for real. If it were real it would be the zoological or anthropological story of the century; if it weren't, then it would never have the chance to be blown out of proportion like the North Carolina "Blonde Bigfoot" sighting was, or like the Georgia Gorilla hoax was two summers earlier. Lamphere seemed sincere, as if he simply wanted to get to the bottom of things. Little did we know!!!

After he told us about "Mr. Mike," we had to offer some warning. Could it be that this was an imitative hoaxer who had read something, perhaps on the Bigfoot Forums, about Autumn Williams' Mike in the book Enoch? We began to talk about habituation scenarios and this current one in Florida that had just a couple of weeks earlier started turning the Bigfooting world upside down. Then the phone started beeping. Strangely, in a very bizarre coincidence, it was Autumn Williams on the other line! We asked Lan to hold, and had only a few seconds to tell Autumn about this latest report. "It's not MY Mike," she said, emphatically, with a bit of a chuckle. No way. OK, so we had to get back to our call with Mr. Lamphere (luckily, we were able to continue our talk with Ms. Williams the next evening, and THAT was interesting, indeed! Anyway....) Lan had hung up, so we called him back. Apparently someone else in the room had the BFRO on the line. Great! We were off the hook, and our growing skepticism of this witness, or perhaps the host, would not be revealed live on the air. After we told the host about what Williams had said, he told us, This guy is not in Florida. Lamphere proceeded to tell us of two Bigfoot experiences he had had in his own life. Once, when he was a kid on a family trip up in the mountains, we recall that it was the Sierra Nevada, he and his sister had seen a giant upright and hairy manlike creature retreating up a bank from the roadside. At this point his sincerity was clear, and we were believing him. They both saw it clearly, and his father pulled out his gun; but then it just VANISHED. Well, with that last word, we have to admit, we grew a critical ear.

Lan had to go and get ready for the show, and the BFRO guy was waiting on the line. He'd call us back later, Lan said. So, there we were, excited, and highly skeptical, all in the same breath; and as we went to close up shop and get home in time for coffee and the show, we trudged out the door thinking to ourselves. Here. We. Go. AGAIN!

We began to mentally contrast the Enoch Mike with what we already knew about Lamphere's Mike.

The Mike in Autumn's book does not seek attention, and certainly does not do so through such strange media as UFO Magazine or The History Channel's ghost hunter team. The Mike in Autumn's book goes out into a viable habitat and then habituates himself to an individual, and then a family group of Skunk Apes. Lamphere had already mentioned to us that his Mike lived in a semi-urban area, and that the Bigfoot family was actually bedding down and hanging out in this sort of suburban backyard scenario. The Mike in Autumn's book had been going out into the woods for something like four years before having any really close encounters; whereas Mr. Mike had them coming up to his house as if they were stray dogs or hungry raccoons seeking to overturn a trash can. Lamphere had told us about a  police report in the area of a "hairy, naked woman" rummaging through trash cans. Now, couldn't this just be a case of "urban-traveler" hippie or Rainbow Family types? The Mike who befriends Enoch, however, does so within a convincing scenario involving swamps, forests and wilderness zones; but "Mr. Mike" seemed, the more we heard, to be just an ordinary guy in an ordinary tract home.

Well, keep the mind open, we thought, as we sat on the porch, drinking copious coffee and chain smoking in anticipation of how this strange-sounding media-hype-in-action would play out. And play out it did; emphasis on "play," as in "tease," or as in "con." We wondered then, and we wonder still, if this "Mr. Mike" might just be some uncle or older friend of Lamphere's, and that this whole scenario might have been just a big experiment in manipulating the media, the audience, and the Bigfoot Community, in the name of promoting a relatively unknown online radio show with big ambition and a host with an ego that would not quit. Lamphere had told us first that he loved the Art Bell Show (Coast-to-Coast AM), and that he was influenced by the show; but then he had said that he was BETTER than C2C, and in fact better than ART BELL himself! This bugged us a bit, and to us it was a clue that something was just not right here. Anyway, back to the show....

Mr. Mike came on in the first half of the show, and came across as nice, ordinary fellow. It was hard not to believe him to be a good guy, even when the unlikeliness of his story unfolded. His backyard "forest" was actually only about 125 feet wide, barely enough for a proper primate zoo exhibit. Again and again in the chat room we asked, what about habitat, the surrounding area? Little was said about that, a wildlife corridor, a creek, anything like that. Instead, nearby, there was a tavern/saloon bar where the creatures would go to dumpster dive after closing time. No answers about how the creatures could have gotten to his yard, nor why no one else had ever seen them. These were by all appearances real, physical creatures. Mike described them as coming right up to the windows of the back area of his house. Mike, an old guy taking care of an even older 90 year old sister suffering from senile dementia, could not really get out of the house. He spoke, though, of being relieved of his duties once a week, when he could go out and buy groceries. Why, then, had this relief person not seen the creatures, too? Mike brings them berries and french fries from a nearby drive-through fast food place. The creatures eat physical food. He sees them clear as day as they climb telephone poles. He describes their height, shape, the color of the "salt and pepper" quality of the hair of the older male, and the darker hair of the younger ones. All of this has nothing, as yet, of the "paranormal" in it. He has neighbors, he lives in an urban environment. What was going on here? Lamphere had led us to belive that there was evidence, proof, that Bigfoot was "found." But where was it on this first show? Mike had three cameras in his house, all broken. He supposedly couldn't fork over a few bucks for a cheapie disposable one, either, even though it wouldn't cost much more than a fast food meal. No hair, footprints, scat or other evidence had been collected. But surely they shat, if they ate french fries? Apparently, Mike interacted with them, but only through windows. He had this going on for three weeks, all without it being seen by others, and without evidence? Something felt rather wrong in this story. Something was just not right.

In the second part of the show BFRO investigator, Darcy Stoffregen, from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, came on, and he handled the issue very well. He made it clear that the situation could be investigated very soon by an area BFRO member, and could be handled with respect for the witness and the creatures. Lamphere treated his guest with respect, too. So, we really had to wonder when, the next thing we heard, days later, the BFRO had been cut out altogether. Stoffregen was quoted by Craig Woolheater on as having said he had not ever been called back by Lamphere, and then saying, "And I now know why." Why? Why what? No one knew exactly, but guesses started to fly. We talked with Stoffregen privately, but cannot publish what was said then on this blog. Let us just say that skepticism about the reality of this so-called habituation had arisen.

Anyway, we posted this news on FaceBook and in a few emails, expressing a bit of humorous skepticism, but suggesting a "who knows?" attitude. On July 7th Sharon Lee, Bigfoot Field Reporter, soon to be the hosts "mouthpiece" (NO, SHE IS NOT BFRO!), got involved with UPDATE ON LAN LAMPHERE AND MR MIKE, in which she said, "Steven Streufert of Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek California has been diligent in his efforts to get to the bottom of this story, and I thank him for his perseverance." Hey, thanks, Sharon!!The word was spreading. The next day, Sharon/BFR had another article, this one hinting rather broadly at skepticism: Follow up on Mr. Mike.

Lamphere had said that camera teams from UFO Magazine and the History Channel had already been dispatched, investigators were on the case. Everything sounded good. We would know the answers soon, right? Wrong. Nothing appeared on the Overnight AM web site, and the issue was not covered on the air until July 8th, nearly a full week later. So, here we had what could have been, if true, the biggest news of the century, and what was being done to investigate it? Nothing? It seemed fishier and fishier with each day that went by. On the morning of the 8th Lan Lamphere called us. We earnestly inquired as the what in the world was going on, and why it had not been covered on his show as he had said it would be. An NDA had been signed, he said, a Non-Disclosure Agreement. That could only have meant one thing, so far as we were concerned: Money Was Involved. Also, "proof" HAD been obtained. Listen to the show, he said. We only spoke for four minutes, though, and he had to rush off to other things.

On the second appearance of Mr. Mike on the 8th, he was only on for a brief while, and one could immediately tell that something was very wrong, or very different. His voice sounded edgy, nervous, even scared. Also, one could hear the traffic zipping by noisily as he spoke on the phone from the front part of his house. It sounded like he lived by a freeway! On this segment of the show Lamphere did not reveal that teams had been dispatched as promised, apparently no Bigfoot investigators had been to the site yet, and the whole thing had been in complete limbo save that Lamphere had hired a private investigator to do a background check on Mr. Mike, and then to go snooping around Mr. Mike's house and yard. Apparently Mike did not feel too comfortable with this imposition and intrusion, and who would??? The P.I. had supposedly looked through the shrubbery into the back part of the yard and been growled at by some non-human animal. He had supposedly gotten a few photos of "shadows" in the backyard, which Lamphere had on his computer, but was not going to release to the world. Why not? To string us all along? The latter seemed obvious. Apparently this P.I. had installed secret spy cameras, too, because in the last show segment it was revealed that before the Bigfoot investigators were called in there were secretive cameras already installed on-site. For a guy who claimed to be respecting the witness and trusting the investigators, this was some rather paranoid and sneaky behavior.

The web site, Ghost Theory, was now on the case. Here is their report from July 9th. “Backyard Bigfoot” Update"
Cryptomundo had another update on the 9th, too, again posted by Craig Woolheater. BOTH contained an extensive statement (obfuscation?) by Lamphere. We will quote some of it here. First he apologized for the headline, whatever was wrong with it; then, just as most people were beginning to wax skeptical on this  issue, he said this:

Because ‘Mr. Mike’s Bigfoot encounter began to show signs of being a very real, and scary event, I uncharacteristically re-positioned myself, and the show, in my commitment to discover, and report, the facts rather than focusing on the entertainment. However, It’s not my responsibility to take the position of trying to single handedly save a sacred cow from slaughter if a story doesn’t pan out just the way the audience expects. In fact, I’ll be the first to slam a knife into it and carve myself out a fat steak to chew on.

Explaining his exclusion of the BFRO he said this:
On July 3, 2010 I stated on air inside an interview with “Mr. Mike” that we had plans to send a camera crew to his location and document the events around his home regarding what he calls Bigfoot. I also said that we would not leave the Bigfoot Research Field Organization out of the loop, and welcomed their participation. Since then, some members of the BFRO have become critical of this story, without knowing all of the facts. It’s for that reason that I have elected to forgo the inclusion of the BFRO in any field research and have turned over the responsibility of hand picking a team of qualified experts to investigate these events to Mr. Bill Birnes (UFO Hunters – History Chanel / Publisher of UFO Magazine/Author).

At this point, a full week later, a camera crew had still not been dispatched, or so he said:
The Camera Crew will consist of one, or more, trained professionals inside of the field of wildlife photography. This is the arena that I’ve had the most inquiry about, and have received the most advice on, over the past seven days via email and phone conversations.

Here is how he concluded (Skip Down if you've already read this elsewhere):
The World Responds

At this time the story of Mr. Mike’s experiences have met with open ridicule and support from opposing factions inside the arena of interested Bigfoot enthusiast. That was expected. I appreciate healthy skepticism just as much as I appreciate healthy interest and enthusiasm. My position has been to establish the credibility of Mr. Mike, and his story, before money, time, effort and energy was spent on what could easily be, or become, a farce or scam not only on me, but on this audience.

I do not enjoy being removed from my postion as a talk show host and forced into the arena of investigator. I said that we would move quickly on this story on July 3, 2010 in Mr. Mike’s first interview on Overnight AM, and I was serious. I just didn’t tell the audience what I had in mind to validate Mr. Mike’s story. I had a story on my hands that couldn’t be confirmed, but had body and form. Sure the story was a great avenue for a Overnight AM show. It was right up my alley. A great entertainment avenue for any listener who was interested in the subject of Bigfoot. But after listening to the show again, and again, and again- I came to the conclusion that Mr. Mike was telling the truth and I decided to act on it. I even went as far to write Bill Birnes a email after seeing that this story was beginning to build more momentum, and that the character assassination of Mr. Mike, myself and anyone else involved, was a real threat. If we were going to do this we had better commit to it 100%. Otherwise we would be placing ourselves in a precarious situation if this story wasn’t investigated and acted upon correctly.

What’s happening now?
Time schedules were rearranged. I’ve slowed the progression of the investigation. Specific people are being sought out with plans to contractually bind them to Security-Nondisclosure Agreements for the protection of Mr. Mike, the creatures (if any) and anyone else involved in this story. A feature length article is being prepared for Overnight AM’s Intrepid Magazine. Right, wrong or indifferent.. the story continues.

"The Story Continues..." Yes. That was the whole point, wasn't it Lan? So that it could be milked for all it was worth? And then exploited as a Ghost Story of sorts on the History Channel???? That same day Sharon Lee posted some skeptical letters from her readers in her post EMAIL AND MESSAGES RECEIVED. Read on...

On the 11th STEVE KULLS did a show on BlogTalk Radio revealing criticisms of the Mr. Mike story:
This show basically debunked the story by analyzing clips from the statements made by Mr. Mike, and revealing inconsistencies in the story. One of these points was that telephone poles don't have branches, so why had Mike said that the adults were afraid to climb the poles to retrieve their young one who had climbed up there, fearing the branches would break? Click the link above to hear the show's archived version, via online streaming. (Click the latest show link from the main page to hear a recent update, too.)

Then the announcement below was made. ALL would be revealed, right? Well, no, it wasn't. In fact, even greater "mysteries" were suddenly being claimed, like the "shadow Bigfoot" in the photo, and multi-dimensionality, and ghostly readings on FLIR thermal devices where nothing could be seen at all with the normal human eye. An investigator had even walked to the spot Mr. Mike saw the creature on, and found absolutely nothing there. So, what happened to the wholly physical Bigfoot family that was intitially described? Keep on reading...

The following announcement appeared on the Lan Lamphere site; but much to his chagrin and later boiling anger, the news had already broken. Mr. Mike, apparently, was "Seeing Things." Having rejected the BFRO for no apparent reason, save that a few folks such as ourselves (we are NOT an "Official BFRO Blogger," even though we appear on their website, down the page a bit and to the left side as being among blogs that the BFRO likes) had expressed some skepticism on the previous shows. Perhaps he was angry with something Darcy said? But how could that be, when Stoffregen was consummately polite and considerate on the first show? It is a mystery. And then, Loren Coleman got involved [NOTE: UPDATE! See below], along with a stronger presence from Sharon Lee of The Bigfoot Field Reporter. Things got really crazy at that point, but it seems that most of this craziness was in Lamphere's own head. It was all stirred up out of virtually nothing.

[UPDATE! Please note: Loren Coleman contacted us on July 23rd to deny ever having spoken to Lan Lamphere. His involvement at this point was solely in reporting on Cryptomundo about things other people and blogs had posted. This makes it even more mysterious why Lamphere said the things he said about Loren live on the air--see below. We received this information as a more or less direct quote from Lan Lamphere, given to us by the Bigfoot Field Reporter. We regret that it is not correct, but it feeds right into this story: IT WAS A DIRECT LIE BY THE RADIO SHOW HOST!]

"'Mr. Mike' will be joining the show to highlight new events around his home by what he believes is Bigfoot."
"Mr. Mike – Bigfoot – Shocking Story Revealed July 12, 2010
On July 12, 2010, the complete story of our friend “Mr. Mike” will be revealed on Overnight AM. The team of researchers, “Hero’s [SIC]”, that took on this case have made history. The Bigfoot Researchers world was turned on it’s head, discredited, abused and shamed by those looking to profit from the popularity of Bigfoot’s legend a little more than a year ago. Bigfoot Researchers, world wide, have been redeemed publicly, and communally, as of today. Tune in On Monday, July 12, 2010 to Overnight AM to get the complete, and full, story of 'Mr Mike'..."

What happened in the long, overly-drawn-out interim? Well, BFRO were cast out, Loren Coleman talked to Lan and somehow ticked him off [NOTE: See Update, Above], and then somehow Lamphere got involved with a certain FaceBook group, FindBigfoot.  Now, we've seen a lot of good stuff being done through this group (especially their historical features), and we are "Fans" of them on FaceBook; but we have to say, most of what they deal with are BLOBSQUATCH videos and photos. From these they derive a standardized set of criteria that supposedly define the physical appearance and behavior of the Sasquatch. How they do this, when the "figures" in the vast majority of their presentations are not even clearly visible, nor discrete from surrounding trees and shadows, is beyond us. These, then, are the "Heroes" of which Lamphere speaks. So, here was Lamphere referring to the Georgia Bigfoot Body Hoax, and saying that we Bigfooters were going to be totally vindicated. OK, HOW? Really? As it turned out, of course, the show was a complete let-down. The FindBigfoot guys were directed to Mr. Mike's house, and they brought along some high-tech night vision gear.

They brought along, too (or were communicating directly with), Mr. Christopher Noel, author of the book, IMPOSSIBLE VISITS (in a great piece of irony, after the show we learned that Noel is, actually, a BFRO member). It was they who investigated before the final July 12th show. It was they who saw NOTHING going on with their eyes, while Mr. Mike himself was clearly (thinking he was) seeing his Bigfoot visitors. There was NOTHING THERE! Later, through some odd confabulation of interpretation, there would be "something" there, but that is best left for the end of this story. In a move that would just about drive the radio show host insane, live on the air, this was LEAKED on Noel's own Impossible Visits FaceBook page through a status update, the day before his final show on the matter. It leaked out BEFORE Lamphere's great revelation show, and so one may see clearly where his anger was coming from: he had LOST CONTROL of his carefully constructed media event. Perspicacious Bigfoot Researchers had used logic and reason and good reporting skills to take hold of the reins of this beast and reveal the real truth: Mr. Mike was HALLUCINATING!

Chris Noel's FaceBook status was the source of the leak. Then the Ghost Theory site, and then Cryptomundo. Another paranormal blog site, Phantoms and Monsters, also got invoved in the mix at some point (discerning the timeline at this point becomes exceedinly difficult). Lan's favorite toward the end of this whole imbroglio, Sharon Lee, actually helped leak it, so why did he later single out BFRO/Coleman for crucifixion? Prominence, that is all. And, he knew he could not control them, so he went on the attack. He tried to control Sharon Lee, but failed, ultimately.

The Impossible Visits status updates were REMOVED from the page at the request of the host, Lan Lamphere (though the host denied making the request/demand). Luckily, the Ghost Theory people were on the case, and managed to capture them before the show went on the air. Lan had been effectively trumped and dumped. Real evidence” or “Confirmed!”? NO! Read the Ghost Theory article here: “Backyard Bigfoot”: Witness was “Seeing Things”

Here is what the Impossible Visits page said. First:
"I was definitely of two minds about the show last night. Like all of us, I so want 'Mike' to be on the level, but now there are three babies and more adults? And they’re now freely venturing into the front yard, near traffic? It’s getting like Grand Central Station over there. On the other hand, 'Mike' continues to sound persuasive, and if the private eye really did see and photograph large shapes…"

And then this earth-shaker:
Man with Sasquatch Behind his House: UPDATE. 

My colleague has been able to determine that “Mike” was simply seeing things. “Mike” himself came to realize this during the course of the night on-site, when the “creatures” did not materialize before the thermal cameras. His initial account was compelling, and persuasively articulated, so I think the responsible follow-up was performed. Yes, this outcome is disappointing, but let’s look at it, also, as good news: It restores Sasquatch, for us, to its true nature, which is NOT to set up camp night after night in someone’s backyard, allowing him to come near them. If this were their MO, the species would not have been able to survive alongside us for eons, at least not as an autonomous creature not dominated by Homo sapiens."

On the 11th something or other had stirred up some angry feelings in Sharon Lee/BFR. Read her THE FUN NEVER ENDS post, from which we quote:
"...what I have seen this weekend has really got me thinking about how disgusting and dirty the whole Bigfoot business really is.
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, whatever you want to call it has been around since before we were born and will still remain a mystery long after we are dead.
For us to turn on each other, to stab our "friends" in the back, to argue Bigfoot politics, to run around trying to profit off of Bigfoot-mania is the sole reason why the creature is more civilized than us and will outlast us all."

Before the show Lamphere came out with a statement that appeared on the Bigfoot Field Reporter website: Overnight AM, Mr. Mike, Dementia, and Bigfootery Antics
Sharon Lee, speaking for Lamphere, said to the Bigfooters:
When William Birnes came to his good friend Lan about Mr. Mike, (and yes his name is Mike) they had no idea how cruel and devastating the shark filled waters of Bigfoot Research could be. As I stated in my previous blog post, the people in this field can be quite nasty to one another, even their so-called friends.
Lan wants you all to go away. He doesn’t care if you listen to his show ever again.

The story of Mr. Mike will most likely end tonight as far as Overnight AM is concerned but not without a bang. Overnight AM is not a dedicated Bigfoot show and Lan would like to get on to producing his show as he has done for the past 9 years.
Here is what Lamphere said, trying to use Sharon Lee as his access point to the Bigfoot Community:
"The reports of Mr. Mike’s encounters with Bigfoot have been highly exaggerated and over exaggerated not on the part of Overnight AM but on the part of Mr. Mike. He is suffering from a form of dementia. Now this is according to the researchers that were there. Whether that is true or not I do not know because I was not there. I only have the Bigfoot community and these researchers inside of it and their integrity and moral compass to go on. That’s all I have. That’s all that anyone who listens to this program has. But there’s more to this story than just hallucinations or chain of events that have led to him reaching out to this radio show and to UFO magazine. There’s more to it than meets the eye. And I think that the story falls within the realm of the pretentious and mean nature of the Bigfoot community as a whole rather than falling back to Mr. Mike’s “alleged” mental illness, hallucinations or instability."

Well, the show came on the air, and let us just suffice it to say that Lamphere was fuming. Now, it's hard to tell if this is the same kind of anger that he directs every night on the air at the New World Order and the Illuminati (Lan is part of Patriot Brigade Radio, a "Birther," and believer that Obama is a "commie pinko," so go figure) but it at least seemed to be genuine this time. But WHY was he so angry? Who had done ANYTHING to him, save report on the story that he himself had drummed up from basically nothing. All that had happened was that his story had been leaked by the Bigfooting folks who actually CARE about whether Bigfoot is real or not. As it went on Lamphere rose up to a fever pitch, denigrating the BFRO (who had done NOTHING against him, save for a few slightly skeptical comments in is chat room), the ENTIRE Bigfoot Community and nearly all researchers, and Loren Coleman in particular. Apparently Coleman had called Lamphere and proposed being a guest on the show, or so we heard [SEE UPDATE ABOVE--This Never Happened. It was a lie Lamphere told, for no apparent reason save to turn the Bigfooting Community against itself]. Anyway, Lan was pissed about something. We couldn't figure it out. "Who is this DIVA, Loren Coleman?" Lamphere ranted like a maniac. "Who IS this asshole???" He screamed. Live. On. The. Air. Poor Loren. What had HE done? Nothing.

On the first day of this story, we found out later after asking some researchers, Lamphere seems to have been on the BFRO web site, and called all the USA-based bloggers on there. He called us, Daniel Perez, Cliff Barackman, and tried to contact Loren Coleman. Apparently, he thought that all of us were REPRESENTATIVES of the BFRO. Just to be clear: the "Best Bloggers in BF Research" section on the BFRO site is an outside links section, suggesting what the BFRO or its founder just happens to think are cool blogs. They are NOT necessarily expressions of the BFRO itself, and the views on the blogs do not necessarily represent the views or positions of that organization. However, Lan went on to get angry at the BFRO, even though he had not even reached the actual representatives of that site initially. The contact information for the BFRO is RIGHT ON TOP of that page, Lan. Didn't you see it there? Anyway, he went on to complain about the BFRO, and all others selling books (we take that one personally!) and other Bigfoot merchandise, as if that is all they cared about. The products for sale on the BFRO site are way down the page, not the main focus of it. Lamphere complained that the BFRO site does not have any information on it ABOUT Bigfoot, or what to do if one has an encounter--an OUT-AND-OUT LIE! The site has such information in many helpful links and articles RIGHT ON THE TOP SEGMENT OF THE MAIN PAGE!

Oh well, so much for Lamphere's complaints. It is obvious that this rage was conflated and artificial, and that he was really angry that someone had dared to scoop his story. But then, why was he in an alliance with Sharon Lee, who had waxed somewhat skeptical initially, or the FindBigfoot guys who had, after all, leaked the information to their friend, Chris Noel? Lamphere's position was truly dubious and unfounded.

In the chat room we were openly questioning Lamphere and his shifting position and convoluted story. Increasingly, he began to respond to us. We egged him on. He began to rant again, and again, against BIGFOOT PEOPLE SELLING BOOKS. Against BIGFOOT BOOKS themselves. Obviously mad at US here at Bigfoot Books! He said ALL of them contain nothing but BULLSHIT. He said it again and again. His rage rose to such a height that he couldn't even end the show. It bled on past the ending time allowed by his archiving software, but the chatroom and live stream stayed active. He challenged people to call in and respond to him, more or less directly challenging US in particular to do so. So, we went to program the number into our phone. David Rodriguez, a researcher whom we had seen speak recently at the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, beat us to it. He presented, in a mostly rational and clear way, the idea that Bigfoot live in some kind of different dimension than our own (an idea we, for one, are perfectly willing to consider). [SEE NOTE below this paragraph] Then we got in on the line. We tried to get Lamphere to clarify what in the world his problem was, with Books, Bigfoot Researchers, BFRO or Loren Coleman, but to basically no avail. Was he even listening? Or maybe he couldn't defend his position, which in reality was all full of hot air and little substance? Who knows. At least we got a chance to defend Bigfoot researchers, some of the Bigfoot books, and our aforementioned friends. Did it help? Who knows? We were off the chat room and away from the live stream, pacing around the woods in the yard while talking.

[NOTE: David Rodriguez is a good guy. We got a lengthy email from him on 7/23 explaining his views. Perhaps he will edit it for publication in our next blog entry? Anyway, he wanted us to edit the statement above to express his full opinion. We don't want to change it, so here we present Rodriguez' suggested edit:
"He presented, in a mostly rational and clear way, that there is a difference between 'different dimensions' other than our own (an idea we, for one, are perfectly willing to consider) and 'something being invisible'. He wasn't advocating this to be the case, but he made a valid point that the world's mainstream physicists believe there are indeed many different dimensions and that we can't reject it out of hand."]

After the show we sent an email to Loren Coleman to give him a heads up. He appreciated it, and said some things that we've been asked to keep off the record. The next day we were quoted by Loren on Cryptomundo, in the article, Mr. Mike: The End?
"Well, the Overnight AM show was absolutely insane. Lan Lamphere was acting rather madly, live on the air!!! Lan Lamphere raged and ranted about all of us, the entire Bigfoot Community, save for his mysterious favorites, Sharon Lee and the FindBigfoot FaceBook guys. For some reason he was furious at you, after all you did was post something Chris Noel had posted on FaceBook. Utterly undeserved and irrational! I defended you and the other “enemy,” the BFRO, in the chatroom and then live on air. I don’t think he listened. Frankly, a pretty much total BS story from the start (save for the nice, hallucinating old man) and a seemingly very emotionally unstable host."

The next day there was an article written by Cherlyn Gardner Strong in the The Tucson Citizen:

The Final Chapter in the Saga of Mr. Mike and Bigfoot
The article contained mistaken information:
"First off, Lamphere made it clear that he did not direct anyone to delete Facebook statuses. Instead, there is an agreement within the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) that only Bigfoot blogger Sharon Lee is designated by Lamphere to provide scoops regarding the Mr. Mike saga on her blog. Noel posted his Facebook status updates prematurely. Blogger Sharon Lee was also present in Lamphere’s chat room last night, waiting for the announcement by Lamphere that she was the only person authorized to scoop future stories – not Loren Coleman."

It stated correctly that Sharon Lee was a designated mouthpiece for Lamphere information, but there was NO AGREEMENT WITHIN THE BFRO, and she is NOT a BFRO member, nor is her blog in any way part of the BFRO or presented on its web site. It also stated that Christopher Noel is "of the Bigfoot Facebook page," when he actually has his OWN FaceBook page. And this: WAS this the "Final Chapter in the Saga"? By all means, NO, it was not.

Follow the following links found down below for the sordid aftermath of this whole ridiculous story, and how it ended with Sharon Lee ending her brief career as a Cryptomundo guest blogger, and Loren Coleman being accused of plagiarizing from Crazy business? You betcha!

The craziest part of it all was that at the end of that last show and after all of this Lamphere began to support the idea that Mr. Mike WAS seeing things, but the "things" were not exactly physical. They were not seen by the ordinary human eyes of the Bigfoot investigators, but Mike saw them. The things were "seen" as faint blobs on the thermal viewer. The FindBigfoot guy interviewed on that last night's show said, to our recollection, that these blobs were no more bright than a small animal, not even as big as a dog, would make. Yet, this was enough for Lamphere and his UFO/Ghost Hunter buddies to be hot on the trail of SOMETHING ELSE ALTOGETHER! What now? These Bigfoot were actually interdimensional beings, or ghosts, or aliens, or.... And now the latest thing we hear is that the History Channel and "Ghost Hunters" are trying to make soup out of this mess for an upcoming episode. Apparently, Bigfoot has been left behind for wraiths, shapeshifters, ghostly apparitions, and maybe even alien incursions into human bedrooms. Oh my god, as they say, will this ever end? It would seem not, but we for one, along with our compatriots in the real pursuit of the truth about what Bigfoot is, are not going to have this kind of cheap, synthetic wool pulled over our eyes again. This time we were vindicated, as Lamphere had earlier suggested: we called him on his B.S., and held him accountable for it.

It seems to us that, beyond just trying to gather attention for his online radio show, this host had nearly all along the goal of playing and manipulating Bigfooters against each other. If it didn't work, and people were actually  polite and attempting to help, well, he would just make up a bunch of lies and confabulations, manipulate them, and then see how they played out, how much controversy he could generate. Well, we saw the game right from the start, Lan. You didn't fool anyone. And don't try to claim you did, and that this was some kind of social experiment. No, really, it was just a sad mess. And yes, get help for "Mike"; that is, if he really exists, if he exists at all like you portrayed him. Next time just start with the truth. That way you won't end up with your own big foot in your mouth.


We composed this email to Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO after the last show:
"The lady who wrote that article is in error, as Lamphere was in error, as the whole damn story was an error.
The origin of the confusion is Lamphere.
I will clarify on my blog very soon. I was unfortunately drawn in to this mess. He called all of us bloggers in the USA who were found on the BFRO site. The guy is a nut.
Lamphere hates all of us, the BF Community, especially Loren Coleman and the BFRO. He is grossly mistaken on so many fronts it is just incomprehensible that he isn't doing this only to garner attention for his show.
Lamphere rejected BFRO and other groups and individuals for absolutely no reason, and then mysteriously chose the FindBigfoot FaceBook guys and Sharon, Bigfoot Field Reporter."

We wrote this email to Sharon Lee, Bigfoot Field Reporter:

"The show was horrible. The host went mad live on the air. Slandered nearly everyone in the world of BF.... Sharon, watch out for snakes! Lan Lamphere slandered BFRO and everyone else, especially Loren, whom he called an "asshole" live on the air. Yeah, I was trying to get his goat. His show is not bad at all, and I love the Art Bell pastiche that he does. Will I be listening? Maybe. However, when someone hits a subject that is so familiar to one, and does so in an utterly unfair and irrational way, then one has to beg to differ. Whether he really lost it on air, or does that kind of thing just for building his image and audience, remains to be seen. I dealt with him sincerely, and have still no idea what his problem is with Bigfooters. He loves you while hating everyone else just about. WHY? You were critical of the story too, early on. Loren did nothing but publish what Chris Noel had posted on FaceBook, and had already appeared on GhostTheory. The BFRO tried to help, but he cut them out early on, and then unjustly bagged on them for absolutely no reason. He should be mad at Noel, if anyone, and Noel is a friend of his buddies over on FaceBook FindBigfoot, so go figure! Sharon, I would just say don't let him feed your ego, and just watch out, as it seems he is playing you against everyone else.
I just don't know about that guy's straightforwardness. I was on to him that very first day. I did give him a chance. He was hot on the trail of something else, something I must say had very little to do with actually wanting to find a family of dumpster diving Bigfoot living in a copse of trees under the freeway. Lan's game FROM THE START was to use, exploit, and then abuse the Bigfoot Community. That is so absolutely clear to me I can't even laugh at him any more.
Also, he used and exploited poor Mr. Mike, and then cried false crocodile tears about BF researchers who cared only for the BF glory, and nothing for Mike. Gimme a break. Devious exploitation by the media at its best... I mean, worst."

Sharon Lee wrote a piece encouraging Bigfoot folks to "open their minds."
The Ghost of Bigfoot and Mr. Mike

Here is the Cryptomundo post Loren Coleman wrote in response
Mr. Mike Melodrama: Critical Thinkers Are Not Close-Minded

Bigfoot Field Reporter retorted, pretty darn pissed off, in:
Don't Kill the Messenger
There was a post by her, either on her blog or on her FaceBook status, that displayed a link to a Wikipedia article on Critical Thinking, and she was accusing Loren Coleman of having simply cut-and-pasted from this into his Cryptomundo article. Now, unfortunately, we can't find it!!! Was it removed, too, along with som much else having to do with this crazy, silly story??? We ourselves will admit that the Coleman piece rang very strangely familiarly, reminding us of our early college Intro. to Philosophy textbook!

Sharon Lee's posts have since been taken down from Cryptomundo. We don't know yet whether she demanded it or if Loren did. Ah well. Folks, here is why you simply MUST save stuff you find on the WWW when you first see it, before it disappears down the Orwellian Memory Hole. Most of the stuff relating to the core of this story has been deleted or re-edited, save for that wisely immortalized by various bloggers. And thank the heavens for bloggers!

Ghost Theory's heroic Javier Ortega had a good aftermath piece, containing Sharon Lee's writing mentioned above, but also a lengthy comment from David Rodriguez on the problem of disruption of Habituation Scenarios by the incursion of Bigfoot researchers and all of their intrusive cameras and such:
“Backyard Bigfoot”: Final Verdict?"
Phantoms and Monsters did a great summary of these events, which we've just found, that contains a lot of stuff we have not put into this blog. The time sequence of events is well covered. Also, there are statements from Lamphere and other Comments that have since gone missing from the Overnight AM web sites. Check it out! A GREAT blog!
Bigfoot Found in North America? UPDATES

Read a great CHRIS NOEL INTERVIEW from Chris Kummer's German-English blog,

UPDATE: NOW, today, July 21st, the Overnight Am web site is down, under construction, and the Lan Lamphere radio page address is asking for a members-only log-in before it will even load. VERY STRANGE! STRANGE INDEED. THE MEMORY HOLE IN ACTION, EH, LAN???



Thank you all for your fine support on this crazy issue!
Responses on the Comments field of our last two blog entries have been very interesting, and at times overwhelming. Check it out. Read the comments at the bottom.

Image to left: A BFF Administrator training one of the site's "Attack Dogs" in the ways of The Forums. Below, a BFF moderators' rogues gallery.

Anyway, here is the PLAN. Not just a boycott. No. Rather, please encourage ALL those you know who are still on the Bigfoot Forums to go there, or if you are still on the BFF log on, and POST SOMETHING ON THE BFF about this issue. We need to get a large number of members to come OUT OF THE SHADOWS and stand up for sense and reason. We'd would bet that this could cause a major REVOLUTION on the site, as the dictatorial moderators and administrators would not be able to contain it.

This, of course, may involve a "suicide" of one's BFF membership, much like our own, but we do believe that it could have the power, and the beauty. We'd love to see it happen. And, if anyone gets booted off, why care? Let them come on over to the Sane Bigfoot Forums.

Any thoughts? Let us get started, eh? Spread the word! This will be part of my next blog entry, but that has been delayed massively by the flood of activity this issue has caused. Let's do it!

What GOOD will it do? Well, simply, we need to raise awareness that there is an ALTERNATIVE to that horrid, wretched den of iniquity and duplicity and cruelty.

Yes, there are alternatives; and we can disempower the BFF by diminishing their sense of exclusivity and privilege. This, in fact, we MUST do, if we do in fact care about Bigfooting as a field of study.

Look, here is what happens in HAPPY CAMP (north of Willow Creek) when the locals hear about "Bigfoot Researchers" being there: THEY RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN! We're not kidding. It happened to two guys we met with who were making a film about Bigfoot for an MA thesis project. They were actually followed around by a big white truck full of thuggish looking guys, who even followed them into the parking lot of their rented cabin, and then trailed them out of town when they left. Biscardi residue, surely, but the same thing can happen to witnesses and potentially helpful novices to the field. We surely don't want that to happen. 
All that will then be left in the BF field will be the most vociferous and tenacious hate-mongers and nutcases. Should the sensible ones hide away afraid to speak out? NO. Here's to sane discussion and debate! Here's to a resolution of our Inquiry! Here's to our friend, BIGFOOT; and all-too-human manias be damned.

We encourage all remaining BFF members who may have encountered censorship and unfairness on the site to SPEAK UP, ACT UP, do something ON the BFF. Do so within the posting guidelines if you wish. See if it STILL gets you banned. Be willing to sacrifice your status or membership there in the name of the CAUSE OF TRUTH. We encourage you all to have balls, or whatever other form of fortitude, and to take a stand for sane and fair discourse within the Bigfooting world.

Red Rat Snake, defecting BFF moderator comments:
"I have decided that i just can't stomach this any longer so i am going to call it quits now and leave."
"Well i think it is time to move on and say good bye to the BF community, is has been fun at times but i had lost my interest ~ so it's time to say SO LONG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tim :)"

From the above we wish to EXCLUDE two cool BFF moderators we have had interactions with. First, Tugboatwa, Mr. Reidel, who came in to our shop today for a nice, brief interaction. He bought a copy of Christopher Murphy's BIGFOOT FILM JOURNAL. Thanks for supporting Bigfoot capitalism and keeping a small, independent bookstore going under very averse economic circumstances! Tugboatwa's theory of moderation on the BFF: "Just don't do anything." Great! Also, we'd like to mention Bipedalist, who is a sane, rational and friendly guy. See, there ARE good folks on the BFF! NOW is the time for them and all the others to stand up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM.


"Why in fact should one tell the truth? What obliges us to do it? And why do we consider telling the truth to be a virtue? Imagine that you meet a madman, who claims that he is a fish and that we are all fish. Are you going to argue with him? Are you going to undress in front of him and show him that you don't have fins? Are you going to say to his face what you think?...If you told him the whole truth and nothing but the truth, only what you thought, you would enter into a serious conversation with a madman and you yourself would become mad. And it is the same way with the world that surrounds us. If I obstinately told the truth to its face, it would mean that I was taking it seriously. And to take seriously something so unserious means to lose all one's own seriousness. I have to lie, if I don't want to take madmen seriously and become a madman myself." 
— Milan Kundera (Laughable Loves).


SATIRE  [sat-ahyuhr]; noun
1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.



Well, those anonymous jokers over at THE BIGFOOTERY ENQUIRER blog have noticed us here at Bigfoot's bLog. And yes, we did get a little chuckle out of it, especially when the wording of the segment was almost exactly the same baseless criticism hurled at us on the BFF by RedWolf, BlackDog and others (Could This Be a CLUE?): that we are supposedly a greedy bookmonger site, a shameless self-promoter, etc. Well, those of us sane people living in reality know that the world is not that simple. We actually lose money on Bigfoot, so there! And no, other than seeking to network and spread the Good Word, we are not promoting ourselves. (That would be me, Steven Streufert; but those of you literate ones already know the proper use of the "Editorial We.")  Here is their clever wittiness, including a mis-spelling of "boycott" and an ignoramus' misuse of the apostrophe "S" as a plural:

We think, rather, that it takes guts to blog as an actual individual, rather than hiding behind some anonymous screen name or lettered organization.  We could have blogged anonymously, but to us it is an issue of personal accountability, and standing behind our own ideas. People can then come after us as "self-promoting," but they are missing the whole point. Plus, by having our name and store contacts out there we encounter a large variety of BF researchers and witnesses. Hence, we actually have something to write and think about besides vile gossip. And, if anyone wants to debate or challenge us in any way, they know how to find us; and we are open to it.

After they "made the Bigfoot Field Reporter cry," by saying really mean things, we knew that what was really in the hearts of the Bigfootery Enquirer gossip mongers was more evil than good humor. We need to OUT them. If only for the fun of it. We already have leads and clues. Multiple sources. At least three members are with good probability known at this point, maybe a fourth. Linguistic analyses and other methods are being employed. Proof will be forthcoming.

If you could inquire with all of your contacts out there this can surely be accomplished. Leads may be emailed to us at this blog anonymously, or posted in the Comments section below.





Well, then, go to LENNY GREEN's BIGFOOT SONG web site.

You can listen to an amazing Johnny Cash-like voice going folk and country Bigfoot originals. Songs include
"Piney Woods Wildman,"
"Patti, Roger and Me,"
"Valley of the Skookum,"
"Keeper of the Mountain," and
"The Mountain is Mine."


Mr. Green provided his entertaining musical Squatching during intermissions at the recent Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. Unfortunately, many of the attendees were outside grabbing lunch or dinner. What we heard sounded great, but now you can listen to all the songs for free online. Never forget the power of music to tame the savage Bigfooter.



Me so angry about be angry me think me be hippie now. Me "Forest Brother." Peace, hu-man. Me off to Reggae on River. Me already have dreadlock, and don't need no patchouli.

This blog is copyright 2010 by Bigfoot Books and Steven Streufert. Some images in this blog post are used as SATIRE, and are presented for SATIRICAL AND HUMOROUS PURPOSES. No claims of actual fascism or communism are really being made here! The views herein are solely those of the mysterious source of these writings, and have no actual connection with any group, like the BFRO or the Search For Bigfoot Forum, that we are in any way affiliated with, and should not at all be considered as representative of those groups and their founders or members. We are our own voice, howling in the wilderness of free speech, and want to keep it that way, and want you to know it. Images and text may be quoted and borrowed with citation, acknowledgment, and a link to this blog, along with gifts of beer and fine tobacco. Thanks in advance!


  1. keep on howling steve!!! you are right on about the bff and some of its holier-than-thou ignorant mods. i hear there is a big shakeup about to go down at the bff. one can only hope. that place is ridiculous! bobo

  2. Hi

    Lan Lamphere is a pathological liar and thief. Nothing associated with that man can be trusted. He has a history of stealing from all those who come in contact with him, including family and friends.

    Those who speculated that his BF story was a stunt are correct. No evidence has been presented by him of any "PI" or photos for his upcoming magazine. No evidence will ever be produced.

    See LL reviews as a "wedding photographer." He has an extensive history with the Norman OK PD. Call the detective division captain to verify. I believe Bill Birnes has distanced himself as a result.

  3. Please NOTE: The comment above is not necessarily that of the writer of this blog. It is from an anonymous commentator. We do not know if the accusations therein are true or proven, and they may just be hearsay. We say, think for yourself, look into it if you want, and know the truth.

  4. We investigated the Mr. Mike story after contact with Lan. Mike is a nice man with Night Blindness and an active imagination. He is very lonely and there are absolutely is no way there could be a Sasquatch, much less ten in his backyard.

    He started to cry when he realized he was seeing things. He needs medical attention and not to be exploited by a talk show host for ratings.


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