Friday, January 9, 2009

BIGFOOT'S bLOG Blogged by Cultural Elite!

High-brow blogger JZOG recently blogged our blog on his CORKSCREW, at , the story here: .

He also did an expose on the shop a while back, with some photos of the BIGFOOT BOOKS store in a much more organized, earlier state. Find Feb. 28, 2006 here:

Blogger JZOG also reveals here his cryptic connections with the mysterious Church of Bigfoot, Scientist (at least as their artistic spokesman). One of Bigfoot's revolutionary missives bearing a JZOG image may be found in printable and site-editable state here: . The text of the Message...
Attention Humans of Arcata!
As I sit here meditating high atop the giant ancient redwood that I call The Big Kahuna, my thoughts turn to the lame pretenders to my mode of true wildness here in Arcata. (Not all tree sitters have cute hippie names and a P.R. machine--on the other hand you'll get no annoying new age homilies from me either). My righteous beastly rage has been choked back long enough, and its time that a few things were made clear. My anger this time is not directed at what might be expected my natural enemies-the clear cutting megacorps that threaten my (and by extension all) existence. Yes the Maxxams of the world deserve our bitter scorn. But there are other more subtle enemies closer to home. My annoyance is directed at the ragamuffin dreadlocked white people that threaten to turn true wildness and resistance into a lifestyle cliché. These people dilute the impact of my actual mission to convince mankind that they're on the road to complete collapse. Stupid, silly and stoned is not a revolutionary stance, and those that would truly follow the Bigfoot path of restraining rogue capitalism must prove themselves worthy. (Please can the lame folk music too-Bigfoot is strictly a bebop man). As that great philosopher Kermit the Frog once sang, "it's not easy to be green." Especially when some of your fellow greens are half conscious knee jerk trustafarians who try to cop my unique style with not nearly the panache with which I carry myself. Hairiness and the reek of patchouli are no match for the authentic virile musky presence of yours truly. I am the ORIGINAL WILDMAN-accept no substitutes. Those who would deign to follow in my footsteps without my soulful intensity and intelligence beware of my terrible wrath!!! You have been warned,
Bigfoot (the creature formerly known as Rugaru)

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