Monday, August 29, 2011

ANGRY BIGFOOT. Me Say Me Write Blog Now!

August 29th 2011.


Call me Angry Bigfoot. But he more angry. Hu-man, "Steven Streufert," not write blog any more. ME write it now. Me took over. He go off in woods and howl, me stole his password and sit at computer desk. He say he sick of it and leave. He stomp foot and leave footprint in grass and dirt. Me not know if he come back. Me think he go be Bigfoot, like me. But he have no fur for winter, so who know how long he last? Not long, if me know hu-mans. On computer me find words he write and leave behind. Me learn to copy-paste, and here it be for you to see....

EGADS. Sometimes I wonder: WHY DO I EVEN DO THIS ANYMORE? I mean, where is the reward? Who is paying me to do this? What do I get from it? Why should I do it when all I get for it is a load of hassles and hyper-defensive attacks from trolls, as well as other more disturbing threats, hoaxes, blobsquatches and jokers every damn day? I have received threats of death and violence, harassment, snooping from spies and enemy factions, and threatened lawsuits... over Bigfoot. It's BIGFOOT, folks, not religion or politics! What does one do when a fun little hobby and curiosity turns into something really quite sinister and disturbing? Someone out there please do tell me... WHY? Give me at least one good, redeeming reason, please! Otherwise, seriously folks, I'm defecting to UFOlogy.
I cannot really laugh anymore at slander, gossip, rivalries, threats, cryptic notes passed under my door, bizarre phone messages, anonymous spying emails and Facebook creeps, accusations of libel when I have only spoken philosophically or critically about ideas, legal threats in general, macho repressive dicks who find books and intellectual pursuits "gay" or whatever, paranoid conspiracy theories, ignoramuses who could not think their way out of a paper grocery sack, people who function with irrationality first and for whom reason is seen as regressive, etc. etc. etc. And ah, the all-too-human ingratitude, the lack of respect and civility!
I am done doing things the way I've been doing them. 
The blog will change into something else, and it will seek a type of justice for all of this stupid misery I've had to deal with, by being above it all, and tearing down the mountains of universal human bullshite.

OK. Me Bigfoot. Me say WORD, me post this, me signing off.
Bye, Hu-mans.
Try to find me. You won't.


PS--Me go back to read book now. Here, you too do it:
by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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