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Happy New Year to All!

Things have been running richly and deeply here at Bigfoot Books these days. We have been made into a cartoon character, appearing with Bigfoot in an online animation, among other things. More on that stuff later, but first we need to announce that Yours Truly will be on the online BlogTalk Radio show run by Abe Del Rio and his Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team (MNBRT) this Monday. Also appearing on the conference call will be our research partners Ian and Robert Leiterman.That's Monday January 3rd, at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, so adjust for your time zone. Don't miss it; but if you do there will be an archived podcast available to stream or download. We'd appreciate your live listening, and questions, chat or call-in comments.

Get information about the show HERE, or use this same link to listen live or access the archives.
Or copy and past this:

See below. These are a collection of images that pertain to issues we will be discussing. They are the background images we used this summer when investigating during our
If you haven't already, use the link above to access BFRO-VIDEOS' channel on YouTube, then click in the "Uploads" section and "See All."
There are links up near the top left of this blog, too, where you can watch the videos right here on this site. So far there are 30 videos in the series, with more coming up!

"The MN.B.R.T. Is The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team, A Group Of People & Friends That Go Out In To The Fields & Wilderness To Bring Proof To The World & Others In Hope To Help Protect These Wonderful & Mysterious Creatures That God Has Made, We Have Been Doing Research Starting In 2000 & We Will Be Doing It As Long As We Can, Thank You For Viewing Us Here & Don't For Get To Check Out Our Myspace Page, Thx. Elusive1"

COMING UP NEXT WEEKEND: We'll also be on the BIGFOOT FIELD REPORTER with Sharon Lee. We'll discuss Bluff Creek and many more issues on that show. Tune in, it's a comeback show after a long broadcasting hiatus for Sharon.

during the MNBRT Radio show. For REFERENCE/RESEARCH Only.
The Rene Dahinden Film Site Photo, 1972 (disputably 1971).
The John Green Photo, showing Jim McClarin, summer 1968.
Peter Byrne Photo, 1972, showing Al Hodgson's son. Hodgson's copy.
Byrne did not want us to post the full original photo.
Rene Dahinden "Aerial" Image, 1971 (possibly 1972)
Frame 352 PGF, Showing Autumnal Seasonal Foliage Coloration
Roger Patterson, Bluff Creek, Right Before the Filming, Bluff Creek
Showing Red Vine Maple Foliage
Bob Gimlin, Bluff Creek, First Film Roll, Showing Autumal Colors
and a Clear View of the Old Bluff Creek Road Creekside.
The Various Proposed PGF Site Locations
One Possible Location, One of the Best By Our Estimation
A Rough Approximation of One Location to the "Aerial" Shot
Cliff Barackman's Location, after Gimlin, as Told to Bobo
Daniel Perez' Clarification of the Exact Dahinden Spot.
Upper Central Bluff Creek Basin, with PGF General Consensus Site
Right above the O, N and A.
Richard Henry's Sketch of the PGF Site,
Courtesy of Daniel Perez, BIGFOOT TIMES
Map from Barbara Wasson's Book
Click to Enlarge and View.
A Page from Grover Krantz' Book, Showing
the Titmus Sketch and Measured Distances.
Click to Enlarge and View.
PGF Site Dimensions, Internal
From Bayanov's Book, We Think
PGF Measurements to External Points.
Image by Christopher Murphy.
PGF Measurements to Internal Points.
Image by Christopher Murphy.
Image from Perez' BIGFOOT AT BLUFF CREEK, showing the PGF Site
According to Rene Dahinden's Mark on the Map.

Big Tree Cluster. This could be just to the right of
the Creature in 352. Photo by Steven Streufert, 2010.
Current Gravel Bar. This best matched the Dahinden "Aerial" Photo.
Note the Big Trees in the background. Imagine the film starting here.
Photo by Steven Streufert, 2009.
Gravel Bar Detail, Dahinden Photo.
Big Trees Detail. Could this be the cluster we found?
A HUGE THANK YOU GOES OUT TO ALL THE BIGFOOT RESEARCHERS WHO HAVE AIDED US IN THIS QUEST!!! Daniel Perez, Al Hodgson, Jay Rowland, Christopher Murphy, John Green, Peter Byrne, Cliff Barackman, James Bobo Fay, Larry  Lund, Thomas Steenburg, Bill Miller, Bobbie Short, Sean Fries, Jim McClarin, and several others who wish to remain... "Anonymous." MK Davis helped a little, too. A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Tom Yamarone and Scott McClean, who first went with me to the site. Thanks to the BFRO for hosting the videos, and for being basically my first connection into the wider social world of Bigfooting.
Film site images are used for research purposes only, and are here being used as such, with credit to their original photographers or authors. This blog is copyrighted, 2011 Bigfoot Books, aside from such research materials presented, though you may borrow and quote if full citation is given, preferably with notice to us and a kindly link to this blog. Thanks!


  1. Steven,

    Nice research and great pictures. While the PG film wasn't that long ago, look how much has already been lost. (exact documentation of site) As a Child, my first exposure to Biggie was at the Capitol Theatre, a documentary of sorts. It was the 70's.

    How about all that snow and rain the West Coast has been getting hammered with?!!It might provide some excellent opportunities for a siting, or to see snow tracks. Of course, it has to impact the Bigfoot hard as to food resources. Perhaps Gift a little, and you may get to see one.

    I am now in Southeast Wisconsin, but there are local woods and I always keep my eyes open. I spent some time in Osseo Wisconsin, Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota border area, where many Bigfoot sightings were made. Beautiful area, low human population, lots of good habitat. No personal sightings, but I sometimes had the feeling of being watched. It is a very hilly region, with many Amish farms. I did much bicycle riding there, and one day went by the local Amish schoolhouse while the Children were outside playing. They were amazed at the sight of the Bicycle, ran to the fence and were pointing and laughing. They had never seen a bicycle before! (I was in the Sticks!) So, as Biggie would have been to me, a bicycle was to them. The Amish don't mix too much with "modernized" humans, so I couldn't help but wonder, given the remoteness and wildness of the area, if they were familiar with Biggie. My bicycle would appear to them as an unnatural part of the World, while to me a sighting of Biggie would appear "unnatural", or really unexpected. How far us "civilized" folks are really removed from nature.

    Enjoy the Winter! Good luck Squatching. I enjoy your blog, as always...


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