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Nine-Year-Old Rediscovers BLUFF CREEK P-G FILM SITE. Bigfoot Footage Turns 44; BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT Updates

Denali on the upper sandbar, PGF General Consensus Site, with the big
trees behind her obscured in foliage.

Denali, a real trooper, did what many a grown-up would not do. She slogged her way down the last mile or so on the now-closed 12N13H on foot, reaching the bottom of the canyon where Bluff Creek flows. Proceeding through thick forest, over downed trees, through thick brush and nettles, into and out of mud bogs, we came to the area where it is generally accepted that Bigfoot was filmed 44 years ago today by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin.
Hoof prints of a certain famous Bigfooting fellow's horse.
Bluff Creek film site area road, 12N13H. We followed these
on the hill above the site.

Not only is she perhaps the youngest Bigfooter on record to reach the film site area, we now have reason to believe that it is the CORRECT site, and not just someone's wild and unfounded theory. Based upon our studies of four years now, as well as on recent developments in the research of Bill Munns, and Bob Gimlin's reconfirmation of the location of the first sighting of the creature, we have now come to the point where we feel pretty darn confident that we can prove the location on-site. We have the big trees. We have the old stumps seen in the film still there in the ground. We have the correct layout of the creek. We have, therefore, only one area that we can lay out the track-way of the film's subject in that fairly narrow creekside sandbar. All we have to do now is measure it out... and we'll be doing that tomorrow. For now, see below for some film site diagrams, as well as Denali's film site quest, wherein she saw what adult eyes have lost track of and not been able to pinpoint for over two decades.
Here are some landmark spots of the PGF area with photos.
The larger photo to lower left is the site in 1971 or '72. We believe
now that it is to be found in the white part in the upper right
Lower sandbar area. Victory!
In the "Big Bend" or "gulch.
Root balls as big as a room. In the gulch.
Heading upstream to the "rounded gravel bar." Big trees are in a direct
line far back behind Denali. 
Just downstream from the first sighting spot identified by Bob Gimlin.
Just below the "Dahinden X," also identified by Gimlin as the spot.
Nearing the end of the film site sandbar area, big trees to left off frame,
the "bowling alley" just ahead.
Start of the bowling alley. Denali Art of Sasquatch painted with
water on rock at bottom.
BIG TREES! Upper sandbar, among the trees seen in the film background.
We're here!

Heading back downstream, through the Bluff Creek jungle.
Heading back up the incredibly steep hill.
Screen capture from the FINDING BIGFOOT promotional trailer online.
Here we see Cliff Barackman (Patterson) filming James Bobo Fay (Bigfoot)
at the spot where Bob Gimlin has indicated they first saw and started filming
the creature in the famous film. Here Bobo is walking on the gravel bar, for
better filming, rather than up on the sandbar behind where he really should be.
Here, in another screen capture from the promo trailer, we see the cast of
FINDING BIGFOOT standing with BOB GIMLIN on the site Bob identified
as the correct sighting zone, right next to Bluff Creek. Cliff starts to film here.
Here is Bill Munns' digital recreation of the PGF site, which he made based
solely upon data contained within the film itself. Despite the limited view of
the camera in the film, it is utterly uncanny how well this illustration matches
with the real area of the creek where Bob Gimlin identified the first sighting
spot. It depicts the upper sandbar nearly perfectly. Blue dots are Patterson's
track,  the red ones are representative of Patty.
Screen capture from the Munns YouTube page.
Here again, for your reference, is a diagram we made based upon a model
that MK Davis set up. We corrected his perspective lines as found above.
Bill Munns confirmed these as correct. Note how the film was shot
diagonally across the sandbar, and the "big tree" is actually way to the right.
For a very long time now the above is how we have been
seeing the PGF site, as if it were a box oriented top-down,
from north to south, involving straight lines. The new view,
however, reflects a dynamic and shifting camera position, and
the motion of both subject and photographer to view
diagonally across the sandbar. People looking for the image
above would never find it on the ground, in real life. In great
measure, this desire to graph out the film dimensions has
contributed to the loss of knowledge of the site, on site.
So folks, stay tuned here for new developments from our last trip this year to Bluff Creek. Watch for a new series of Bluff Creek Film Site Project videos on YouTube coming your way soon. Also, tune in to FINDING BIGFOOT on Animal Planet, October 30th. It is their special two-hour "Birth of a Legend" episode, filmed here in the Willow Creek area. I'm told that Yours Truly appears in the final edit. Hopefully they didn't edit it to make me look like a goofball... or maybe I just am a goof? Well, tune in for that. See ya.

* View the FINDING BIGFOOT trailer HERE,
   with details on the episode HERE.
* View the BILL MUNNS video HERE on YouTube.
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  1. that is going to be a great show on animal plannet channel,please watch the new finding bigfoot,and find out what happens when they are up in bluff creek.i am sure that bigfoot will be showing up.

  2. Hello,

    This very site presented clear evidence of P\G film being a hoax, even then there is now a BigTeam investigating the site..LOL


  3. Anonymous 2, above... it is rather silly of you to say that and not only not specify your name, but also not specify ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR. What exactly ARE you talking about? My blog has not presented the PGF as a hoax; neither, frankly, have I even tried to defend it. We have been investigating the history of Bluff Creek, which we hope consists of objective facts and real locations, one way or another. Three guys up in the hills hardly constitutes a "Big Team," so really, I have NO IDEA what you are even trying to mean here. LOL, indeed.


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