Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dark Harvest Radio Appearance by Steven Streufert

News Flash, August 21st, 2012

Yesterday I did yet another "radio" appearance for the Dark Harvest Radio Program with Dan Marro show. It was two hours of what I'd like to think of as scintillating and fascinating talk about Bigfoot. If you missed it you may find it in their Archives section, and it is Episode Seven, 8/20/2012.

"TONIGHT on DARK HARVEST - Dan welcomes Bigfoot and Cryptid expert Steven Streufert! Be a part of the show, chat or call in! "LIVE" from 7-9pm (EDT)"


LISTEN HERE: http://www.globalradioalliance.com/gra-show-archives/dark-harvest-archives/ [Scroll to EPISODE SEVEN]

THE SHOW PAGE: http://www.globalradioalliance.com/gra-shows/the-dark-harvest-radio-show/

Here is Dan Marro's page:
or follow the show on Facebook:

The Dark Harvest Radio Program
"Join Dan Marro as the Dark Harvest Radio Program broadcasts live Monday nights from 7pm-9pm(EST) on Global Radio Alliance The Dark Harvest Radio Program is designed to be a forum for those who have a curiosity for the unknown. From conspiracies and cover-ups to ghosts and other dimensions, The Dark Harvest Radio Program will address all topics that fascinate us about this mysterious universe of ours. You can even talk LIVE during the show by joining us at the GRA Live Interactive Chat"

"Visit the Dark Harvest Radio Show Archives to listen to any of the past live shows. You can also visit the Dark Harvest Facebook Page or you can get more information about Dan Marro by visiting his webpage at DanMarro.com"

The show is part of the Global Radio Alliance...

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