Friday, September 3, 2010

NEWS FLASH: Willow Creek's BIGFOOT DAYS, 2010. "Bigfoot's Nifty Fifty" Anniversary

This weekend...

Willow Creek's BIGFOOT DAYS
 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this Labor Day weekend. The theme this year is 
“Bigfoot's Nifty Fifty: 50 Years of Bigfoot.” 
That makes Bigfoot Days nearly as old as the 1958 Jerry Crew footprint cast newspaper article that made Bluff Creek, Willow Creek, and BIGFOOT world famous. The parade starts in the morning a bit after 10:00, and then the festivities move down to Veterans' Park for the afternoon, with vendor booths, music, food, and sometimes even Al Hodgson.

Read a brief article from the Tri-City Weekly:

Bigfoot Days Festivities Mark 50 Years in Willow Creek

They are adding a bunch of new activities this year, though perhaps not more Bigfoot stuff. Word has it there is going to be a firemen's muster and competition, just like in the old days before insurance liability problems.

We quote: "There will be lawn mower races, water slides, water balloon fights, a horseshoe contest, a logging competition and an obstacle course. A dance at Veteran's hall will end Saturday's festivities. Sunday morning, a disc golf tournament will take place at Creekside Park. For more information about Bigfoot Days, contact Trina Cardoza at (530) 625-4208 ext. 481." 

Visit the WILLOW CREEK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE for more information on visiting Willow Creek. READ MORE HERE.

Your loyal BIGFOOT'S BLOG reporter will be there, camera batteries permitting, documenting the event just for you.

Images: Bigfoot Days 2009, taken by Steven Streufert. Top image is courtesy of the WCK Chamber of Commerce.

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