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BFF R.I.P.? BIGFOOT FORUMS CLOSED. Outing Its Former Controllers, and What Is a JIMITE? plus... A BIGFOOT POEM

BIGFOOT'S BLOG, Mid-August 2010 Edition

Well, here we go again! Another round of big, crazy Bigfoot news. It's been a full two years since the "Georgia Gorilla" Bigfoot Body Hoax. We'll cover that fiasco next time around. See below or a brief update and some assigned reading on Mr. Biscardi.

Image: What is wrong with this picture?

The BFF may be closing forever. Even though the former tyrant, "Teresa," was deposed, along with henchwoman "JayleeD," most of the old fixtures like "Blackdog" and "Bittermonk" still remained in place, and were still causing the same old problems of favoritism, back-biting, attack dog-ism, etc. We didn't really monitor this, as we don't go to the site much at all since we were  banned from it for no good reason. However, we have received constant helpful information from the fine folks over at the "BFFA" (Bigfoot Forums Anonymous), erstwhile known as the SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT FORUM. Thanks to all of you, for the information and support! Read on for more, plus some background information on the "Jimite" faction that has caused so much trouble from within the Bigfoot Community, much like a nasty virus, or leprosy, eating away at the health and productivity of the field itself, slowly diminishing its effectiveness. You may be amazed at how many of the same names run through most of the most troubling conflicts in Bigfooting in the last decade or so.

We have two BFF-related reports below, plus a poem, News, and a new Bigfoot toy. Read onward...

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Here is a poem we recently found in the massive files of paper here in our bookshop. We wrote this late one night after awakening from a bizarre dream. We present it here as we found it, unrevised, in rough draft form. It could be trimmed down from four pages to one, but we kind of like it this way in its raw form.


Bespoken of by wild wood, feared,
 beloved of wolf, eagle and bear,
Bearing in him the ghost
 of the lost grizzly shadow,
Of condor, and incomprehensibly tall
 suggesting a thousand-yeared history
Beyond recollection even of those
 small men who first crossed over
The bridge of land and ice after him
 crossing continents, spanning vague water
Lands frozen, indistinguished, and also disdaining
 the pale white ones following, and their oil slicked,
Blackened world of roads, ashed stumps,
 denuded and gated, raped piles
Upon blasted towering monuments
 to false comic book televised gods.
He hates this, and you, if you believe it,
 but he loves what is left of what is
 still good in your blood.

His foot shakes beneath all
 other animals, quavers the hearts
Of beasts and men, boasts of strength
 allied with two thousand year trunks
Redwood, and fir forests, of which his
 is the beating conscious heart.
In the sand, rarely, a mark;
 there is so little seen, blending
With brown and shadow and stone
 he moves merged with myriad forms.
His scat is rapidly eagen again as holy.
You will not see him, his bones vanish
 into mulch, no fossil contains his
Vast form, as upon rock, through
 rivulets and over log and rip rap
He ponders invisibility and watchs
 you from beyond camp fire and villages.
Only his teeth, a jawbone, maybe, remain.
Unseen, unknown, older than the fields
 that were ripped away to geologic
Foundations torn and shucked aside
 to form what now are called mountains,
Yosemite, or temporary bases for cities.

If  fortune lapses and you catch
 a fleeting image it will not be
His, but yours, a reflection of a child's
 Boogeyman, a beast of tabloid fame,
A fear magnified by distance and
 tortured separation, solitude,
Among all that prosper and thrive
He eats and breathes vast quantities
 of that freedom unfelt, unbelievable;
Outside, in cold uncaring of it, through flood
 and snow, uncivilized, bearing across
Years and remembering more than knowing,
 this thing has been here a million years.
At least, look up, see sun burning; look
 down, feel roots burrow and wrack, touch
Fire, ash, deep compost of all that lived;
 you won't come close, but at least have
Tried to approximate to the impossible.

There is more than your scheduled dreams
 metered days, accruing debt to ignorance;
His stride courses decades, levels all
 into undeluded, timeless, mortal deeds.
Eat, inhale, drink, lift yourself
 into the sun while it is here.
Nothing lasts; but this adaptable,
 strongly struck footprint, though
In sand or mud, has beaten across
 all of human memory, song, and legend.
It has been and watched and known,
 and now strikes out beyond to outlast.
Stands and sees beyond, through;
 you see him not from your passing car window.
He eats your pale illusion of freedom
 like a tidbit, and moves down the steep hill bracken
 for more.

-- Steven Streufert, circa 2008, found in the piles and files


BFF R.I.P.???
Founder BRIAN BROWN, "BIPTO," Rejoins, Sees the Problems, Closes Site

Despite our recent protestations, we find this news saddening... Is the BFF DEAD?

We perhaps played a bit of a David to Goliath role here (or rather, more like the straw that broke the camel's back!)... perhaps; but we hope that the site may be preserved somehow, if not as an active discussion forum, then perhaps as a permanent archive of great information. When founder Brian Brown was here in our shop he did not seem at all angry with us over our criticisms made on this blog, and seemed to chuckle a bit at our satirical images presented here. He seemed, indeed, to know just what we were talking about it. Changes were going to be made, he said. Well, we didn't exactly expect what we found in our inbox this morning, and it is not what we had hoped would happen. Apparently, the problems just seemed too vast, too deeply ingrained, and the factions too entrenched, for any real change to occur? Or perhaps it would have taken full-time super-human powers of administration to effect any real change?

This today from "Bipto," Brian Brown, the Bigfoot Forums' founder:

"Also, as you all know, I have recently "returned" to the forum. This was a mistake. I wasn't happy with what had happened to the forum's reputation and thought I had a solution that would have put the site on a firm footing for the future. That may all still happen, but I don't know when. Bottom line is my personal and professional obligations do not, at this time, allow me to give this site the attention it requires. Also, I have no idea to whom I can give the forum. Honestly, I don't know if I *want* to give the forum to anyone. The fate of the BFF is tied to me in a way it isn't with anyone else. I have come to the difficult conclusion that best course of action for me to take is to put the forum on a hiatus during which no posting will be allowed. For all intents and purposes, the BFF is closed until further notice. I will leave the site up as long as I am able. All the content will be visible, but posting and new registration will be suspended. There was a time when the BFF was necessary. I believe that time has passed. When a redwood tree falls, thousands of little ones sprout on its stump to take its place. It's time for whatever comes after the BFF to sprout."

Yes, there are OTHER forums out there, and Bigfoot discussion will not end on the internet. One thing we can say, though, is that it is good to see the former oligarchic tyrants of the BFF, those who took over after Brian Brown and Paul Vella left their roles as Chief Administrators, brought down from their haughty perches. They can all go and seek refuge where they belong: OVER ON THE JREF FORUMS! We do sincerely hope, though, that someone with the time, ambition, and broad-mindedness might be found to revive and host the BFF in the future. Recent rumors that Brian Brown was going to hand over the BFF to the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR) have proven to be unfounded, as confirmed to us personally by AIBR co-founder Kathy Moskowitz Strain. 

Almost all former Administrators have been demoted to Moderator status on the BFF, save for Brian himself and the other good and fair guy, "Tugboatwa." This hopefully will prevent any malicious changes being made to the site while it sits in hiatus limbo.

Read below for more background on just whom these former BFF usurpers are, and their history of running conspiratorial coups d'etat from within Bigfoot organizations. Oh, what fun!

And no, BFF "Parnassus," this is not a case of "the cheese had fallen off his cracker." Those Nazi and Commie images were meant as JOKES. It is called "SATIRE," fool! You say, "I guess he's just playing for attention/hits. Reminds me of Glenn Beck." Well, that is rich. But yes, it WAS propaganda. We WERE trying to get the information out to the largest possible group. Sometimes exaggeration just plain WORKS. See? Sometimes one has to destroy to rebuild. Sometimes one just needs to clear the crap out of one's pathway. The pieces below were written before today's closure announcement, but we'll just post them as is.


A Preliminary Overview of the Culprits and Oligarchs

Image: from the excellent "The Jimite Chronicles" web site. Link Below!

NOTE: This part of the blog contains quotations from others in the know and from two web sites in particular. It is offered for the information of those who may have encountered problems on the BFF or in Bigfoot organizations in the past. It is not meant as having any implication opon the personal lives of any of the people mentioned, but rather refers to their ONLINE BEHAVIOR within the Bigfooting Community. Take what you find below with a few grains of salt.

Who are all of these administrators and moderators on the Bigfoot Fourms (BFF) that we had such problems with? Hiding being anonymous user names like "RedWolf," "BlackDog," and "MasterBarber," they thought they could exercise total control of others while running rampant in violation of Forums rules themselves. After founder Brian Brown, and then subsequent Chief Administrator, Paul Vella, left, the site was taken over by a group that operates in the shadows, moving through organizations in the background, and making their opinions and power grabs known under pseudonyms like those above. They and their friends and cronies eventually came to control the site, up until the recent return of its founder. A stink was raised by many disaffected and banned members, such as ourselves and other members of the Search for Bigfoot Forum (SFBF), and a threatened boycott has apparently accellerated the process of change. Efforts are being made now to clear up this mess, and "Teresa" and "JayleeD," two notorious "dictatorial" BFF operators, have been deposed from positions of power (yes, they "resigned," but we all know how that works when someone is given the opportunity to fall on their own sword). We are hoping a full clearing of the house will occur.

BUT, you might ask, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? And why should it matter? We hate anonymity, and believe in ethical accoutability and respect in discourse. So, we are going to "out" them to the extent that we may. Our involvement in the BFF Boycott Movement (call it what you want!) led us to a secretive, ulterior world of black operators, a veritable Illuminati-Bilderberg Group Conspiracy of Bigfooting. It goes back, in large measure, to the "Jimite" Jihad movement. WTF, BFF? We hear you asking....

A brief snippet quoted from the SFBF:
"jimite legacy:
* they ruined the bfro and left
* they ruined the aibr and left
* they are currently infesting the bff as its leadership"

Yes, it may seem odd, but many of those who led the post-Kentucky-video defection/expulsion of curators from the BFRO, and then tried to pull a coup d'etat of the AIBR (Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers), were the VERY SAME PEOPLE who eventually came to rest as dictators and Head Trolls on the BFF. Much of the controversy on the BFF started when connections of these cronies to the Michigan Recording Project (MRP) became manifest in a cover-up of questioning about that project and its results. The Forums administration was actively practicing censorship, and reading ostensibly private PMs (Personal Messages) sent by members of the Forums. Eventually, full scale "slander and libel" were the result, and personal recriminations and vendettas came to dominate the discourse. We, living out in the middle of nowhere in Willow Creek, were largely unaware of these problems. We may live in the heart of "Bigfoot Country," or the "Bigfoot Capital of the World," but we did not involve ourselves deeply in these all-too-human alliances and secret societies operating at the core of Bigfooting on the interent and in the various BF orgs. We just did our own research, and used the Forums to notify folks about our blog. We had been warned. Perhaps we should have stayed away? In the end we stepped in a big pile of doggie doo-doo, left by all the "dogs" on the BFF, "RedWolf" and the lot. Luckily, we have a fresh new pair of Converse high-tops and are heading off in new directions. Let this  be our last commentary on the BFF situation. Let's run down the list of folks and find out who they all are, if we may.

Here are two great links for readers to refer to now, or after the list below. These are both apparently anonymous blogs/web sties run by folks in the know. They have obviously had interactions with these BFF/Jimite factions in the past, and we are trusting that the sites are factual, though very satirical, and not made up of evidence fabricated in any way. Check them out!

Here is the Rogues Gallery...
The Rogue's Gallery: Know your Jimites and Their Whacky Pals

NOTE: UPDATE, Aug. 22nd--This page has mysteriously vanished from the internet! Check the link to see if it is still up. Maybe their server has crashed due to too many hits?

...from the fine site, The Jimite Chronicles: The Arrogance, the Hypocrisy, the Hoax..
Be sure to pursue all of the links found on the left side to view all of their sub-pages. Notice the major overlap with the BFF Oligarchical Controllers? "T" obviously is "Teresa" Hall. The "Jim" of "Jimites is Jim Flowers, along with Stacey Flowers, or "Missus Jim," below. "PaulUK" is clearly Paul Vella, onetime Chief Administrator. For "RedWolf," see below. Right now we are not fully sure just whom we think "BlackDog" and "MasterBarber," two of our own antagonists, are. 

Some of these statements may be a little dated, but you'll get the gist.
We QUOTE (these are not OUR words), a little:
"The Jim: It goes without saying, he is the Jim, the head of the gang. The Jim doesnt say that much these days, but when he does it to deride someone. At end time he had walked away from the MRP alledgedly, now it's the real deal, it even predates them.
Missus The Jim, the Stacinator: The "scout", the nice one, she seems nice.... and asks a lot of questions, essentially the Jimite spy.
"T": Beware this one, also seems nice, review her posts on the BFF and elsewhere, theres the nice side you see, and the other one behind your back. She is openly a jimite, also a BFF moderator, and if nothing else, their permanent beachead on the BFF.
Guy In Indiana: Normally just another troll, fairly whiny when his pals get some comeuppance. Recently hoaxed by a guy in a monkey suit, but somehow, it's REAL when it happens to him. Also an Incredible Hulk forum aficionado.
Ty: Another troll, one of the more foul mouthed ones at that.
Wildman: Another of the more foul mouthed of the Jimites, not quite the puss filled doughnut that is Blackdog, but he tries.
Bittermonk: Has been called "one of the most two faced folks in bigfootery".
Blackdog: One wonders if he actually goes in the woods at all, or just spends time online as a troll. Recently returned to the BFF, after a long ban. One of the scummiest, nastiest of the Jimites.
Wolftrax: See Crowley Crusade, one of the lead lap dogs. Given to Conspiracy theory, possibly demented and the biggest crybaby of the bunch.
Timber Ghost: Runs the Kiamichi board, a "one comment wonder".
PatB: Acts like a sweet old hippy lady, she isn't. Has been proven the one true liar in the MRP and in falsifying the altering of evidence, is herself, a hoaxer.
PaulUK: Heads the BFF, allows the climate of gossip, dogpiles and the like. A UK native and one wonders why he has any importance in Bigfootery at all. HE freely ignores the rules of his own forum when he doesnt make them up as he goes.
Jayleed: PaulUk's "Annie Oakley", another BFF admin, also part of the problem. She is also "T"'s best friend and a closet jimite in the guise of a biased BFF admin.
Pywacket: Seems to have a problem remembering where he puts trail cams. Not nessicarily a Jimite, but an opportunist to cozy up to people, truly a creepy individual.
SuzieQ: Loyal lapdog, seems to prefer to stay on the BFD fishbowl where it's safe
Nightwing: Their resident artist, actually the one imite there might be hope for, but usually goes along with the groupthink.
Redwolf: She likes to make implied threats against folks of the BFF and BFD, another loon. A chest thumping self deluded bully.
Tube: See Crowley Crusade" ["Tube" is Matt Crowley, no doubt.]

We will quote again. Here is their list of the "Next Generation" of BFF/Jimite cultists, post-Paul Vella Administration:

"The current controlling roster:
Teresa: The witch in chief
Jayleed: Ol Annie Oakley herself, bitter over being called on her MRP related censorship, Loyal Jimite Foot Soldier, co-conspirator in the MRP hoax.
Counselor: Old school BFF Mod, attempted to censor the MRP on other forums
Mikek21: Old school Jimite Kool aid drinker
Moregon: Old School BFF Mod, will he/she/it survive the new Regime?
Oregonfooter: Loyal pod
Tugboatwa [Jerry Riedel]: The one old school decent mod, it's amazing he's survived this long.
Ace!: Loyal Pod
Bipedalist ["William"]: Snarky pod, with his own Agendas, but loyal Kool aid drinker
Bittermonk: Old School Jimite, co-conspirator in the failed AIBR coup de tat
GuyinIndiana: Bitter MRP hoaxer, "claims" he had a sighting, Incredial Hulk forum afficionado
HRPuffstuff: Bitter and nasty little Pod, has own agenda
Master Barber: New comer to the Mod squad, has own agenda, had role in running out Red rat fink
Redwolf: Just a plainly mean haggy ol' bitch. She is the bully of the Mods, constantly posturing as a delusional badass, when actually nothing more than a true bully and a useless hick. Co-Conspirator in the MRP hoax.
And alas, what of Timmy? What of the Red Rat Fink"

By the last they mean "Red Rat Snake," or Tim. A nice guy, who tried to be nice on the BFF, and paid dearly for his efforts.

And here is one last list, of the supposed ancillary characters and their "roles" in the BFF control-cult:

"The Roster:
The Jim (thug-misdirector)
Stacinator (ambassador-troll)
PatB (ambassador then victim)
Wildman (thug)
Bittermonk (info gatherer)
Tube (occasional hanger on)
Blackdog (thug and troll)
Volsquatch (troll)
Wolftrax (troll and victim)
Red Wolf (thug)
Teresa (victim)
mike2k1 (info gatherer)
GuyInIndiana (troll-misdirector-info gatherer)
ty (troll)
susan (hanger on)
jayleed (troll-misdirector-thug)
nightwing (ambassador)
shaman (thug-hanger on)
thigmo (ambassador)"

Be sure to read their KNOW YOUR JIMITE GLOSSARY, on the lower end of the same page. It will explain many of the parenthetical usages above. You will know no more about Bigfoot by reading this, but you will know a whole lot more about all-too-human HUMAN NATURE. We learned the "hard way," by having to try to deal rationally with these cult-think petty idea gangsters; but read on to the next paragraph there to see their hypothetical example of "A typical session of dog pile." Fascinating! And ALL TOO familiar! And lo, these were the very same "people" (troll-dogs) who came after us and tried to set us up to be banned. Hilarious. Or not. Maybe it is just plain lame and juvenile. Again, THE LINK IS HERE.

Here is another gallery of culprits, a bit more sardonic, a bit more brief:
"Or Maybe There is a Player's Page," found on the "There Is No Bigfoot" web site domain.
This page acts as a sardonic warning for anyone who would blithely enter into discussion on the BFF.
The site reveals the following additional information: "BitterMonk" is Sam Rich, and "JayleeD" is Jay Lee Doster.

We quote the intro.:

"Below are a few short paragraphs describing some of the more prominent, albeit dubious Bigfoot enthusiasts, nimrods, hunters, gatherers, players, bat-boys, key grips and ...caterers whose lives apparently not only revolve around Bigfoot and its discussion, but with wreaking havoc on the sense and sensibility of the average reader and listener. Most are offenders, that is, members of the Bigfoot Forums ... discussion board."

One responder to our earlier inquiries said the following....

Who are the Jimites?
"Jim Flowers, Wildman, Blackdog, Stacey Flowers, Susan, TY, Teresa, Redwolf, GuyinIndiana, Bittermonk, Wolftrax, Pat Barker, Nightowl, Nightwing, among others.... Starting to make sense?"

Who "messed up" the BFRO and AIBR?
"The names above, some were in the AIBR (and left in a mass exodus, singing "woe is me") and the BFRO (same "woe is me" situation), some not. Just about all of these names above, are in the SRI (if it's still functioning)."

Just who ARE these characters?
"Redwolf is Kathy Harper. One time BFRO member, One time AIBR member. All around self important, little miss something else I cant type here. I have no clue who Masterbarber is... He came out of nowhere, but is quickly proving himself to be a royal jerk. Blackdog.. Well, now thats a difficult question. I know his first name, thats it. Blackdog was a BFRO member - and reminds his pals (some named above) how he left the BFRO and warned all of them, but they didnt listen to him. He lords that over their heads like a newly sharpened axe."

OK, then, ENOUGH SAID FOR NOW. If YOU have any further leads please do let us know through the email contact on this blog, or by leaving Comments, below. The above should be clue enough for some. Thanks! With Bipto, Brian Brown, now in charge, let us hope for postive changes! With old-school moderators like Tugboatwa, Jerry Riedel, in there, we can hopefully hope that good ethics and common sense and fairness will prevail in the end.


The full JIMITE CHRONICLES links, beyond he Rogues Gallery:
Their History: The Hall of Infamy (great info on the BFRO coup and AIBR schism, etc.)
The BFFWatch Blog (limited posts)
The Footery Exposer (limited posts)

Follow the amazingly convoluted MRP thread on the Bigfoot Forums HERE.
Read a concise Michigan Recording Project controversy history HERE.
Melissa Hovey blogs about the BFF and MRP HERE.
Drop in on the JREF BFF Debate HERE.



I for one am not gloating, so much as having fun with this. Though it is a serious matter, and many have been hurt along the way on the BFF or by being banned and suppressed or mocked, I feel a light-hearted approach to them disarms their viciousness. What was I to do? Take being banned seriously and get depressed over it? Nah. I just went to "war" and gave them a dose of the satire they needed. Oftentimes it is humor that is the most effective means of commentary. It is hard to argue with a joke; but that joke can show reality and human behavior in stark relief.

Do I think the BFF matters? Well, yes, it does; as they are so well known, and so prominent, the site does in many ways and cases stand for the BF Community and researchers in general. It is one way the world knows about us and Bigfoot, and an area that collects a lot of the new and perhaps naive who don't yet know better. It should be a universal domain where all of us may comment and share information, and sanely discuss things. It saddened me to see it becoming the prowling and stomping grounds of a small group who obviously cared more about their own egos and sense of power than any actual human beings on there, or the topic itself.

When I saw the self-importance of these BFF admins/mods I just wanted to bring them down a notch. Well, when I see BF bull-pookey I just can't resist--I comment on it on my blog. THAT is what got me banned, not anything I even did on the Forums. While there may not always be opportunities to prove this elusive creature exists, there are always areas within the field of study where we can comment on and attempt to correct the ideas and theories of others whom we feel are just plain wrong. This is a big part of the problem. There has to be a line, somewhere, where mutual respect reigns over petty differences. This can be difficult to achieve when some things said are just so clearly wrong, and egos are involved.

Hence, for example, I do like MK Davis well enough as a person, though I tried to tear his "Massacre Theory" to shreds. When I interviewed and talked to him, however, I tried to maintain a spirit of civil debate. Discussion and debate bring progress, when civility is maintained. This is how knowledge grows and progresses. It is unfortunate that quite often there is no room for this kind of discussion before the defensive and aggressive slings and arrows start to fly and flay.

It's exciting to see change happen, and to think that I was not just banned into obscurity. To speak up and have a say, and then to see results--that is nice. Do I expect the world to suddenly be a better place? Nah. But maybe the BFF can improve, un-ban those of us who were unjustly booted, and learn to respect new people who may not yet be masters of the sinister, predatory game played by some. And I am happy to see vindication for Melissa, who obviously has had much more reason to be angry about the BFF and Mistress T. than I ever did. If what I did on my blog helped in even a small way to bring justice into this situation, then yes, I am excited about it.

Did I make a little "tabloidy" hay out of this? Sure. But I really think we need to get our act together, all of us Bigfooters, or our arguments and bickering will just be food for the Lan Lampheres out there seeking to make news and entertainment by playing us off against each other. And every ridiculous new "Bigfoot War" just makes us, and BIGFOOT, look all the more silly to the outside world.


STEVE KULLS, the SQUATCHDETECTIVE, has just announced that he will be outing the main writer and founder of THE BIGFOOTERY ENQUIRER on his BlogTalk Radio show on September 5th. We talked to Kulls earlier this month, but will not disclose here any information he shared with us. We put out a few stringers at his request, to folks out here on the West Coast, but none of them felt that the person mentioned was the right guy. One said, "he isn't literate enough" to write that blog. Well, Mr. Kulls has EVIDENCE that supposedly confirms his suppositions. WE SHALL SEE. Be sure to tune in to his show on that date. We will post a reminder of it on our BIGFOOT'S BLOG FACEBOOK PAGE

The BFE has been trying preemptively to "out" itself (in apparent response to our campaign to expose them), vaguely, anyway, using a silly bunch of riddles in their "Treasure Hunt" game. Well, you might try, too. Go to the site through the link, above. If they are exposed then they won't be able to snark so freely.

Also: word has it that Kulls' new book, "FIFTY LARGE," will be finished soon. It is a thorough recap and analysis of the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax and his relations with that notorious figure, TOM BISCARDI. This should be good! For now, check out Kulls' page, BISCARDI EXPOSED for all the details to this point.


This one should make a good Christmas season present for your young Squatchers! However, we have been told by one witness in Target that their kid was horribly scared by the thing as it jumped up and down in its box and roared and pounded its chest. And this is only the in-store DEMO behavior!

See it on Amazon, for about a hundred bucks...
Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster

Product Features: "The Imaginext Big Foot includes a remote control, ball, speech and lots of personality. Remote toggle allows him to walk forward and backwards and the six buttons are happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball, and exercise. Hear him roar and watch him pound his fists or raise his arms above his head and shake his fists. Press the ball button and hear him say things like "play" and watch him throw the ball. Press the button on his belly and hear him laugh, the button in his mouth makes him chew and burp (don't worry, he remembers to say "excuse me")."

From the Manufacturer: "Imagine a little monster with a BIG personality. That’s BIGFOOT. He’s happy. He’s angry. He’s sleepy. He’s fun. He talks and walks and throws a ball, chews and burps and exercises. And kids can bring him to life with an easy-to-use wireless remote control. The symbols on the buttons show you what BIGFOOT will do when you push them -- no reading required. BIGFOOT includes one (9.6Volt) NiMH rechargeable battery and battery charger. Remote Control requires 2 AA alkaline batteries."

[Spoken in the manner of the Sierra Sounds....]

(Angry Bigfoot Was too Angry to Speak in Hu-man.)

Angry Bigfoot channeled this time by Denali Brown, age 8.)

This blog is copyright and all that jazz, save for occasional small elements borrowed for "research" and information or satirical purposes only, 2010, Bigfoot Books and Steven Streufert. Borrowings will be tolerated without the revenge of Angry Bigfoot, if credit, citation and a kindly web-link are given, preferably after contacting us and saying, Hello, like a normal person would before taking a cup of salt


  1. What's a pod, a loyal pod?

  2. Well, that wasn't MY term, as I was only quoting that web page; but I am assuming it refers to "pod people," as may be found in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. In other words, a mindless, zombielike follower, subject to mind control by a "higher entity" of some kind.

  3. I apologize, as my first comment did not come through...because I must have not hit the right button at the time. When I re-typed and submitted it I forgot my "handle". The original comment should have read:

    "What's a pod, a loyal pod?

    I can assure you the moderators at BFF were not mindless, zombielike followers, subject to mind control.

    You don't know me Steven, although we've likely met at your bookstore. Remember, the moderators and admins are people, so you're talking about me, a person when you write stuff like that. Maybe you should actually get to know someone before you call them mindless, a zombielike follower, subject to mind control. Otherwise, you should offer examples to support your position; something that shows me to be mindless.

  4. Ace, good to meet you then. Contact me by email from the blog and remind me of the time you were in my shop. Look though--it was not I who said "pod," but the author of the web site I was QUOTING. I am trying to understand and report on this situation. It isn't easy, as the stuff is couched in secrecy and hidden alliances. I CAN speak from experience about some of it, due to how I was treated on the BFF--abominably, that is how. It sure looks like a "cult" to me. Read again, and try to see what I say myself and distinguish it from what I am quoting, OK? I did prelude it with a statement saying I was quoting someone else's statements, by way of a disclaimer.

  5. You're right, you were quoting, but as a guy that has a blog of his own, I know I'm responsible for the content (I write it or quote it). Maybe you feel differently, I don't know. I also left a comment for the original poster, on the site you quoted.

    I don't want to get into too much he said, she said, but I will say there is a lot of opinion based on supposition from people that have no recent contact with the people involved. I'm speaking about the current (as of a day or two ago) moderators and the feelings others have toward us. Almost none (may be none in fact) of the people that bash the BFF have ever interacted with me, yet they post about me (in my capacity as a moderator).

    I'll email you sometime and I'm sure I'll see you at the store as well. It's my thought that you and I have more in common than not (similar areas of research, and friends of friends).

  6. dude. what you smoking out there? Teresa and Jay both left Bff on they're own. as for all the name calling and stuff you're doing, have you ever heard of liable adn slander?

    i dont know who you listen to and what bugs up their butts, but a lot of that crap you said is so far off it reads like a comic book or a doobie high. and you want people to take YOU seriously? ha.

  7. I'm smoking tobacco, Anonymous dude! Anyway, it is ironic that you would mention me as "name calling and stuff." RATHER, that is what I am commenting on, and it is what happened to me (and so many others) on the BFF! In fact, it was the ADMINS and MODS who were doing it! Pathetic. I guess if you are in "power" you can do and say anything? That is what I sought to end. And end it did. I met Brian in the shop here right before he went back and booted Teresa, and it was obvious to me how he felt about how things were being handled there, and what had to be done. You know how it is in politics, when someone "resigns"? They always say it was for "personal or family reasons," when in fact it was due to some kind of corruption or impropriety or incompetence on the job. Seems obvious that is what happened at the BFF, and Jaylee just followed on T's petticoat tails. Whom do I listen to? Brian Brown, Jerry Riedel, Melissa Hovey, my BFRO friends, simple folks like that with uncommon wisdom.

    BTW--it is NOT libel or slander for me to quote another web site or source, and to do so in the journalistic analysis of events on a public forum. That is ALL I am commenting on, as it should be clear I do NOT know Teresa or any of those other "BFF Trolls" personally. For all I know they may be nice people in person, in their families and communities. I sure hope this kind of behavior is just a symptom of internet anonymity and the illusion of distance.

  8. Well, it is about damn time someone put a stop to the run away, one sided, dictatorial way that board was being run.

    The ones who call themselves skeptics run roughshod all over that place and have choked out any meaningful discussion by their constant repeating of stupid questions and outright lies.

  9. Well Steven, now you've been quoted by Loren Coleman on Cryptomundo. So, an anonymous blogger has said this untrue without responding to me. You re-posted it and now it's been re-posted again looking as though you originally stated it. So, again:

    I can assure you the moderators at BFF were not mindless, zombielike followers, subject to mind control.

    You don't know me Steven, although we've likely met at your bookstore. Remember, the moderators and admins are people, so you're talking about me, a person when you write stuff like that. Maybe you should actually get to know someone before you call them mindless, a zombielike follower, subject to mind control. Otherwise, you should offer examples to support your position; something that shows me to be mindless.

    Now I have to remind Loren of the same thing. No one posting this drivel or making references to "our" character have met many of us. This is inappropriate, as inappropriate as the behaviour you/they are blogging against.

    And as I commented before, which did not get posted, you are responsible for the content on your blog, as I am responsible for the content on my blog. If nothing else, it should be factual.


  10. I MISS the BFF because it was a place that I could take my stuff and get real honest feedback on it. I could post my data, and as long as I didn't say "THIS IS BIGFOOT!" I could get some really good opinions on what it may have been. Sometimes those opinions were "huh, I don't know"... I am one of the thousands of dispossed out there WITHOUT an agenda, or a place for real feedback anymore. sad sad sad.

  11. Tugboatwa was not the great moderator or admin that you portray him to be. I found his tactics as such to be very questionable, and I didn't find him to be fair at all.

  12. I use to be on BFF every day but some of those folks just got too much into there own ego's. There were several posters there claiming 3,4 or more encounters who I think just like the attention and they never saw anything. They though were the experts and treated people who had actual encounters as liars. They put a bad face on those of us who really have had encounters.


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