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BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT Update: MORE Videos Released on YouTube..................... Plus Online Book: A HISTORY OF THE SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST, Feisty JREFs

BIGFOOT'S BLOG, Another Special Notice, Late-November 2010

Here are SOME MORE!
Videos Four through Eight of our
have now been posted.

Our summer's studies' results are finally coming forth. "C.I.," Robert Leiterman and Yours Truly set out to know Bluff Creek and its history better, especially as pertains to the Patterson-Gimlin Film. We sought to find the true site and track-way location, despite the fact that there are at least five different proposals from various researchers, and memories seem to have grown vague and as mysterious as the regrown forest now covering the once open sandbar where the famous Bigfoot film was shot. Here are the three introductory Bigfoot-nerd sessions trying to lay the preliminary foundations for our subsequent visits to the site area. Enjoy!
Earth Explorer Image centered on the general consensus PGF site area.
As Robert puts it on the YouTube pages: "Steven Streufert, Ian and Robert Leiterman are taking another look at the P-G Film site 43 years later. With conflicting thoughts as to exactly where the film site is today, they have decided to re-evaluate the facts, interview those in the know and spend some extensive leg work on the ground. They are trying to piece together what nature has spent the last 43 years turning back into a riparian forest. Part of an on going series."
Just a picture... links follow below.
Have you seen the first three??? WATCH PARTS ONE THROUGH THREE HERE ON BIGFOOT'S BLOG. Click the link now or forever regret it. CLICK PLAYER BOXES BELOW TO VIEW YouTube WITHIN THIS PAGE.

Here is PART FOUR of the BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT. Watch Robert Leiterman as he walks up the creek from the Bluff Creek Bridge to the Patterson-Gimlin Film site.

Here is PART FIVE of the BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT, wherein we hike down the dirt road above the site and observe the sand bar and creek canyon below, and finally reach the bat boxes landing on the creek.

Here is PART SIX of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT, wherein three Bigfooting nerds really geek out in the rain nitpicking over the details given us by Peter Byrne for his location of the Patterson-Gimlin Film site.

Here is PART SEVEN of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here at the "Peter Byrne Site" we compare old photos to new landscapes, stumble upon stumps, and dig in the sand searching for the very ground Patty walked upon in the PGF.

Here is PART EIGHT of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we bumble and wade up the creek, through the maze of fallen trees and wood debris, and come to the ostensible site as identified by Christopher Murphy in his book KNOW THE SASQUATCH/BIGFOOT. Still no conclusive proof of the PGF location.

Go to for more BF info.

If the above embedded video boxes don't pop up do check for them at BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Look in "Uploads" and then "See All." There's a lot of other cool stuff in there.
Or just click one of these links:

We've been a little active on the JREF Forum lately. Click the name to view the thread about where we got started... or HERE, and HERE (these are pages 116-118 of the "Bigfoot: The Patterson Gimlin Film - Part 3" thread)... and you will see why we had to dive into it. Perhaps we'll always have to deal with this "Swastika Steve" business now. Oh well. Perhaps that is better than "BipolarBookBoy" or "Charlie Manson Eyes"!

History of Six Rivers National Forest book cover
You know what they say: If you can't beat them on the subject itself, attack the messenger. It is fun talking with skeptics! After all, we are one, too, in many ways; but we choose to leave Bigfoot out of that skepticism, and focus more on concepts of Bigfoot to be skeptical over. In fact, we are SKEPTICAL OF SKEPTICS. So there.

Anyway, thanks to one AlaskaBushPilot we got a tip on this fine book. It is available free online, so check it out. It is a US Government Printing Office/US Forest Service book,

A HISTORY OF THE SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST... Commemorating the First 50 Years.
By Pamela A. Conners, Historian, Six Rivers National Forest.

This puts Bluff Creek and it's Bigfooting history into perspective. Check it out!
Here are two recent photos from Willow Creek just for you. They were taken with an iPhone, not the greatest camera. Click to Enlarge....
So much for Bigfoot hunting in Bluff Creek for the year!
The G-O Road, near Bluff Creek and the "Bigfoot Lives" sign.
Reported Bigfoot track found at Big Rock, Willow Creek.
After Bobo and Richard drove all the way out from
Arcata we found out that it was a bear track!
Hu-man! You get call say Bigfoot track on sand at Big Rock. You drive stinky truck all way from Arcata and look. You think you find bear track. Fool hu-man, me leave that track by go tip-toe. Me sure fool you! Ha ha. Me still LMAOROTFLOL, you so puny and have no fur.
This blog is copyright and all that jazz, save for occasional small elements borrowed for "research" and information or satirical purposes only, 2010, Bigfoot Books and Steven Streufert. Borrowings for non-commercial purposes will be tolerated without the revenge of Angry Bigfoot, if notification, credit, citation and a kindly web-link are given, preferably after contacting us and saying, Hello, like a normal person would before taking a cup of salt. No serious rip-offs of our material for vulgar commercial gain will be tolerated without major BF stomping action coming down on you, hu-man.

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