Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEWS FLASH! BIGFOOT FORUMS TO RELAUNCH. Will it be a BFF Zombie, or a New Thing?

BIGFOOT'S BLOG NEWS FLASH!... with another Update, below.

Just in today, only one day after the BFF/Bigfoot Forums was shut down "indefinitely" by its founder, Brian Brown/"Bipto," it is now being leaked that the site will be revived!


BIGFOOT FORUMS/BFF RESURRECTION! It died one day, then revived the next! Will it be a brain-eating zombie, or something new? What will they do to clear out all the old problems and problematic characters??? Will RedWolf, MasterBarber, BlackDog and Teresa still remain? Will they be tolerated even when they abuse the Forum and its members? Will their antics just overwhelm the site, however new and revamped? We shall see. This is all stranger, even, than Bigfoot.

The notice was posted by THE BIGFOOT SHOW on its Facebook page today. A new logo, a new attitude, a new web server, and a new administration are in the works.

We quote from Bipto's BFF UPDATE POST of today:
"There are plans in the works to relaunch the Bigfoot Forums as an all-new website. To be kept up to date, "like" the new Bigfoot Forums page on Facebook."

From the BIGFOOT FORUMS FACEBOOK PAGE: "Get ready for the re-launch of - a new home, new administration, new format, new attitude.
In the meantime, 'like' this page and we can keep you up-to-date on our progress. Hopefully the new website will be up and running in a couple of weeks and ready for new registration. There are people busy working behind the scenes to make this happen for the benefit of the bigfoot community."

No further news or information is being put forth as yet, but we will be inquiring on our readers' behalf, and hope to have all the updates for you ASAP when they become available.

Let us hope for the best! Apparently the Founder has found someone else to take this task from his hands, as it was previously rumored that he wanted to do. We wish Brian Brown well, whatever he does, and whether or not he is involved with this new version of the BFF. And we DO indeed sincerely hope that he will continue to do THE BIGFOOT SHOW, the best (or at least the funniest) Sasquatch-related podcast show on the internet.

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UPDATE! August 19th:

There is a thread on the skeptical JREF FORUM (James Randi Educational Foundation) dealing with the BFF Meltdown, featuring many of the former BFF characters, moderators and administrators. CHECK IT OUT HERE!
Be sure to read all the way to page four there. You will see the words of RedWolf, Paul Vella, Brian Brown (Bipto) and others. Fascinating. News in precis: Paul Vella, former Chief Admin., is helping get the BFF set up, with all of its former content, on a new server, with new owners. He will NOT be staying on as an authority figure on the site. Apparently all new registrations will be required for users, and those formerly banned will have a chance to return. This could be a fresh, new start; and those involved are asking that a new attitude of fairness, peace and human kindness prevail. Of course, skepticism of this possibility abouds!
The whole thread is quite revealing of the BFF characters, good, bad, and sometimes kinda ugly.

Read Bipto/Brian Brown's recent post HERE.

Another post appeared on the BFF2.0 Facebook page:
"When the website re-opens, all existing members will need to re-register - registration will be open to all, including those who have previously been banned. If you have existing grudges with other members or the old administration, leave them at the door please, this is going to be a fresh start for BFF, and we hope, for the entire bigfoot community."


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  1. Im reading and it's great! Great site and blog.

  2. Let's face some facts Pual Vella has lied thrxought his teeth on so many occations I have lost count. Yet we ar suppost to believe that he has had some kindof moral stroke of genius and now he expects us to believe that we are all going to have a kumbyha Bigfoot zenfest.

    I am going to wait for a while but I exspect steam explosions and More victim cards played. I wish bipto the best, you have got to get rid of the Ebola rittled Howler monkey.

  3. Bigfoot's bLog reserves comment on the above. However, one may read the words of Mr. Vella re. the relaunching of the BFF as posted on the JREF Forums yesterday. Start here:
    He says that he is only helping get the site up on a new server, in a transitional role, and will not be on the new moderation or administration team. The whole thread is quite revealing of the BFF characters. Look into it!

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