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Something Stinky from Salt Fork Comes! Another BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT Update, SASQUATCH SUMMIT, Rene and Kokanee, and MORE

Jan. 14th Preliminary Poster. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
BIGFOOT'S BLOG, Late-January Edition, 2011

Here's another grand amalgamation for y'all.

Be sure to SEE BELOW for the last in the first round of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT videos, numbers 31-36 are presented viewable here.

In case you don't know, another Tom Yamarone, et al., production is coming to a town probably not near you. If you dare cross the border into forbidden Canada, home of the sinister wild-Sasquatch-man described back in the 1920s by J.W. Burns, you might just be able to shake the hand of the Moses of Bigfooting, JOHN GREEN, at the SASQUATCH SUMMIT.
Rather than rattle on endlessly about it, let's just say that Cliff Barackman wrote on his North American Bigfoot Blog a good piece on the upcoming mega-convention at Harrison Hot Springs, Canada. Read it HERE. Don't forget to renew your passports.
Bigfoot, on the Verge of Tears.
FIND BIGFOOT on FACEBOOK Declares a KNOWN HOAX the Number Six Bigfoot Video of All Time!

Watch it HERE. Or view the "updated" version the hoaxer claims he will never take down HERE. Then ask yourself, WHY did anyone believe this crap in the first place?
Shockingly, on the same day, or the day after we got wind of the full-on-viral "tree-pulling Bigfoot" video on YouTube being a full-on hoax, those clever guys at FindBigfoot (or just "Bigfoot") on Facebook declared it to be well-within the top ten best clips of a Sasquatch ever! This video was shot by a dude named Jeff, from Ohio; though why he calls himself "The Squatchmaster" is truly beyond our understanding. From the first time we saw it, personally, we just knew it was fake; and looking closer its fake-ishness became all too clear. Astonishing, even further, were the declarations made by Bigfoot-Facebook of utter conviction of the reality of the film clip, and also some very bizarre interpretations thereof. This went WELL BEYOND saying the thing "confirmed on cone-head" when the figure was actually wearing a hoodie; it went right on into confirming the nature of Bigfoot's culture. This is the last straw for Facebook-Bigfoot, whose complete hubris of assumption, presupposition and pareidolia have been truly fascinating up to this point. Now they have really jumped the squatch.
SquatchCoward's You Tube page with Hoaxed Video, Salt Fork Park, Ohio
 We quote from there page (linked above):

"#6 Best Bigfoot Video 6/54 "Sasquatch breaking down tree, voice, track trackway, possible ceremony" Ohio 1/9 to 1/16 2011 Posted by anonymous researcher "SquatchMaster"
This is a compilation of the best of two weekends of expeditions in Ohio. very shaky footage, but contains great data. SM sees two Sasquatch briefly. Flims three alarm knocks one crossing a gap, and one up in a tree. Then SM films the greatest display of strength by a Sasquatch that is clearly under stress. Another Sasquatch is up a tree. Confirms on long arms, coned head, slope to back(trapezoid connections). Voice is heard during the breaking down of tree. Likely instructions to the other Sasquatch, the filmer or possible ceremony in breaking down tree."

"Ceremony," we ask? OMG, as they say. Rather than babble on here we'll just offer the set of comments we left on the video's page on their Facebook site. Be sure to read ALL of the comments in there. You might just find their credibility damaged and your own native skepticism rising up against all of this YouTubing Blobsquatchery. Don't feed the hoaxers. End Blobsquatching Now!

  • Steven Streufert If the guy filming it admits he was hoaxed, what does this "confirm"? Bad judgment and Squatch-on-the-brain syndrome here at FindBigfoot.
    Thursday at 4:22pm ·

  • Steven Streufert Gullibility and presupposition will get us absolutely nowhere; and in fact, will make us look like pure idiots to the "outside world." The rest of the world is laughing at all of Bigfootery every time one of these stupid videos is released. In fact, I am sure it is for just such a reaction that hoaxers do what they do.
    Thursday at 8:53pm ·

  • Steven Streufert ‎"Ceremony"? Are you KIDDING??? Number Six all-time video? This set of assumptions destroys all credibility for FindBigfoot/FaceBook. I am sure the vast majority of "fans" of this site are only such for the humor value and the cool Bigfoot avatar it adds to one's news feed. HOAX! Proven hoax, guys; and obviously a hoax before it was proven and admitted. Listen to Tim Stover/TCSJR Bigfoot's show on .
    Thursday at 9:01pm 

  • Steven Streufert Far from merely "providing a forum for sharing encounters," FB/FIND BF is claiming to be an AUTHORITY on these matters, an attitude demonstrating hubris. This claim calls into question all of their past work, however good some of it may have been. Over-eagerness in assumptions leads to projection, false conclusions, and outright hallucination. Pareidolia. Look it up. It is a known perceptual aberration.
    18 hours ago

  • Steven Streufert 
    New methodology:
    Assume it is a hoax first. Try to eliminate human factors. Know the limits of the video medium. Analyze the full context. Interview the witnesses and go to the site. Gather confirming ancillary evidence. Then look honestly at the figure in form and behavior. THEN ask, does it demonstrate qualities that could not be human or other animal? Then, finally, ask if it "confirms" on previous proposed BF film and sighting accounts. Then question those previous accounts. Accept what remains as possibility, not the final proven truth. Wait for further, better evidence. ELIMINATE the impossible (and the all too probable), and that which remains should be the truth.

    18 hours ago

  • Steven Streufert Don't feed the hoaxers. End blobsquatching now!
    18 hours ago 
Find out more, follow these links:
View the hoaxer, "The SquatchMaster's," Stupid Confession HERE. Or watch it here:

View his full array of videos HERE, under "Uploads, See All," if you can bear it. It seems that he went from serious though frustrated researcher to hoaxer, and then to hoaxer-joker-covering-his-ass, all in one short year. Wow, and some people have spend decades doing this; but Mr. JeffMaster knows all, we suppose. It would seem his goal, in the end, was just to try to trouble and defame Tim Stover and Don Keating. One of the more un-fabulous careers in Bigfooting goes down into the dust of infamy! Good riddance. Hopefully some of the other stinky stuff coming out of Salt Fork State Park will clear up before this year's annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference? Here's hoping!
Can YOU pinpoint the PGF site? Let us Know!!!
FINALLY, here are the last of our first year's BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT videos. We filmed a concluding segment of SUMMARY video of discussion between the main characters at Cinnabar Sam's Restaurant in Willow Creek a couple of weeks back, and these are even now being edited for YouTube by Robert Leiterman. Look for these coming soon, and of course MORE next summer.
Here is PART THIRTY-ONE of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we return to the closed dirt road above the PGF site(s) and try to get glimpses down onto the sandbars. Then we proceed in a treacherous and perhaps foolhardy hike down the near-vertical hillside to one of the more promising gravel bars near Dahinden's marked spot.

Here is PART THIRTY-TWO of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we head down the treacherous hill, trying to coordinate a three-site upper "aerial" view of the proposed sandbar locations within the "General Consensus Site." Making our way down a near-vertical jungle-like hillside and trying to view through the trees doesn't prove too easy to accomplish.

Here is PART THIRTY-THREE of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we reach the bottom of the hill and get a full view of one of the best looking gravel bars. Robert recreates a humorous, plausible walk of the Creature in the part that is not fully overgrown with new trees. Big trees in back, the creek course looks just right... could THIS be the spot?

Here is PART THIRTY-FOUR of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we not only photograph a Blobsquatch, but we also find the best Big Trees yet, ancient stumps in just the right spots, and an old fallen Douglas fir that could have been one of the background trees in the PGF (downed, just like Rene Dahinden said it was in 1983).

Here is PART THIRTY-FIVE of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Nearing the end of the first year's phase! Here we find some nice mushrooms (Bigfoot food!) and look at more stumps. The following discussion finds us agreeing that this location looks VERY GOOD. We may have found the Big Trees; but further study is required.

Here is PART THIRTY-SIX of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Ending of the first year's phase, here we get one last look from high up on the hillside over the Byrne and MK sites. STAY TUNED for our new SUMMATION SERIES, being taped this weekend here in Willow Creek. Have fun!

The BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT series, now at 36 videos, may be seen on YouTube under "Uploads, See All" at BFRO-VIDEOS.
BEWARE! More are coming soon!

Check out These Hilarious Kokanee Beer Ads with Rene Dahinden!

Click HERE if the player box above does not function on your browser or phone. Hang on until the end, as there are TWO variant videos in this YouTube presentation.
Recent Visitor to Bigfoot Books, Tim Olson, now living in Arcata, Humboldt County:
Long-time Bigfooter, Tim Olson, during his Bigfoot Books Willow Creek visit.

Me wonder why hu-man need hoax. You ever see Bigfoot make hoax of hu-man? Why would me WANT to? Why me want be scrawny, stinky, sickly looking, shoe wearer naked ape? It boggle me brains. If me hoax, it only to wear hoodie, sneak in camp, and steal hu-man beer.
This blog is copyrighted, 2011 Bigfoot Books and Steven Streufert, aside from materials presented from others for "research purposes only," though you may borrow and quote if full citation is given, preferably with notice to us and a kindly link to this blog. Thanks!

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  1. I am a decent photographer if I say so myself. Tim looks good. I just want to say that I really enjoyed your Book Store. I will stop by again the next time I am on your side of the mountain. I have to tell you that it is good to see Tim finally reach out to other Bigfooters in the area. He really has a passion for it, but he is only now getting back into it after some time off. His visit to your store was a catalyst.

    Just a short summary of our return trip. The truck we were driving broke down near the start of the climb over Lord Ellis. We needed help to get it home. Tim is hoping the truck can be fixed within a reasonable price. No matter, he really wants to get out there in the woods.

    Thanks for the time, again.



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