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BIGFOOT'S BLOG, Mid-January Edition, 2011
The first year's phase of THE BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT videos are nearly completed. Please find another run of them viewable below. This weekend we worked on a SUMMATION SERIES filmed here in Willow Creek, among the hunting trophy heads and hides and historical artifacts at Cinnabar Sam's restaurant. Hopefully these last few will tie things up with our PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS and NEW RESEARCH DIRECTIONS for next year, making it seem as if we did something more than wander aimlessly through the creek and over the woods. These new videos will appear soon, as soon as Robert Leiterman gets over the burn-out of editing over six hours' worth of videos for YouTube. Damn, we could have made a European Art Film! What follow are videos 22-30 in the series. Look to the upper left sidebar of this blog to find links to the previous ones.
The Bluff Creek Film Site Project Crew, Bigfoot nerds in action!
Here is PART TWENTY-TWO of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Yet another day, here Robert, Ian and Yours Truly start the hike up from Bluff Creek Bridge to the P-G Film site. Herein we explore the old ford that preceded the current bridge, look for old road cuts, and think we have stumbled upon the real Patterson-Gimlin base camp site, marked with a rebar rod, perhaps by Rene Dahinden.

Here is PART TWENTY-THREE of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Could THIS be the PGF site? Here we encounter the first plausible sandbar area downstream from the general consensus site. This one looks very, very plausible, and corresponds with dissenting views we've heard from Al Hodgson, Bobbie Short, and others. This one matches the old photos and diagrams, too.

Here is PART TWENTY-FOUR of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Heading upstream we see clear signs of the old creekside logging road, strange old stumps and Douglas fir optical illusions. Also, here we see our first red-leaved vine maple, the sure sign of true Autumn in Bluff Creek--just as seen in the PGF.

Here is PART TWENTY-FIVE of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Heading upstream farther we go through the MK Davis-proposed site up to the Peter Byrne-proposed location. Nothing seems quite in the right place to be the real PGF Bigfoot film site, but we keep on looking.

Here is PART TWENTY-SIX of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Heading upstream farther we hit the "Gulch" where we have identified the "Christopher Murphy Site" as seen in his book, KNOW THE SASQUATCH/BIGFOOT. Some nice big trees are in the back, but they're sitting up on a steep hill. We see that the creek has eaten away a portion of the original sandbar.

Here is PART TWENTY-SEVEN of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Heading upstream farther we come to the gravel bar most closely matching Dahinden's "aerial" photo from 1971. Ian gets in some digs against "Google Earth Armchair Investigators," and we speculate as to what could have caused the creek to change direction over the years.

Here is PART TWENTY-EIGHT of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we speculate on what current features of the creekbed might be similar to what MK sees in his Bluff Creek Massacre Theory. One very good looking potential track way is analyzed, as well as root balls "as big as a room." Where the creek splits in two courses we find a feature identified by Murphy, Perez and John Green.

Here is PART TWENTY-NINE of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we start to head back downstream, measuring with a laser pointer to the MK Davis site. See me drinking a beer while doing research in the field. Great! Just from hillside height we are basically able to rule out the MK site from our list of authentic locations.

Here is PART THIRTY of our BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT on BFRO-VIDEOS on YouTube. Here we finish our hike downstream, with a lengthy stop-over at the MK Davis site. We locate what we think is MK's flagging tape on a tree branch, sitting over an old rotten downed log... clear markings. STAY TUNED for our final day's videos and a coming new set of summation sessions. Then, on to next summer!

The BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT series, now at 36 videos, may be
seen on YouTube under "Uploads, See All" at BFRO-VIDEOS.

The BIGFOOT FIELD REPORTER show with Sharonlee featured Yours Truly recently.
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The BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT, Robert Leiterman, Ian and Yours Truly, appeared recently on MNBRT RADIO with Abe Del Rio:
Customers brought this odd skull in for examination the other day. What do YOU think it is? They thought it might be some kind of monkey, an "Indian Devil," or even one of the "Little People" said to live around this region. One look at it had us thinking CHUPACABRAS; but we soon found out thanks to our trusty Facebook friends what the skull really came from. Check it out... it is still very strange looking.
OK, we have indeed been a bit lazy about blogging lately. Sorry about that. We've been leaving comments on other people's blogs, putzing around on the JREF Forums, and generally drowning in a sea of email. We'd like to recommend the fairly new arrival of THOM POWELL'S blog, THOMSQUATCH. He is not afraid to cover some of the more strange and interesting aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon (as evidenced by his fine book, 
THE LOCALS: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon). The comments we left on his posts are a good clue to our own thinking these days, so check them out; but do go to Thom's blog to see what we were responding to, eh? These little snippets offer a touch of what we've been thinking about lately. We promise, we WILL be back with more ideas and incisive analysis. Just let us get free of this Bluff Creek stuff, OK?
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Steven Streufert said...
Unless, that is, someone brings in some bones or a body tomorrow. Then at least we may do anatomy. From that point our attempts at behavioral studies would at least be taken seriously, and there would be more proper funding for endeavors aiming to document how the crafty critters live. If existence were proven, but they were still exceedingly difficult to study in the field, then that *absence* could at least be taken as a proof of extreme intelligent adaptation.
Oh, and by the way, I'm not saying we should kill one (as if we could!).
Great start on the blog, Thom!
...and then this...
Steven Streufert said...
Just because "crazy" things happen, and you are there with an open mind to observe them, does not make one crazy. Right outside of our consensus version of reality the universe is "totally insane." Well, surely it obeys "laws," but much of what is going on is not yet fully understood. We are biologically predetermined to experience a certain range, a slice of perceptual reality, and really not much more once our culture gets in there and restricts it further. Much of what we now call "paranormal" will one day be understood by science; but human subjective experience runs way ahead of what now may be empirically proven. Likewise, much of what science now knows runs way outside of normal human physical experience. The problem is in sorting through "the unknown" to find "the real," the provisionally real, at least. Science may be a "candle in the dark"; but we should always remember that the scientific has a liminal edge where it bleeds into the as-yet-unproven and mysterious realms.
...and then this...
Steven Streufert said...
If one pays attention, EVERYTHING is "paranormal." Also, what is paranormal or supernatural to one creature may not be so to another. If we humans were suddenly able to utilize the perceptual apparatus of, say, a bat, we would be utterly stunned by the influx of bizarre and incomprehensible stimuli. There are clearly levels of causation that we do not or cannot (yet) understand or perceive, but nonetheless exist; and these synchronicities are just the odd glimpses of this that we are able to, stumblingly, pick up.

This little conversation was started by famous Russian hominologist, Igor Burtsev, on Facebook. We commented there, too. We post it here as a reminder to all of us Bigfooters... be nice to each other, cooperate, don't be a turd, think like a Sasquatch!
I see, so many BF researchers and just their friends are in the USA, and so many encounters happen.
Why don't all of you unite and set up the public movement/society "For Recognition of Bigfoots" and demand such a recognition?
January 10 at 1:00pm ·  · 
  • 5 people like this.
    • Steven Streufert Mostly we all just argue amongst ourselves.
      January 10 at 10:04pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Larry Wentz Steven is right. Everyone has different agendas, methods & belief systems so reaching consensuses is difficult among researchers. Arguments, ridicule, lies/exaggerations of others & belief persecution is very common from what I see. That is not always the case though. The great thing about cryptozoology is the people involved... the bad thing about cryptozoology is the people involved.
      January 11 at 9:36am ·  ·  1 person
    • Igor Burtsev No matter of differences. One idea should unate all the BF researchers and friends, just one idea: RECOGNITION of THEM!
      Not depending of any differences - in approach, methods, etc...
      Just to demand authorities to legalise them!
      January 11 at 4:35pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Buddy Ellis I agree, I think all of us researchers should band together as one .
      January 11 at 6:35pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Steven Streufert 
      Bigfooters are the nicest people in person, usually. We just tend to dissect each other, as we don't have the BF to study reliably enough, nor a body to document it for science. No matter how much of an encounter we might have with them, the general public (and a lot of Bigfooters) simply will not believe it. That gets frustrating; and then we all come up with theories, and that is what we argue about, or what causes all of us (seemingly) to talk about each other behind each others' backs. Sometimes the theories are so strange, or so unfounded, that one can't help but comment. And then it is taken personally. And then... the same old story.
      January 12 at 1:38pm · 
    • Steven Streufert We can't even seem to agree on what Bigfoot IS.
      January 12 at 1:42pm ·  ·  1 person

    Angry Bigfoot is still hibernating, though it looks to be a warm winter out here in Willow Creek, CA. However, at one point as he thrashed about in his sleep he was heard to grumble and  mutter and then exclaim,
    "Dag Nabbit, hu-man! Pool of blood it not. Me plant bone on wrong film site. Me trick MK hu-man. Me hypnotize, whisper Sci-Fi story in him ear! Truth be, ME do Massacre on yer ass you not shut up. Let me sleep."
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    1. what is the mystery skull? I found one exactly like it and i cant figure out what it is. looks almost like some kind of bulldog or something.


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