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BFF (BIGFOOT FASCIST FORUMS) BLOWBACK! Comments and Feedback Pour in Since Banning



(NEW!: Currently updated to July 8th, 2010, with new comments added, and a new email from "RedRatSnake" Tim of the BFF. See below, and be sure to read the Comments by clicking the link at the very end. Do leave your own, too!)

Our planned reports from the OSS and our ENOCH book review are on the back burner for a little while as we deal with the ridiculous way in which we were banned from the BFF (we call it the Bigfoot Fascist Forums). This entry presents the Comments we've had posted to our PREVIOUS POST, 
Petty Dictators Rule the BFF! BIGFOOT'S BLOG Manages to Annoy the Hell out of the Bigfoot Forums and We Get Banned!--Read This One First!  (Or read the comments HERE). Also, there are a few relevant links and email excerpts. We hope you will find it edifying if you've ever planned to utilize that vile discussion board. Watch out! It is a pit of vipers. If you wish to escape and recover we DO have a support group for you. See below.


We need to raise awareness that there is an ALTERNATIVE to that horrid, wretched den of iniquity and duplicity and cruelty. Yes, there are alternatives; and we can disempower the BFF by diminishing their sense of exclusivity and privilege. This, in fact, we MUST do, if we do in fact care about Bigfooting as a field of study.



First a few relevant quotes for you....

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” -- Joseph Goebbels

“Tyrants are seldom free; the cares and the instruments of their tyranny enslave them.” -- George Santayana

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” -- Thomas Jefferson

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." --Constitution, First Amendment, Bill of Rights


Here are the three blog entries Melissa Hovey has written on the topic over at her SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT blog.

Here is an excerpt of what she wrote on what we like to call "THE SANE BF FORUM."

"I don't expect the BFF will cease to exist. What my hope is, is that they will discover they are being paid attention to, and there are some who will no longer stay silent to their tatics. They can ban me all they like, but I will always know what is going on, as people come to me all the time (with the references to back up their story).
It's painful to listen to. When people lecture about honesty, truth and credibility and then do shady things like read your personal messages, discuss your life (told to them in confidence) on the internet, and my personal favorite - tell you as long as you adhere to the posting guidelines everything will be fine - then turn around and give you grief because you don't agree with them or the staff
While the decision makers on the BFF are entitled to run their board anyway they choose, the problem I see is this - they represent the field of bigfoot research. Their banner alone, touts them as the "best place for bigfoot research on the internet". So, they are basically luring people in, under the guise of good bigfoot conversation, only to knock them down. Especially witnesses. My god.. I have talked to hundreds of witnesses who (at first) wanted nothing to do with bigfoot researchers - because of the BFF, you can add researchers to that group too. If what is said from the Dr. Meldrums on down to "joe bigfooter" matters, we should be just as insulted and upset when a forum such as the BFF, casts a bad shadow on this entire research. When someone is treated poorly there, it reflects on us all by proxy, whether we think so or not. It does.
The BFF will never go away, but we can be vocal in our dislike, and distance ourselves from the BFF and its tatics. I may be involved in this research, but no one on that board speaks for me. Let it serve as an online reference of who to stay away from. There are good people on the staff of the BFF, my issue is with the ones named above. These good people, sadly, are out numbered."


(We present them here unedited.)

sargehart74 said...
I read your links to this BS and my impression is you were a humorous gentleman and those people were a bunch of Nazi troll bitches.
July 1, 2010 3:29 PM


Anonymous said...
They “might” allow you back on, if you apologize for upsetting them so deeply, and promise to keep your head up their backsides.
At least that’s the way it works on the BFF (and common knowledge). As the new Chief Admin, Teresa, (Chief Administrator means Owner) said on the BFF, "it’s a case by case basis of course", so aim high!! *eye roll*

You are learning what very many have known for a long time, and been banned for saying it publicly. You’re in good company. I would swim through cow sh*t, before I ever apologized to that group of non-deserving, self important snobs.
July 1, 2010 3:48 PM


Anonymous said...
As a neutral observer here is the way I see it.

Most of your posts on the BFF were promoting your blog, in the last one you linked to your blog where you insulted some posters on the BFF for doing what you say you have the right to, give their opinion, and you were called on it.

It doesn't matter if you posted the insults (or what you saw as the truth)on the BFF, you linked to your blog in which you did so. It's hard to blame them.

July 1, 2010 5:42 PM


Steven Streufert, Bigfoot Books said...
Bill, those would be good points if they had to do with the WHOLE PICTURE. However, look into the PRIOR THREAD part. I posted the mocking stuff on my blog about the BFF because it was already a forgone conclusion that they were out to get me. I saw this clearly when the EARLIER attack occurred, where there was absolutely NO PROVOCATION. By the time I got to writing about the BFF on my blog I knew it would get me in trouble with them, but by then didn't care. If they are going to "rule" their site like they do, and let only their friends attack or defend themselves, then I simply WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. It's pretty simple. I was offering them loads of great content, not making a cent off the deal, just giving my blog freely to the world. I've done a whole lot more serious work than it seems any of these "Dogs" and "Teresa" have. But no, all they could do is sit around calling me a greedy book monger. Give me a break. AND they don't know how to listen. AND they take offense at the smallest thing, without even seeming to understand nor to have read what I and others actually said. I'm done with it. Let the lunatics have their little asylum!
July 1, 2010 5:58 PM

Steven Streufert, Bigfoot Books said...
And this, Bill...
What I meant about the discussion which I called "nutty furor" and "insane" was that it was a bunch of babble from people who had not even read the book, ENOCH, most of them, and that it was essentially mean-spirited and vile, and hurtful to Autumn Williams. Discussion is fine, but it should not be an attack on the person; unless, that is, the person is an anonymous jerkwad from the BFF who is being a distinct asshole. Then, fine, let us be mean. But Autumn does not deserve the nasty stuff some people were saying.
July 1, 2010 6:02 PM

344thBrother said...
How's that memory hole working out for you?

I love your decals! Can you get them made into bumper stickers? Maybe a bigfoot with a Nazi Helmet? I can see plenty of room for good clean fun here. Let me know how I can help. You know how I love a good fascist dictatorship.
July 1, 2010 11:44 PM

Anonymous said...
In this insane time, Vile hate Speech has it's purpose and place too.
July 1, 2010 11:45 PM


Anonymous said...
Steve, I,m just an armchair, disabled internet Bigfoot fanatic. I love your blog and check it every day for updates. I believe it is one of top blogs on this subject on the internet. I used to check the BFF but really got sick of all the negative comments and skeptical comments. Someone above mentioned their arrogance and they are right. If they could lose me then there are plenty of others who just don't like reading all their negative bull.By the way, if they really think NABS and MK Davis are that great they are really messed up. Keep up the good work and keep smiling.
July 2, 2010 12:20 AM


Anonymous said...
The reality is, the BFF may have become the most detrimental place for expanding knowledge about bigfoot there ever was. One well known researcher once said to me he doesn't even go there because its such a 'toxic' environment. Clearly that is true to the Nth Degree.

The problem originates from the top down. I wonder if the one admin there has ever really ever seen a bigfoot as she claims, but says it so as to depict some authority/knowledge on the subject? Because it would seem that if she really did, she would be more empathetic towards other witnesses. She isn't.

Clearly, the BFF is NOT the place to bring your sightings. They will beat you down in every way possible, believing they are being scientifically grounded and exposing hoaxers everywhere. HA!!! Most there are a bunch of ill-informed wannabe researchers that will never have a visual encounter in their life. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a few good people who post there, but they are still naive and simply haven't had the incident occur yet that has chased them away. BFF is more akin to a hoard of two-legged piranha waiting for a succulent victim to come along that they can tear apart piece by piece. They are indiscriminate for the most part. Look at how they embraced Autumn Williams several months ago for her upcoming book. Those same people are now looking for whatever hole they can find to exploit in order to break what they now consider lies, and they've never read the book themselves. They think that because someone else talked about certain behavior of a bigfoot, that it must be copied by the next witness. Well how about that just happens to be a common behavior of bigfoot? Is that REALLY too difficult a concept for these phony researchers at BFF? Oh and when they hear a witness talk about bigfoot language sounding like Native American, they can't help but recall another witness who said the same thing. Jeez, it must therefore be made up right? Well how about the possibility that bigfoot were here before humans and maybe even Native Americans picked up some language from them eons ago? Or that NA's and Bigfoot communicated with one another long ago? What a bunch of blind theorists who are incapable of conceptualizing how cultures of any kind may have evolved!
July 2, 2010 8:06 AM

Anonymous said...
The BFF readers miss opportunity after opportunity to learn something about sasquatch with each repeat witness that comes along. Said witnesses are NEVER given the chance in a positive environment to share. The important witness is quickly forced into a defensive stance, so instead of continuing to share the positive, he/she has to spend valuable time, well defending. The unencumbered constructive flow of personal knowledge is stopped dead in its 'bigfoot tracks'. So instead of them actually wanting to learn, most there simply want to maintain their pompous know-it-all (but really know little) egos based on what they (with their lack of personal experience) think bigfoot is or isn't. Well, BFF's combined emotional equilibrium does not appear anywhere as evolved as bigfoot's seems to be. Bigfoot showed remorse towards Mike in the book. Too bad bigfoot couldn't backhand BFF into the water instead. lol And so BFF loses again, never learning a damned thing when someone comes forward. BFF is INCAPABLE of remaining positive about any new controversial topics.

BFF is no longer a viable place to learn anything except how to professionally gang up on those who have more personal knowledge of bigfoot then they do. That is their role in the field. The main leadership there is the real problem because they enable it to happen. The main leadership there apparently lacks the social management skills to see how different approaches can bring different results. But knowing the emotional growth limits of certain people there, I guess one can't expect much more from them.

And yes, as Melissa Hovey also stated, the PM's at BFF are read by the Admins. So if you have controversial theories that you don't want them to know you believe, well DON'T share them through a PM. That's part of how they verify who they must keep a tight reign on.

July 2, 2010 8:07 AM


Anonymous said...
I could not agree more, the place is self defeating
July 2, 2010 3:09 PM


Anonymous said...
Wow. These replies are just as bad as you folks claim the BFF is in thier posts. So cutting down people for cutting down people is OK in your world?

I think this whole Bigfoot thig is just a big soap opera and you peeps take it a bit too seriously.

Steve, let me make an analogy.

You own a mexican resturant and someone else owns a resturant across town from you. You cross promote becasue it's good for both businesses, but the other resturant starts criticizing your menu by calling it nutty and insane. Are you saying you wouldn't be upset, especially if you allowed them ot post your menu at thier resturant?

I guess I don't know what you expected.
July 2, 2010 5:00 PM


Steve said...
Welcome to the legion of fine folks banned by's an honor to be worn proudly and worthy of respect.

Autumn and her respectful habituation friends have forgotten more about the "North American Aboriginal Ancient Peoples" than the BFF will ever know. Where's Bipto when ya need him?

live and let live...
ole bub and the dawgs


July 2, 2010 8:57 PM
Steven Streufert, Bigfoot Books said...
To the comment, above:
A Forum is not a "Mexican restaurant" in competition with another; but rather is supposed to be an objective domain for discussion. I only said those things after I was attacked irrationally by a high-seniority friend of the dictatorial Administration, and then when the Administrative tyrant herself stepped in to exercise power for no reason. I was in effect told to kiss her ass, or else. I would not. So, I decided at that point they were the Enemy of Truth, and that I should go after them. The banning was inevitable, but it was not I who started it. I only finished it. With no freedom of speech, and rule by favoritism, the BFF will NEVER recover its former glories, and feedback on this blog post tells me that a great majority of BFing folks feel the same way.
July 2, 2010 10:39 PM

Steven Streufert, Bigfoot Books said...
Revision added...
Mr. Anonymous--not to be "cutting down people," or anything, but they ARE little Hitlers. Should our sympathies go out to the Stalins and Pol Pots of this world, or should we rather stand with Truth and Reason and Goodness? To hell with the BFF!

Imagine a democratic state where DISSENT was not permitted. This would eventually be a state of either tyranny or bland conformity. It is one of the great rights, privileges, and duties as a citizen to engage in dissent when necessary. This is what I did on the BFF. I was playing nice and by the rules until I saw grievous injustice and irrationality; THEN I decided to rise up against it. Call it "death by cop" if you wish, but I'd rather not live in that nasty world of the BFF anyway. So, all is good, and now we will move onward to better things.
July 2, 2010 11:45 PM


Anonymous said...
Anon @ 5PM,
A collective analogous response to bad behavior isn't the same as 'initiating' bad behavior. BFF has long been a place where some just seem to get their kicks tearing down people and their claims. Never mind that their logic most often only makes sense to a few there. Others are often afraid to stand up because they realize they may just as easily become the target themselves. THIS IS THE MODUS OPERANDI! There is a long line of undeserving people who have been abused at BFF. It has gone on for years. The Admins and many of the Mods enjoy the power trip they wield. They are a childish group who can't differentiate what it means to 'moderate'. What the leadership REALLY does there is 'enable' a regulated meanness, while finding satisfaction in being honored by subservient followers for what is actually lesser intelligent behavior.

The BFF leadership is assimilating new clones as we speak. New mods who have demonstrated their own inept theoretical development. The leadership must surround themselves with zealous followers groomed at the same school. Individuals who have a specific view of what bigfoot is, and by golly, they are going to make sure everyone else believes the same thing AT BFF! The BFF is a lost train leading to nowhere. A bunch of old school wannabes who will never have a real encounter of their own, because their belief system won't allow them to consider anything but a giant ape is running around our woods. Sadly many naive newcomers there don't understand yet and find BFF as a fun place to chat, while the process continues of witnesses and even credential people being attacked within various threads. It really is a deadly cycle that needs more exposure because it DOES harm the field as a whole, as well as our understanding of the intended subject being discussed.

They don't realize, their tunnel visioned limits of what they 'allow' people there to believe and discuss there, is their own reason for self failure as a group.
July 3, 2010 8:24 AM

Anonymous said...
To add: That goes for any blog or forum too.
July 3, 2010 8:26 AM


Anonymous said...
Well, having been suspended myself over there in the past, I can tell you this (while remaining completely impartial and open to other opinions):

There is a regular gang of members/mods on BFF that regularly screams for more details, more evidence, the answers to hard questions, etc. But it's this same group that immediately thrashes anyone who tries to provide the info they are screaming for. The atmosphere is toxic. Someone posted above that every person who brings any account to the BFF is immediately placed on the defensive by the feeding frenzy that is allowed by the mods or their chosen friends, and if anyone complains about this behavior they are given a warning, suspension, or a banning. It's amazing.

The rules are selectively enforced, and don't apply to friends of the mods or the mods themselves. And if you've committed no infraction, but the mods don't want you posting on a subject, they will actually MAKE UP charges to level at you in order to "keep you down", or at least try.

And no, your PM's on the BFF are not "P" (as in Private). Yes, the mods monitor PM's there, and yes, they take action based on their content, but disguise it with the above mentioned "made up" charges.

I'm not going to ask anyone to boycott the BFF's because I think it's important to be able to witness this behavior firsthand. But I will say this: BE VERY CAREFUL OVER THERE because nothing you say is private, and everything you say can and will be used against you at some point if the mods decide you're not one of their "chosen ones".
July 3, 2010 12:36 PM

Anonymous said...
You're my hero. Yes, you.
July 3, 2010 6:20 PM


Anonymous said...
I suspect they've noticed they are being watch & criticized and that the so-called leaders are passing the word amongst themselves plus encouraging certain posters there to ease off. If so, their motives for ever appearing to be a kinder gentler gang of jerks, will never make up for real decency.
July 3, 2010 8:52 PM


Anonymous said...
And this from Redwolf in the Enoch thread: "Please quit pulling the "if you haven't read the book you shouldn't judge" card. It's an old and weak argument."

That is rich! Talk about the epitome of faulty logic. What a standard she would evoke for how research should be conducted. Yep, BFF is absolutely in good hands folks. hehe

Oh look, another person is given a week off in the Enoch thread for being bad. Or is it the status quo at BFF that is bad?

I've got an excellent idea. If all the different groups and researchers out there could just hold off on any announcements or news makers for a few weeks, the problem could possibly solve itself. As long as there are no public news sightings, maybe, just maybe, the ones who froth most at the mouth at bff will begin attacking and consuming one another. You know, just like a bunch of rabid animals. Sure a few innocent victims may get caught in the malay, but they would be sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

Hmm, I just had a maybe-even better idea, and more fun too. How about a blog where the sole purpose is to identify and publish for 'posterity', all the stupid asinine statements that certain people at BFF make about others. We could have a grand time, and we'd never run out of material. lol
July 4, 2010 1:07 PM


Anonymous said...
"And this from Redwolf in the Enoch thread: "Please quit pulling the "if you haven't read the book you shouldn't judge" card. It's an old and weak argument."

Dear Redwolf: Please do not encourage ignorance. Everyone should be encouraged to inform themselves of all the facts, prior to being involved in a conversation. Unless you enjoy those around you appearing to be less than Knowledgeable about the issues they are discussing.

I know you feel it more appropriate that everyone agree with you and the Admin Team of the BFF, and there is no need for anyone to form their own opinion by self-education, but really you should be promoting responsible behavior.

I remember a day when ignorance of a subject in total, was frowned upon by the BFF.. Now it is encouraged? That is pathetic.

I wish Brian Brown would return, and toss you all out on your butts for destroying his work. You, Teresa, and JayleeD have made a complete mess out of what was once a wonderful place.

Members of the BFF have a right to be angry over the complete face plant that site has taken under Teresa's rule. Without member posts the BFF would be nothing. You should be thanking and appreciating their contribution.

I have never seen a BFF Admin make such an incredibly ignorant statement. Good Job, Redwolf.
July 5, 2010 5:57 AM


Anonymous said...
I noticed at the top of this page that this particular blog is getting triple the hits as normal. Well, don't get too excited about it. I'm sure a significant number of those hits are from BFF mods coming over here to see if they can dig up any dirt on anyone who posts a comment.

That's what they do.

They've shown this idiotic inter-forum paranoia before. (think back to the MRP debacle)

There aren't very many things as annoying as a small-minded control freak, and now their staff is made up of them. Redwolf and BitterMonk top that list, and their friend Blackdog is allowed to insult anyone he wants with their protection and blessing.

Nothing ever gets advanced on that forum, only torn apart. Some folks thrive on that kind of thing, and they can have it. Most of the rest of us are simply going to pass them by. And if anyone makes any kind of discovery, they'll likely tear it apart because it wasn't shared there. Business as usual. Ironic how these are the same people who enjoy criticizing other organizations so much...
July 5, 2010 11:23 AM


Anonymous said...
Bigfoot has been a life long interest of mine. Bigfoot research has certainly developed into some strange behavior for some.

Like many others I started reading and posting at the BFF over 10 years ago, not because I had any misconception that I knew it all, but I did feel that I had learned a thing or two.

It seemed ok at first, then I began to notice how those who had a sighting were being treated and it wasn't good. It went from not good to viscous in a very short order.

Anyone who has had a sighting will have their own perspective on what it is that they saw, and this is a good thing as they might very well contribute another piece to the puzzle.

Questions are fine and helpful, but treating those who have had a sighting like they are some kind of foreign spy who needs to be put under spot lights and questioned mercilessly until their answers fit the BFF mold is ridiculous and not at all the way research is done.

I would not recommend that anyone take the BFF seriously anymore and if you have had an experience in the woods don't talk about it there, better yet don't go there at all. The only thing serious about the BFF is the blindness to their own behavior is in serious need of some serious help which I have little hope will ever happen.
July 5, 2010 12:34 PM


Beenbeatupalready. said...

My take on BFF. Hah, pity the fool that goes there with an experience, trauma, question, seeking advice,etc.
Do not go there and share anything. I strongly urge you. they will tear you to shreds.
Yes, these people are vicious, and that is putting it mildly. They remind me of a pack of wolves, surround and then go for the kill.
July 5, 2010 9:06 PM


Edward (Ed) has left a new comment on your post "BFF (BIGFOOT FASCIST FORUMS) BLOWBACK! Comments an...":

Sorry to hear that you got caught up in the Kool Kids Klub of BFF, But it isn't unexpected from the mentality that resides there, that started with Paul Vella and his Lies and Misrepresentations that he perpetrated on that site.
The list is long, but there was only on thing that remands constant and consistent they will trash you any where and at anytime.
Until you start reminding them of the Lies and double talk that Paul and his KKK have done in the past.
And then a curious thing happens....
Threads get shut down.....reopened just long enough to put some snide snippet post in place and then it closed again.....
But when its responded to on another forum or blog, all of a sudden he and his KKK are quick to attack the forum, group and or blog, for allowing you to even Post your rebuttal.
In essence how DARE you allow this to happen, kind of attitude.
BUT, when this doesn't happen....then its lock up all threads, scrub and clean entries to threads, delete whole threads all together... and then lets pretend it never happened.
That is the BFF, KKK and Paul Vella in a nutshell.
A pretty sad statement of Human Waste and most who have dealt with them would agree.
Good luck to you, Keep the pressure up the will fold after all their leader did.

Posted by Edward (Ed) to BIGFOOT'S bLOG at July 6, 2010 9:32 AM


Plus, an email:
"Steven, Just a note to say that I enjoy your blog. The latest posting telling it like it is regarding the BFF is spot on. Seems that anyone who doesn't fall in line with the new mod team better shut up or expect the boot. Also, thanks for the link to the Search for Bigfoot Forum. It's not one that I was a member of, just signed up today. Keep Squatchin!" -- Keeping It Anonymous



To the BFF lackey, below (see Comments). Ha ha ha!!!

I let this comment go through in the name of freedom of discourse. Much less can be said for the BFF environment, where I was warned for MUCH LESS ABRASIVE statements than the one you just made. Really, please quote to me and our audience here just what you think I said on that first BFF thread that was abrasive, OK? Really, I was overly polite, considering the attacks that were being made. I responded to comments sensibly, and then was accused of trying to hide from their great truths. Then I was attacked for supposedly trying to sell books on the BFF. These are violations of the spirit of reasoned debate. With no reason they were coming after me... and I am being accused of "abrasiveness"? Come on. It was "MasterBarber," "Parnassus," then the vicious "BlackDog," then "RedWolf," and finally "Teresa." See how this works its way up the scuzzy feeding chain? This is their raison d'etre. This is what they live for, not logic, not the sincere exploration of the Bigfoot phenomenon. Read the first thread again and tell me where I did anyone any wrong. Honestly, now, just look. You will see it is true. They did not "call me on it," as I had NOT DONE ANYTHING at the time I was attacked. And then the so-called "moderators" began to attack. This is NOT grown-up nor reasonable behavior.

As to your second accusation: in both this blog entry and the previous one on the same topic I made it very clear that these entries contain SATIRE. See, I found the BFF to be an intolerable environment, in part precisely because none on those discussions seemed to get when I was using HUMOR. Instead of chuckling, rather, they chose to become aggressive. I wanted to point this problem of the BFF out to the public. The time to do so was undeniable. Not only was I driven by a desire for some kind of justice, but I also found it utterly hilarious and laughable. Yes, this is ridicule, now. I am mocking you. And guess what? YOU DESERVE IT! The BFF is a childish domain, a stupid little sandbox and playground ruled by the bullies, those who just don't know how to "play nice" with other people, let alone have an intelligent and mature discussion on complex and difficult issues. Sometimes I wonder if these people running the place and their lackey-clowns are even literate. They perceive an intelligent response as arrogance, and think they are smart when they are merely snarky at best. Excuse me if you aren't laughing. It is funny to us. And I laugh at you now, you BFF CULT MEMBER mind-slave. Vindictive? You betcha; and yes, I do feel spite toward the BFF and its low standards of behavior and discourse. YES, I DO want revenge. The BFF does not deserve any longer to be considered the "most popular one-stop shop for Sasquatch talk." It IS, effectively, a mere ghetto for losers, ruled by even bigger losers. I emphatically URGE all serious Bigfooters to join me and get the heck OUT of that cesspit. So there! You amuse me, BFF, but I ain't gonna play your little games anymore.


HERE, for Your Reading Pleasure, is a Slightly Edited (for context and concision) Email Exchange from Early June, after the First BFF Attack Situation:

ANONYMOUS INTERLOCUTOR: You got jumped, dumped, sumped and thumped over little or nothing but people afraid you might have a little power to make some contacts through your blog. The marketplace combo. of bookstore and blog sort of scared them ........[EDIT] Masterbarber hates you because of Paulides investigation.......he is a cop too. Redwolf hates you because she hates to think that maybe somebody can defend themselves from her bullying and inane posturing with her head up her arse, Blackdog is a negative troll that ran one of the other mods crazy and then essentially blackmailed/extorted him off the board.... [EDIT]. They are both horses of the same ruinous color anyway. Blackdog just trumps up stuff to jump you on. If you just out-think and out-humor him he'll get pissed and disappear for a few.....but long story short, none of these naysayer people are worth writing a dissertation over to win a debating contest except a chosen few. I'm aghast though that people like Saskeptic can't catch a clue about people like Matthew Johnson PhD who have sightings and have problems as a result. [EDIT] They all feel like they have some superhuman investigative power over the electron blogosphere and can divine truth from consequences of their self-importance. [Edit] Someone... reported Redwolf for the wussy-assed stuff [she said] and she had to rescind. But then when you rubbed it in she started back up with it they had their fun while [others were] sleeping and they closed the thread so they got the last word. That's kinda how it works when you got longtimers here and a favored crowd, it's part of the turf. None of these people would have any power contacts to cause you trouble out in Cali. believe me. You've already got enough allies to keep up your personage and your blogging....

BIGFOOT BOOKS:  The BFF has degenerated, it seems. It was bad when I first started looking at it back in 2006-7 or so. This kind of thing is so unproductive, and depressing. Or it all becomes a big joke, or a game to see who can "win" by being more cynical and manipulative. I've got better things to do than deal with obnoxious negative TROLLS who don't get banned because they have been around too long on the Forums. I got "warned" over nothing, meanwhile these "long-timers" were attacking, slandering, and going off topic, not to mention "reporting" me for "being an asshole on here." HUH??? What the hell did I even do? It is insane, just an obvious bunch of people coming after me due to pre-existing biases, and hiding behind friendships and "senority."

I told Teresa that I had heard those things about MasterBarber, RedWolf and BlackDog. She just defended them. And denied it all. And showed NO sign of recognizing what had really been going on. Somehow it was MY fault as I had "argued" with an administrator. Again, I have to say: Huh? I guess I'm just supposed to salute or bow or whatever. There was complete violation of the posting guidelines by those people, but somehow I was the only one "warned." So strange. And it does not expand my faith in the Bigfoot Community so far as one may see it on the BFF, that no one on there seemed to even be able to read and follow an extended logical argument as I made more than once on that thread. So, it is obviously not really about truth or fairness or decency, but rather just whom you know. Great Forum. Jeez. It is sad, but once again I feel compelled to avoid the Forums. I'll just post my things on the blog, and then leave. And what remains will be those five-toe jerks with silly anonymous titles, playing their stupid games. Searching for Bigfoot Forum is so much more sane, and USEFUL!!!!

Best, Steve. BF BOOKS


Our Very Last Post on the BFF... How Caustic! How Abrasive! How Deeply Offensive!

NO ONE ATTACKED ME HERE [in this thread]. Though it has happened at other times.
Looks like BlackDog is trying to do it, but I'm above all of that.

I was talking about attacks on Autumn Williams on another thread.
No, I am not selling ENOCH here; but I do have a copy in my shop.

Black Dog, I'm not falling for it this time. BTW. Don't you have 
anything better to do than snap and bark at my heels?

I'm not implying anyone is insane. I was saying that there sometimes is 
"insanity" on this forum, like most forums that discuss controversial 
issues. Please re-read posts before replying, I guess, is what needs to 
be said. What I said was very simple and clear, wasn't it?

Enough said.

Steve,BF Books


" I think it has come time for the BFF to realize that they are not looked at as the major legitimate big foot forum any longer, the years of picking away at good research and reputations, turning folks / organizations against one another and splitting up friendships for the sake of getting a personal kick out of it is not very welcome, i urge folks to join in the boycott of the BFF and send a message to Chief Administrator Teresa and her staff that there are many other very good forums to bring research too and the BFF is off the list, Serious bigfoot enthusiast's have enough to deal with because of the ~ The Tom Biscardi Circus ~ an uncontrolled runaway tabloid like bigfoot forum further hurting the cause is certainly not needed right now." ~ RedRatSnake ~ JULY 6th 2010

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 Me angry with you stinky hu-mans. You light stinking fireworks and scare all me forest friends away. Now me very sad. And you hu-mans still shoot me friends and eat them. You hu-mans make me sick. Now me want to rub me big stinky feet in hu- man kinds face. You hu-mans can smell me big stinky hairy butt. If me see you shoot me friends or say me  just big stupid ape, me hunt you down and eat you for dinner.

(Angry Bigfoot channeled for this issue by Denali Brown, age 8)


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