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Petty Dictators Rule the BFF! BIGFOOT'S BLOG Manages to Annoy the Hell out of the Bigfoot Forums and We Get Banned!

Ha ha ha! Bigfoot Forums, We Don't Need You!

NOTE: This blog entry is a bit of a collage. We compiled it as it was happening, and now feel it better to just leave it as it is. Be sure to read below for the newer UPDATES, and especially the fine and interesting COMMENTS at the very end.  Also, see below for two NEWS items.

The BFF is a Petty Oligarchical Dictatorship! 

"Time for bigfoot to come down and kick some serious butt. Politics has no place in Sasquatchland." --blog reader, Dave Short

What happened? Find out by investigating the links and emails below. Briefly:
* We posted links to our blog on the Forums, thinking this was a nice thing to do, to share.
* We were attacked by supporters of Bob Hieronimus, and then by some anonymous coward named BlackDog, and others.
* These attacks were off-topic, pointless, personal, and supported by Forum administrators.
* We were accused of being on the Forums solely to pimp books, a total untruth and insult--we were on there because of a love of Bigfoot and Bigfooting. In fact, that is the reason we opened our store in Willow Creek: it is Bigfoot Bait.
* We were accused by cronies of doing things we did not do, words like "a**hole" were tossed about by others; and who got a "warning"? We did. And for no reason at all.
* We did not kiss the butt of the Administrator... SHOCK resounded on the thread. How could you dare to do such a thing, was the implication.
* We blogged about it, calling them all TROLLS on our blog. We kept posting our links on the Forum, figuring it would eventually get noticed, but also figuring this was our right of free speech, and that we were not doing any of this ON the BFF.
* We commented again that the discourse on the BFF is often a "nutty furor" or "insane discussion." This got noticed. The Dogs, BlackDog, Red Wolf, and this "Teresa" came after us. We had said NONE of this on the BFF. This was done on our blog. Most annoying for the BFF, we mentioned another forum and said it was better: The Search for Bigfoot Forum.
* Another discussion ensued on the BFF, and we politely answered a few questions, made a light-hearted joke, and then suddenly...
* We were summarily suspended and then banned, with no warning, and after doing nothing out of bounds on the actual Forums. This was a clear case of thin-skinned egos getting hurt, and a dictatorial backlash from a small clique of controlling maniacs who are profoundly undemocratic and despotic in their actions on the Forums, suppressing free debate whilst allowing their ring-kissing cronies to get away with everything short of rhetorical murder.
* It was all too clear that this was about control and revenge and ego-defense. It had nothing to do with fair and free discussion of the Bigfoot topic. It was based on pre-existing grudges and apparent psychotic personal problems of people who had nothing better to do than try to harass us and get us banned from the site.
* We went along with it; yes, we taunted them, AFTER we had been harassed. It was fun. But ultimately, it demonstrated their pettiness. We did not call them out until after they had proven their unfairness. By then it was a forgone conclusion that we'd eventually annoy them, so we just kept on doing what we do.

We never said "they" were crazy. We said the "furor" was "nutty," and that particular discussion "insane."
There is a VERY large difference. They just do not see it, petty egotists that they are.

On our blog we spoke of how nasty they were over ENOCH on BFF. We called it a nutty furor. Then we said that things were more civil on the SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT FORUM. The BFF just can't handle the truth, it would seem. Banned for something we said on our blog, NOT on the Forums? That is truly insane! Sick! And they have the nerve to call us a hypocrite? Unbelievable. They are enemies of free speech, free discussion, and free inquiry. Profoundly undemocratic. A site ruled by petty, favoritistic, ignoramous dictators and trolls.


NOTE: this topic thread has been made MEMBERS ONLY on THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT FORUM. To read it you will need to sign up. And sign up you should! This is what we like to call "The Sane BF Forum," and is vastly superior in its discourse than the BFF.

In the name of Free Speech, Sanity, and Free Thought and Inquiry in the field of Bigfooting we call upon all of you to spread the word and BOYCOTT this once great but now sadly fallen and tarnished web site. It is ruled by petty tyrants and their henchmen promoted by favoritism. It demonstrates all that is bad and negative and unproductive in the Bigfooting field and the discourse of these times.


Here is the link that got us banned. What did we do? Let us know what you think; and by all means let the BFF know, too.

And see what we said that so infuriated their fragile egos, in the part near the top where we are discussing ENOCH: Oregon Sasquatch Symposium 2010, Day One.

Here is where we talked about the "Troll Attack" upon us:
Going Hunting for Bigfoot, Finding TROLLS Instead!"

Here is the FIRST thread, where we were attacked by the doggies and the dictators. Crazy!


Melissa Hovey just blogged about us and this situation on her SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT BLOG.
Read: New Article at "Bigfoot's Blog"

And now, July 2nd, there is an UPDATE:
You've GOT to read the last one! Amazing! The view from a one-time insider who knows what's up.

Read the COMMENTS, below this blog entry (you may have to click the comments link at bottom to view them). Or better yet, leave one of your own!

Additional Information:
Since we seem to be distracted by Bigfoot reports in the shop here today, here is an email we sent out this morning explaining this situation somewhat. Enjoy!

Ha ha! Funny, eh?

The Search for Bigfoot Forum link is now MEMBERS ONLY (so that people can actually talk and avoid harassment). You should sign up with them, then you can participate or view it.

I will tell the story on my blog, further, but the gist of it is this:

* There is a group of petty dictators who rule the place
* Posting rules and norms of decorum don't apply to them
* They can say what they want due to "seniority" and whom they know
* They were allowed to attack and insult me, but I was not allowed to defend myself or my positions
* I was accused of being on the BFF only to "peddle my wares," when in fact it is demonstrable that I have not made a single red cent there
* They refuse to recognize that I am primarily a scholar in the Bigfoot field when on there, nor do they see the contributions I make on my blog, which I share freely with all
* It is their own damnable loss not to have my stuff on there

After the first offense they made against me, with no provocation, I was kind of stunned. I'd heard the rumors of these vicious tendencies on the BFF, and how the "regime change" there recently had left the place much worse off for wear. But I had no idea this kind of official bias and favoritism was allowed. I commented on that on my blog, calling them "Trolls." That is what they are. Only, they are Trolls in control of the venue, not the lurking kind. Note: I did NOT really come out and do this on the BFF, but I did make a little joke: "When out Bigfoot Hunting, watch out for Trolls." Pretty harmless, I think.

On my blog, just recently, I was writing about Autumn Williams' new book, ENOCH. I defended her against what I called the "nutty furor" and spoke of what I called an "insane discussion" thread going on there. In my latest posting re. my new blog post, a couple of questions came up. I answered those politely. Then this nasty "BlackDog," who had harassed me the last time, came back and took offense at what I'd said about the Forum ON MY BLOG. BDog also seemed to resent that I referred there to a better discussion going on over at the SFBF Forum. They hate the fact that someone has started their own forum, and a better one.

I did not say anything nasty there. I only said, no, I will not go there, and BlackDog, stop barking and nipping at my heels. So, it is clear, I think, that I was banned from the Forum not because of violating any rules, but just because I exercised my right to say what I like on MY OWN VENUE! This is simply and purely... CENSORSHIP. What caused the initial attacks is a bit mysterious; but I have it on good word that there were reasons of bias pre-existing due to what I had written on my blog about David Paulides and MK Davis.

Of course, I knew what I was doing. I was angry and amused with the first instance, so I blogged about it. Then I very consciously mentioned them on my next posting and pointed out the insanity that goes on over there sometimes. Then I posted the links to this post on their Forum. I figured they would notice it, and it would probably piss off the thin-skinned ones there. I did not figure on getting BANNED FOR LIFE simply for blogging as I like. That was a little unexpected, but still quite amusing.

I know how to choose my allies; all the other ones wallowing in ignorance and stupid petty domains of iniquity can really just f-off.

Perhaps you could start a thread on the BFF talking about what happened? Or leave comments on my blog posting or on the SFBF Forum? That would be nice. I have declared all-out war on the Bigfoot Forums, and they will surely regret it.

Bye for now,
Bigfoot Books

Here is another email, sent last night:

The funny thing is they can't even read!

I posted this to share my blog. A couple did not even get what I very clearly said. I clarified, politely. A further unnecessary question was asked, and I clarified that. Someone took offense to what I said on my blog about "insane furor" going after you on the Forums. I never said anyone on BFF in particular was crazy; I just tried to point out that SOME of it shows a tendency in that direction. And, I did not even say that on their Forum! Ha ha.

So maybe I am being suspended for exercising my free speech rights on my very own venue? BlackDog, who attacked last time, came at me again with the same accusations of profiteering and self-promotion, basically insulting, and issues I'd already addressed on the other thread. I said they should stop nipping at me. That's all! I guess BDog can do it, but I can't even jokingly say I don't want to go there with that argument. Huh?

BDog is out to get me banned, and is free to insult.
RedWolf completely misinterprets me and then suspends me for simply replying to what others have insinuated and implied.

This is too much like Animal Farm for me!
It was a setup, but just too funny to resist.
Was I not polite in what I said?

Obviously, they want to silence or scare me into censoring my blog voice, not just what I say on BFF. Do their posting rules also apply to what I sing in the shower?

Oink oink! Little do they know I have other means of speaking out, and getting revenge if I must.

We don't need no Big Foot Forums.
We don't need no thought control.

And here's another email, sent just this afternoon:

Hey, thanks! It's always nice to find support among the nasty insanity.

I'd always kept my distance from the BFF in the past for the same kind of reasons--flame wars are just such a waste of time. Now, it would seem, the administrators themselves are the nasty trolls. For whatever reason, and very small reason at best, they decided I had a bad attitude. This is basically because I speak with conviction and can write and think better than most of them. It is also, mainly, because I was misunderstood, and then would not kiss the ring of Mistress "Teresa."

I'd always thought that "A Forum" was supposed to be an open area of discussion, not a domain for personal vendetta, but it is obvious that this is exactly what the BFF has become. A few people on there, a few of whom were angry with me over work I had done on the MK Davis and Paulides cases, were all it took to get me attacked. Why? Because of anything I had said at that point? No. Just because of crony connections and favoritism, and prior grudges. I commented upon that satirically on my blog, and they just couldn't handle it. They obviously wanted to get me run off the forums and, for fun, I played them in that direction.

Many have already told me that it is a badge of honor to get booted from the BFF. That is one badge I will wear proudly. I can happily go to the Search for Bigfoot Forum, and clearly wouldn't benefit from any further association with BFF madness, anyway. I now advocate a wide-scale boycott of the site. Let the trolls and the skoftic snarkers have it. They deserve what it has become.

Best to you,
Bigfoot Books


Redwolf, this is so plainly laughable. I have addressed some of these things already, and I did so in a civil way. I should really not even deign to respond, but so long as this inanity is out there I suppose I must.

1. I did not join BFF to sell books, but have never tried to hide the fact that that is my business. I don't hide behind an anonymous profile image, and my full contact information and photo of me are on there. I use BF Books, the shop, as a means of making contact with people in the Bigfooting world and on the Bigfoot topic. I never expected to make a lot of money off a bookshop in a tiny town like Willow Creek. I needed an office for my online book business, and having the shop was about as expensive as renting an office room, so why not? My book business is mainly in scholarly and antiquarian books, and has nothing to do with Bigfoot (save for the odd rare and out of print Bigfoot book). I hence do not expect to have any sales at all in that realm from my appearance on the BFF. Rather, I joined the BFF out of personal interest in the Bigfoot topic. Having a public identity in this way brings in sightings reports and Bigfoot enthusiasts, which I like, and is the main reason I continue to run the shop, even though the shop really only pays for itself, no more. Any Bigfoot items I sell don't come close to the amount I reinvest into obtaining stock on that topic. And, really, I only obtain that stock to stimulate discussion and to make people happy when they come here to find out about Bigfoot. In this I find myself in a position much like Al Hodgson. Al has even commented to me on this. He ran a store in town here, but found that it was also a contact spot for Bigfooting. Hence, even though he was not really that interested in Bigfoot at first, he found himself playing a significant role in the history of the study of the phenomenon. Now, I don't say I am as important as Al or anything, so stop the slander mill there, please. Simply put: I am on BFF to study Bigfoot, and to promote my blog. I don't hide my business, as that is a part of what I do; but it is not primary or even close to a significant part of the reason I am on this Forum. Total sales in Bigfoot this week: $26.45. And that is gross, not net profit. So, you can see, I am not here nor in my shop trying to make money off of Bigfoot. My major seller this week was actually Romance novels. So, shouldn't I be on the Romance Fiction Forum if I am so greedy? It would be nice if rather than harping on this accusation that I am only in it for the money, perhaps some of you could actually read the blog and comment on that. So far only Bipedalist has done that. (Red Wolf: I see you have edited out your "ass kissing" accusation against him, just because he actually read my blog and commented on the subject matter--what courage you show!)

2. I never talked "smack" to Teresa. She pointed out that I had "Bookseller" after my name, and that I had a web link in my signature. Fair enough, as at least she put a "smiley" after it. But before she spoke there were MasterBarber and Parnassus somewhat slanderously commenting in that way, basically trying to discount my research and accuse me of being here only for the money. THAT is what I was responding to. I can only conclude that some of you are not very good at reading, as I have been nothing but rational and sensible in what I've said here so far. And Blackdog, I didn't go after you; I just lumped you in with the Bob Heironimus part of the thread talk because you had gotten involved after MasterBarber's non-sequitur about Bob H., and then you got Kitikaze involved. I don't mind talking about Bob H., but that is not my agenda, as it seems to be with others. Actually, it is a good idea to interview Bob H., and I'd do so if the opportunity presented itself in the right way. I never tried to shut down any discussion, nor to insult anyone. Rather, what happened is that several of you on here came after me with NO PROVOCATION nor reason, and totally off topic, to attack my supposed profit motives. It would be nice if some of you, before attacking, would actually read my blog to see that I do not really even try to promote book sales on there. All I talk about is Bigfoot Research that I and others do, or the area around here, or the history of the topic.

Also, to imply that every post I make here should be made in fear and trembling about what some "elder" or administrator might think or do against me is just plainly ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, and against the spirit of free expression and open discourse. I am not slandering anyone here, but somehow I seem to be under attack. If I defend myself and my position it is only my right and I would add my duty to do so. This is not some top-down, fascistic domain, is it? As far as I can tell I am not violating any posting guidelines or ethics, and am only sincerely interested in the topic at hand. I have tried to respond positively, despite somewhat vicious implications from others that were totally uncalled for, in my opinion. I will say what I think is right, and true, and I will stick with it. Yes, I am interested in "the truth," MasterBarber; but I don't appreciate your sarcastic tone and implication that I am only interested in the truth that I prefer to see. Think what you like. I will think what I think. I will do whatever interview I feel fit to do, or write on topics that seem pertinent to me at the time. If I don't interview Bob H., so be it; it means nothing. There was an implication made earlier that those who don't care to listen to Bob Heironimus must be PG "fanatics," crazy Bigfoot Film believers. This isn't very fruitful, either. There are ample non-fanatical reasons why a sane and serious person might question Greg Long's book and Bob H.'s statements. So far as I am concerned, I have alread read all 500 pages or whatever it is of Long's book and paid special attention to what Bob H. has said. It does not convince me. Enough said. Think what you will. That is fine. I just disagree. OK? Please show me even one, single ethical violation I have made in this discussion. There are, to my eye, none. Someone said I was behaving self-righteously--I just DON'T see that. If I speak in a way that makes you feel insecure, sorry. That is not my intention.

3. "Stroke egos"? NO, but really, to me, Bipedalist clearly stands out in this discussion as the rational one. He actually wanted to discuss something having to do with the blog topic that is the reason this thread was created. And he is polite, rational, sane, not coming after me with slander, not going off on some pet topic. Just entering in a sensible way toward a real discussion. Kudos to him! He doesn't have to agree with me. It's fine, we can discuss. But really, what does my profession or Bob Heironimus have to do with anything? I am honored to have Bipedalist as a reader. I don't kiss his butt, and he doesn't kiss mine. We are just both interested in Bigfoot and talking about it. Isn't that really what this Forum is for?

4. Long standing members, or not, acting like an attack dog for no reason is kind of leaning in the trollish direction, isn't it? After all, Trolls are known to stake out their turf, under bridges or wherever, and to LURK there. Maybe this is what is going on? I don't know. All I know is that I was just ambling along doing my own thing, and then some crazy trolls seemed to jump out of nowhere and attack me for no reason.

"Off to a running start"? Hmmm. I have been using the BFF since 2006. I have had other identities before my current one, once I actually signed up. I don't really post here, save for putting up my blog information, for just such a reason as one can readily see in this thread: stick your head out and say something, and then the looniness starts. I like the BFF. It has fabulous information and good people on it. I'm glad it is here and that I can participate. But this kind of attack for no reason is what many had warned me about before I even became a member. Flame wars and trollish attacks don't benefit anyone. It is frankly a waste of time.

I truly appreciate all points of view, and am willing to study and write about any of them that make sense or need to be challenged. This is just what the intellectual endeavor is about; it shouldn't be about personal attacks and egotistical battles. I humbly submit my blog entries to the world. Read them or not. But try to see clearly, to see the Bigfoot in the forest and the forest for the trees, not just your own reflected image.

Perhaps some of you in this discussion could come clean? Tell me: are you friends of Jim Lansdale or MK Davis? Maybe David Paulides? Is THIS why you are coming after me?

Best to all of you, regardless of where you might have fallen into this ridiculous discussion. Let's please move on to better things. I have a new post up with a new thread for it on Bigfoot Forums. Go check it out! It's fun, it's free, it's informative, it's for you and in the honor of our friend the Sasquatch.

quote name='Redwolf' date='May 29 2010, 08:58 AM' post='598941'
Let's see,
1. Join a BF forum to sell books but deny that is your goal
2. Talk smack to the forum administrator who is letting you stay out of the goodness of her heart
3. Stroke egos of those who suck up to you
4. Accuse long-standing members of being trolls
Woo Hoo! Sounds like you are off to a running start here at the BFF. Welcome!

SECOND ONE: Yes, Bipedalist, THANK YOU!

I will take kudos from John Green, Bill Miller, Thomas Steenburg, Kathy Moskowitz Strain, Joshua Blu Buhs, Daniel Perez, Cliff Barackman, Michael Rugg, James Bobo Fay, and so many others over the silly comments by anonymous sniping trollish amateurs any day!

Now, re. the encounter concept.... I am working on my Part Two now. It will appear sometime in early June. I am talking about all forms of "contact," from the eyeball-to-eyeball sighting to the psychic, from blobsquatches to the PG Film. What IS an encounter, when our imagination is involved? When ambiguity of origin and perceptual biases are present? When anything that goes bump in the night COULD be a Sasquatch? How do we know? It is intriguing that even the closest Class A sightings can still describe a very different creature, from encounter to encounter. Why IS that? How much of it is Bigfoot, a real flesh and blood creature, and how much of it is the "Bigfoot" that lives within our minds? I will be exploring these questions.

Your input is surely appreciated, as would be any sensible and sane such discourse within this discussion thread. THIS is the discussion I was hoping to have on here. Not something about Bob H. and capitalist booksellers. Thank you for seeing that and responding! Damn, what a relief that is!  Best, Steve



Autumn Williams has just blogged on her OREGON BIGFOOT BLOG about the recent controversy over the cover art for her book, ENOCH. No, folks, it was not copied from an Alton Higgins drawing. Answer? NO, it was NOT plagiarized. READ IT HERE...




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What left me for to say? Hu-man friend say it all. He say he angry, but I see him now and he be laughing. Bigfoot Forum? What it have do with ME? It nothing but hu-man dumbness all over again. Me smash!


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