Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bigfoot Days 2016, Willow Creek

Special Post for BIGFOOT DAYS, September 2016

Since 1960 this fun community festival has been held on Labor Day weekend in Willow Creek, California, the "Bigfoot Capitol of the World," as they say, or "The Gateway to Bigfoot Country." This is its 56th annual sighting. It's normally just a small-town celebration, with a little Bigfoot content, but this year it was literally infested with Bigfoot. There were many different Bigfoot in this parade, by far more than most years; and this was the year that many felt could be the ultimate decline of the celebration. Instead of giving in to the CalTrans decision not to close the main road which is Highway 299 for the parade, the community rallied back, and came out with not only more Bigfoot, but a real crowd of fire trucks, tanks and military vehicles, Forest Service representatives (including Smokey the Bear), a veteran's color guard and some horses.

All photos here, by and copyright, Steven Streufert
Blue Lake Casino brought Star Wars into the picture this year.

Coast Central got festive with an oddball Bigfoot.

River boat racers representing.

Ace Hardware brought along their statue and a costume...
...and some kind of frisbee game.
Bigfoot clowning around.
Six Rivers Medical Clinic
A pizza-making Bigfoot?
Native Princess.
I didn't catch who Camp Bigfoot are, but they had a cool Squatchmobile.

Smokey always shows up with his USFS friends.
The tail end of the parade.
Someone around here is building an army, I think.
Firefighters showed up from many towns about the area.

The festival after the parade was held in Veteran's Park this year, which is always good (when no fire crews have to occupy it).
I didn't see too many trying to kiss this dude.
Here's the schedule of grand events for the day.
Yours truly, with one daughter...

...and with the other daugthter.

There are many other years of the BIGFOOT DAYS festival covered here on this blog. Just look around, browse the links at left, or use this link...

Here is some information that was posted prior to the event. You could always use much of it to make plans for a trip at the end of summer next year.


Monday, September 21, 2015

BLUFF CREEK NOW OPEN AGAIN. Nickowitz Fire Still Burning, but Now Mostly Contained.


Just in time to be open for a couple of weeks or so before the seasonal Fall closure (technically set for October 1st, if it starts raining), Bluff Creek is open again. The Nickowitz Fire has moved west and north, and is mostly contained. At one point it came to about half a mile from the PGF site, and easily could have burned through the creek basin had the winds changed and blown it down from Lonesome Ridge (see image below). Here are the current orders for closure around Blue Creek, Nickowitz Peak, the upper G-O Road, Onion Lake area, and the edges of the Siskiyou Willderness. Bluff Creek via 12N10 is apparently impossible, but access can be had through the lower G-O Road, Slate Creek Road, or Cedar Camp Road. It appears that Fish Lake/Onion Mountain ("Bluff Creek Road") is closed at the top, before Onion Lake and Onion Mountain. So, access to the PGF site and Louse Camp is only possible from the northern/eastern side.

Merv George, head of Six Rivers National Forest, and friend of Bluff Creek Project, signed the new orders a few days ago. Click the images to enlarge and read them.

This image shows just how close the fire burned to the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film site, indicated by rule and red dot at right.

Nickowitz Fire Line, in mid-August, near BLuff Creek.
Click Image to Enlarge.



Friday, September 11, 2015

Nickowitz Fire Still Burning above Bluff Creek and Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Site


Burning since lightning struck on August 1st, the Nickowitz Fire is still active right above the historic Bluff Creek Bigfoot area. It burned within only a half a mile of the Patterson-Gimlin Film Site, as you may see in the following graphic. This was the closest the fire burned, in mid-late August.

Currently the fire has been largely contained, but is still active in hot, dry conditions, with occasional winds coming off the coast to the inland. It will likely burn until the first heavy rains of fall. Here is the current official ops map for Sept. 11th. The PGF site is a small red dot to the right.

Bluff Creek itself remains closed, with heavy penalties if you go up there (so don't). The roads away from the fire and the creek basin, The G-O Road to 12N12, Slate Creek, and Cedar Camp are still open, as is the Fish Lake/Onion Mountain (Bluff Creek) Road up almost to Onion Lake (which latter is in the closure zone).

Here is the map detailing the road/area closures that are still in effect indefinitely.