Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Corrections and Clarifications to Peter Byrne's Patterson-Gimlin Film Site and Bluff Creek Map


Here are some corrections and clarifications I had to make to Peter Byrne's ridiculous PGF Film Site/Bluff Creek map (from his 1976 book, "The Search for Big Foot") so that some sense could be made of it. I think Byrne was intentionally obfuscating the location to keep it to himself. What other explanation can there be? Also, I interviewed him a while back (HERE) before we found the PGF site, and his directions to the location were quite far downstream from the actual spot. It is stuff like this that made it difficult for us to relocate the site. Distances are totally deceptive in the Byrne map. Actually, it's one mile from the first bridge to the second, and then three miles up the creek to the film site.

Click to Enlarge. Left to right, Byrne 1976, USFS 1974, USFS 1952

Here is the Byrne map by itself, from his out-of-print book.
Here are the other two maps, the earlier one first. Note the location of "Ferris Camp" is the PGF site. "McDuff Camp" was at the location of the current bridge over Bluff Creek, one mile up from Louse Camp. We think that this is where Patterson and Gimlin camped, just up the creek a ways from the road, according to what Bob Gimlin told me in Yakima last year. "We got to the bottom of the road, where it meets the creek, and then we just crossed the creek. It was right there," Bob said. Right there across the creek would have been over a ford at that point, as there was no bridge there at the time. The ford would have crossed over the creek and headed upstream on a jeep trail grade road that went along the creek all the way past the film site back then.