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Supplementary, January 21st Edition

Enlargement of detail of our widely published PGF Site grid map,
GPS reading clearly seen.
Click to Enlage, if you have to do so to read the numbers.
Certain "critics" of the BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT have repeatedly cropped up saying things like we have not been open with the results of our PGF site research, and have been "secretive" about the true site location and coordinates. REALLY? I suppose the 72 videos we have done so far were not enough? Nor all of the blog entries right here that discuss the matter? Not even the maps published here that show exactly where the site is, along with GPS locations clearly marked? Not all the countless phone calls and visitors I've spent endless hours with in helping them find the place? Oh well.

To make it easier for everyone... HERE THEY ARE:  41,26.412, -123,42.115. 
That is right by the Patterson camera position. That reading is from Robert Leiterman's Garmin GPS device. Here is a map, with data points marked:
Upper Bluff Creek, area of the PGF stie. The Bigfoot film action occurs around "Leiterman 2 up to "Big Stump."

Here is some data for you:
TOPO! GPS  Data  Format  DegMin  NAD83  ElevFeet  Local-Time
AL-Hodgson site, 41,25.520, -123,43.198, NA, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 09-OCT-10 12:49:55PM
Berm, 41,26.501, -123,41.966,2883, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 2:17:40PM
Big Stump, 41,26.450, -123,42.090,2606, 11/12/2011, 15:52:00, 09-OCT-11 4:07:13PM
BigRock, 41,26.281, -123,42.482, 2424, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 09-OCT-10 2:17:22PM
CellSpot, 41,20.554, -123,39.680, 4065, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 21-AUG-10 1:23:13PM
CellSpot1, 41,25.659, -123,40.101,4337, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 21-AUG-10 2:18:23PM
CellSpot2, 41,23.894, -123,38.799, 4209,10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 21-AUG-10 1:45:41PM
CellSpot3, 41,17.565, -123,43.786, 3497, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 22-AUG-10 6:13:05PM
Clearing, 41,26.295, -123,42.157, 2620, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 2:42:31PM
Dozer, 41,26.297, -123,42.151, 2532, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 18-SEP-10 1:15:58PM
EastBatBox, 41,26.303,-123,42.357, NA,11/12/2011, 15:52:00, 27-JAN-10 3:36:40PM
Leiterman1, 41,26.457, -123,42.180,2729, 11/05/2011, 16:26:13,
Leiterman2, 41,26.412, -123,42.115, 2544, 11/05/2011, 17:23:21,
Opening, 41,25.673, -123,43.223, 2340, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 09-OCT-10 12:50:42PM
ParkingMud, 41,26.316, -123,41.468, 3139, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 18-SEP-10 12:36:10PM
Rebar, 41,25.297, -123,43.283,NA,10/12/2010,04:56:24,09-OCT-10 12:03:43PM
RockSlide, 41,26.405, -123,42.003, 2889, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 2:24:18PM
Stream1, 41,26.266, -123,42.158, 2615, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 2:44:27PM
Stream2, 41,26.209, -123,42.457, 2487, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 5:36:25PM
TwinLakes, 41,19.203, -123,39.989, 3719, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 21-AUG-10 1:03:27PM
View1, 41,26.348, -123,42.031, 2600, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 2:31:37PM
View2, 41,26.312, -123,42.068, 3002, 10/12/2010, 04:56:24, 10-OCT-10 4:12:12PM

These readings were taken by Ian C., BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT founding member around the area and at the film site. The two "Leiterman" readings are the film site itself, added later to the above, though the reading for the upper maker was incorrect due to poor satellite reception down in the canyon at the time. The lower reading may be used on Google Earth and other places to find the exact position of the start of the film action. Some of the points above are off the map given, but still in the area, and may be useful to all.
Here is an early map sketch published a LONG time ago now on this blog.
Note the GPS coordinates we got at that time for the site of the first sighting, as per
the memory of Bob Gimlin. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
From Ian: "Finally dumped my GPS onto the computer.  The actual coordinates are below.  The Leiterman waypoints are from the grid work, I manually added them.  The Leiterman1 location is certainly bad, it is about 200 vertical feet above the creek!  However, that is what you get from a GPS down in there. The rest of my waypoints I have very high confidence in; they match up well with where I thought I was on the map at the time."
In case that wasn't obvious enough, here it is again, BIGGER.
Here is the latest map of the area that we have done. It is still being expanded and slightly revised. Note the GPS readings are on there, too.
Here is what it looks like on Google Earth. Note that their notation differs in formatting.
Google Earth, around the PGF site. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
Thanks for reading, this time. I do hope I don't have to answer these same questions over and over again for the rest of my life.

Here are some images for you of the trip we did there this last summer, just for fun.

Here is a group photo from down in Louse Camp.
Bluff Creek Trip GROUP SHOT.jpg 
Back row: Todd Hale, Tom Yamarone, Steven Streufert, Ian C., Daniel Perez, Rowdy Kelley, Terry Smith, Scott McClean, Cliff Barackman
Front row: James Bobo Fay, Francis and Robert Leiterman, Bill Munns
Foreground: Monkey and Pre

Here is another, on the site right on the trackway, to include all members...
Group Shot at Site.jpg 
Cliff Barackman, Ian C., Rowdy Kelley, Todd Hale, Jamie Snowhorse, Robert and Francis Leiterman, Bart Cutino, Terry Smith, James Bobo Fay, Bill Munns and myself.
(Missing Richard L., the retired USFS hydrologist who joined us the first day, and Scott and Tom who stayed in camp.)

Here are the original BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT guys, reunited with Ian's return...
Bluff Creek Project GROUP 2012.jpg 
Steve, Ian, Robert and Rowdy, in front of the Big Trees. 

Here is an image of Bill Munns just after he first saw the Big Tree, and then started pointing out the others seen in the background of the PGF.
Munns at Big Tree.jpg 
There you have it.
See ya.

Here is a travelogue with descriptions of the route that Ian C. (crazy_ian) published on the old Bigfoot Forums back in 2007 from a trip in 2006. NOTE: Some factors may have changed since then. Enjoy.

So you want to visit the site of the Patterson-Gimlin Film? by CrazyIan

The film itself has been discussed and analyzed on for almost 40 years. I will not try to add to the great information already in print and online. In short, I find the film very compelling evidence that there is a large unknown hominid roaming the Pacific Northwest, for the basic reason that in four decades no one has been able to demonstrate how it could be faked.

According to generally accepted information, the film was taken about 1:30 on the afternoon of Friday October 20, 1967 on Bluff Creek in Northern California. The actual site is in the Orleans Ranger District of the Six Rivers National Forest in Del Norte County, very close to the borders with Humboldt and Siskiyou Counties. The nearest town is Orleans in Humboldt County.

Getting There
The only main road to the area is Highway 96, the Bigfoot Highway. Coming from the north, 96 meets Interstate 5 between Yreka and the Oregon border. It is about 140 miles on 96 to Orleans. If you are coming from the south, leave I-5 at Redding and take 299 west about 100 miles to Willow Creek. Turn right onto 96 and go about 35 miles to Orleans. From Orleans, the fastest way in is to take 15N01 (on some maps just called 15) north. The sign in Orleans calls this Eyesee road, other forest service signs alternately refer to 15 as the G-O road. As a side bar, the G-O road was originally conceived in the 1970's as a connector between the towns of Gasquet and Orleans. For political reasons, the final miles in the middle were never completed; that area is now in the Siskiyou Wilderness. Just know there may be multiple local names for the roads, so I prefer using numbers for identification. Be sure to stop into the Ranger Station at Orleans for the latest road conditions; just remember like most Forest Service offices, they are only open weekdays, usually 9:00-4:30.

15N01 is paved all the way to the end at Elk Valley, about 30 miles, but you don't need to go that far. To get to the film site go about 17 miles and take a left onto 12N12, Cedar Camp Road. This road is also paved. Go about 1.5 miles and take a right onto 12N13. In October 2006, there was a small handwritten sign "Sasquatch Road" at this intersection. The road becomes gravel, but was easily passable on my trip. Now you are getting close. At about 3.5 miles take a right onto 12N13H. It's about 2.4 miles down to the creek, but if you are driving a regular car, you may want to walk down. The road is basically okay, but narrow enough to scratch paint at the top. Near the bottom there is a section prone to landslides and covered in wet leaves. My Xterra made it back and forth in 2WD without problems, but a rear wheel drive pickup did a little wheel spinning before getting out. The slightest rain or snow would make it a real challenge.

Anyway, 12N13H ends at Bluff Creek. There's a small clearing with a fire ring and two, currently knocked down, bat nesting boxes. Here's where it gets interesting. Some researchers feel the exact spot the film was taken is to the left, down stream. Others feel it is upstream. I spoke with researchers who supported both opinions. I'm not going to name names, or say who's in each camp, but both views have some factual support, and I have a lot of respect for everyone involved.

Eventually I spent several hours hiking up and down the creek with print-outs from the film, and I believe it is just not possible to objectively identify the exact location. I did find two large Douglas Firs that could be the one seen in the background of the early frames. The under story in that area is so thick that there is no way to recreate any of the shots from the film. The creek has also moved around a lot over the years and has suffered severe flooding. Also, the road bed that Patterson and Gimlin followed is gone except for a few scattered places.

Once you are done at the film site, go back up to 12N13. If you continue west the road descends from the ridge top down into the Bluff Creek valley. After about 4 miles you will cross a concrete bridge (over Bluff Creek), less than a mile further there's another concrete bridge over Notice Creek, and just past this bridge is a left turn into Louse Camp.

Any good highway map will get you to Orleans. >From there I strongly recommend the Forest Service map for the Six Rivers National Forest. You can get it at any local ranger station, or order it by calling the National Forest Store at 406-329-3024. You can also find a good quality scan here:

The USGS 7.5 minute quad of the site is called Lonesome Ridge. The National Geographic Topo! Software for California is also very handy. It has all the topo maps for the state on CD, plus you can hook up a GPS and/or download maps to a PDA. The Delorme Gazeteer for Northern California is recommended as a good source of intermediate scale maps.

Alternate Routes
Bluff Creek Road, 13N01 will also get into the general area. It starts on 96 a few miles south of
Orleans. It runs 36 miles to join 15N01 about 10 miles south of Elk Valley. It is a good road,
paved all the way, but the Forest Service closes a few miles around Fish Lake each fall to prevent
the spread of a plant disease, so it's not a through road for a large part of the year. When it is
open, it is about 21 miles from 96 to the intersection with 12N10, which will take you to Louse
Camp. From there you can backtrack to the film site. One warning, in October 2006, I crossed a
small landslide on 12N10 near Laird Meadows. It had been packed down by other traffic and
was no problem for a high clearance vehicle, but it might hang up a regular passenger car. The
entire area is subject to this sort of thing, so be prepared!

You can also pick up Cedar Camp Road 12N12 south of Orleans and follow it all the way
to 12N13. From there the directions to the film site and Louse Camp are the same as coming in
on 15N01. Is a little steep and narrow in places and it's not paved all the way, so this an option
only in good weather and with the right vehicle.

One final important note, there are two roads shown on the Forest Service map that are no longer
open. There is a section of 12N10 shown running due north from Louse Camp to 13N01. I think
this is way Todd Neiss drove in 2002. This section is completely closed to traffic, berms have
been bulldozer at both ends. Also on the map, there's 13N01D running from Louse Camp north
to 13N01, this is closed too.

High quality image... Click to Enlarge.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. By the way, the videos are excellent! Your team clearly put a lot of work into getting this right, not sure why some are questioning the legitimacy. Keep up the good work. Thanks again - Mike

  2. Can you verify picture of bigfoot print in my blog. Just accidentially found one today. Thanks

  3. Critics? How sad. The work you guys did to find the location was the most important stuff to come out in the past couple of years, rightly earning you the "Bigfooter of the Year" award from Bigfoot Times.

    Even if you guided the assholes down to the creek on horseback, while they listened to a cued audio presentation by Bob Gimlin on headphones -- they would be complaining that you failed to arrange an appearance by Patty... and want a private lunch with John Green too.

  4. Obviously this took a ton of time and effort. Kudos to all involved

  5. Great job all the way around. Your work is appreciated.

  6. To tag onto my last comment about the coordinates, No disrespect intended. I have a great appreciation and respect for your work and would love to meet you on my next trip. I am just confused because the longitude took me so far east of the area and i would love to have the exact coords.
    Thank you.

    1. Mark, the coordinates are all right there, just as they were taken with our Garmin devices on the actual film site and all around the area.

  7. awesome info. I will be checking it out my next trip

  8. The PG film is the greatest hoax of all time, don't get me wrong since I am a believer and have had a sighting in Southern Washington but sorry to say Patty is nothing but someone in a costume.

  9. Howdy! Planning a trip out there next year and had a few questions. We were planning on parking at the bridge over Bluff Creek on 12n10, then hiking the 2.5 miles up to the PGF site. Is this a feasible hike and what time of year would you suggest going?

    1. Hi, well, we have many videos of that hike, if you care to do a search on YouTube for BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT. It's a comfortable hike, about three miles total, each way. You might want to bring river shoes or knee-high water boots, depending upon the time of year, depth of water, and your personal style. Much of the hike is actually IN the creek, or crossing it constantly. There are a lot of slippery rocks, so take care and bring a walking stick of some sort. It's very much a gorgeous natural area, so it's worth doing for its own sake, even if you don't make it up to the PGF site. I'd mention that going farther upstream is also nice, and more wild and remote. It's fine when there hasn't been any strong recent rain. Otherwise you'll find the creek is flooded and dangerous. During the later spring and summer is all that the area is open to the public, anyway. From the melting of snow on the roads at high elevation (maybe May, more likely June) to the first rains in October, essentially. One year we couldn't get in there until July. And... use a truck, if you can. Small cars can get stuck on those roads easily.


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