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BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM Under Fire from County Tax Authorities, and You Can Help Save It!!!; plus the "EXTINCT?" Podcast Featuring Yours Truly

Early-Mid June 2012 Edition

If a little over four grand isn't raised by June 29th of this year the world-famous and much beloved BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM may be closed and sold off on auction. Michael Rugg, the museum proprietor is a very dedicated guy who has put not only his heart and soul into this project, but also his life savings, car and home. He has never charged a dime for admission to one of the best Bigfoot-related collections around, nor for the knowledge he freely dispenses. YOU CAN HELP by donating, buying something, or visiting the place. But do it now, before it is too late. If you ever thought of visiting there, donate something and think of it as an investment in the future.

One truly great feature on the web site,, is the three years' worth of the Discovery Project Newsletter. It is much like Daniel Perez' BIGFOOT TIMES in form, and is well worth downloading in PDF and reading... again, for free. They are full of Bigfooting gems. On YouTube you may find over 200 really great and informative editorial and commentary videos that feature Mike Rugg talking about the latest Bigfooting issues of the day. Check it out at...

There is not too much to buy in there right now, but the Museum does have an ONLINE STORE. Click the link. One thing we can highly recommend for kids and adults is Michael Rugg's BIGFOOT DISCOVERY COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK, available in the store. It's not only fun, but also educational. They have a great selection in their BIGFOOT T-SHIRT SHOP via CafePress. This is one of the easiest ways to help, sure to be popular with your entire Squatching familia. The shop also features mugs, posters, calendars, stationery, a wall clock, a teddy bear, fridge magnets, mouse pads and a journal book. The prices are a little high, but you can consider it a charitous purchase.

One good way to help out is to become a member. You can sign up HERE for that.
One of the shirts available through the online T-Shirt Store, this one
featuring a very cool image Mike Rugg drew of Patty Bigfoot,
with Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin.
Here is an article on the matter which appeared recently in the Museum's local paper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel. Click the title to read the whole thing online.

Bigfoot Museum Founder, Behind on Taxes, Hopes Attendance Will Rise; County Sets June 29 Deadline
By JONDI GUMZ - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Posted: 06/09/2012 01:03:18 PM PDT

FELTON - Michael Rugg, owner of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum at 5497 Highway 9, was surprised to learn the county had set a deadline of June 29 for him to pay back taxes of $4,368 or see the property sold at auction.

He thought he had more time.

After seven years of operation and gaining local and international recognition, the museum sees 30 to 60 people a day in the summer.

Rugg says only now is he seeing revenue, and he had hoped a contact from a Hollywood producer could turn his Felton Bigfoot story into a reality television show. Meanwhile, a balloon payment on a loan he took out before the economy crashed will come due next year.

"Maybe people will rally and help us," Rugg said, noting the museum is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day but Tuesday.

View online at...
An Image of Mike at his Desk, from one of his online videos.
Here is a brief "Public Service Announcement" that I helped make (by being the guest on their show) on the EXTINCT Podcast with Ro Sahebi recently. Click the link below the image to view, or use the player box below if it will work in your browser.

Here is another thing, from the Museum's web site...

Seriously Seeking Sponsors

The Bigfoot Discovery Project is seeking help from a person or persons of means. We need additional funding to keep the Discovery Project operating at full speed.
Click here if interested but you need more convincing.

For more details...
call Michael Rugg at 831-335-4478

So, do what you can. Even just a visit to the spot and a few bucks in the pot will help. And you'll get more than you give if you get into a conversation with Mr. Rugg.

Here is a previous blog this site did on Michael Rugg:
And HERE is a MAP of the Santa Cruz, CA area, which will help you get there...
The Road to Felton,

Yesterday Yours Truly was the guest on the TeamTazer-associated EXTINCT? Podcast. It was a great conversation, an hour and about forty minutes of which was captured on the air. About an hour of the best stuff was off-air before and after the show. Anyway, now I am blacklisted for sure. Ms. Hovey has said that anyone associating with TeamTazer would be put on the shun list. Oh no! I will never Squatch in Salt Fork Community Park again!
Listen to or watch the archived podcast here on BLIP,, or get it via iTunes.

The Extinct? Podcast, Episode #13. About this episode
Steven Streufert joins us for a straight up Bigfoot conversation. Along with Damian Bravo, Shawn Evidence, Michael Merchant and Ro Sahebi.

And... a Good Time Was Had by All.
Are you an investor or interested in Bigfoot patronage? Here is the text of the proposal and business plan that Mike Rugg had a while back for the BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM. I'm sure much of this still applies. Also, news is that Mike, his research, and the Museum will be featured in an upcoming television series that may even be all their own. 
Read below, or VIEW THE PDF ONLINE.

Bigfoot Discovery Project (BDP)
Bigfoot Discovery Museum
5497 Highway 9
Felton, CA 95018
by Michael C. Rugg

Michael Rugg and Paula Yarr started the project in 2003. The business plan called for the development of the BDP website and Bigfoot Discovery Museum, a roadside attraction designed to educate and entertain the public, and to generate revenue from sales of souvenir items, a bigfoot-oriented product line, and consigned local art and crafts. The goal was to create a fulltime research center and library— that would perpetuate itself through a cottage industry and memberships—dedicated to studying, and being instrumental in solving, the bigfoot problem. (Problem: People see “it”… science can’t adequately explain why.) 

So far the project has been most successful in terms of the research, because as soon as the museum opened its doors to the public, the local bigfoot encounter stories started rolling in. Although we had planned to do occasional fieldwork, it was not the emphasis, as the principles expected to be tied down working in the museum and developing products and curriculum. But the stories were so compelling that they could not be ignored. As a result of time spent documenting local stories and researching local history, the emphasis of the project shifted towards fieldwork; the product line fell behind schedule, and the revenue stream has fallen short of being self-sustaining. For these reasons, we are currently seeking funding from outside sources.

Our plans for the future include attracting more members and volunteers, implementing the educational product line and developing curriculum, while setting up a local network of field observers and investigators in an attempt to locate or create a primate habituation scenario. The museum creation and the first four years of research have been funded out of pocket. (I personally have spent nearly all my time since 2003 developing the project as a full-time research and education center.)

Over the past 5 years my conviction that this is a worth-while and important pursuit has been proven to me time and time again through conversations with others who have personally experienced bigfoot, as well as other unexplained phenomena. The importance of scientific exploration has been firmly 
established in my heart and mind after talking with dozens of young future cryptozoologists, and many intelligent adults who, like myself, are sick and tired of the scientific “establishment” explaining away things they can’t adequately explain, and the arrogant tendency to infer that all the eyewitnesses and experiencers are either fools or liars.

With adequate funding and more help, this project will pay its own way by generating profits from sales and services.

Market Indicators
For the sake of potential investors and/or benefactors here are some indicators of the current wave of bigfoot interest—unparalleled since the 1970’s—that has been building since the turn of the century:
• many overly ballyhooed media stories
• many new books both pro and con being published 
• many out of print bigfoot titles being reprinted
• many old low budget films being released on compendium DVDs
• many new television treatments and documentaries (Travel, History, Discovery Channels)
• art exhibits in San Francisco, New York and London etc. featuring sasquatch inspired artwork
• dozens of new web sites devoted to mystery primates
• research organizations starting up all across the world/ dozens of Bigfoot blogs
• the remake of the blockbuster movie King Kong
• many new low budget Bigfoot movies being made (and some with bigger budgets in the works)
• dozens of hoaxed videos appearing on the Internet (including one by Penn & Teller)
• numerous conventions being held across the country (CA, WA, TX, PA, OK, ID)
• several new Bigfoot Museums appear (CA, WA, TX, ME, CO)
• many TV commercials featuring sasquatch
• exhibits at major museums (Vancouver, BC; San Antonio, TX; Pocatello, ID; Berkeley,CA)
• Bigfoot Safaris (people pay to go out in the forest at night looking for bigfoot)
• Bigfoot pay-per-view web casts
• Bigfoot reality TV shows currently in the making
• Google searches very high for Bigfoot, sasquatch and yeti
• High profile mailorder manufacturers creating bigfoot products (Bronner’s; Design Toscana)
• Bigfoot Friday (8/15/08) the most publicized hoax in recent history (#1 international story)

The Bigfoot Discovery museum is in sight of the main entrance to Henry Cowell Redwood State Park which has over 400,000 visitors per year. Next to the park is Roaring Camp, both a narrow guage steam railroad an a full size deisel train to the beach/boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It also has 1000s of visitors a year. Not far away (9 miles as the crow flies) is the Mystery Spot, another international tourist attraction. 
Demographics are across the board… all ages and races of people come to the area from all over the world.

We’ve had much unsolicited media coverage representing thousands of dollars worth of free publicity
o TV treatments
o Croatian TV magazine show
o Eye on the Bay (CBS-SF)
o Life in the 831 (KION-Monterey)
o Despierta America (Latin American morning show)
o The Great Outdoors (Australian travel show)
o California Postcard (Sacramento TV Ch10)
o Bo Selecta (comedy program in UK)
o Community TV in Mt View
o Newspapers & magazines
o SF Chronicle
o San Jose Mercury
o LA Times
o Santa Cruz Sentinel
o Budget Travel
o Via magazine
o Valley Press/Scotts Valley Banner
o Radio and internet radio interviews
o KSCO (Santa Cruz), Xzone (Canada), Seattle, Tennessee, Florida,

1. Attract & edutain the public with the facts about mystery primates around the world
2. Generate revenue to cover expenses, pay staff, fund ongoing projects & programs
3. Establish Research Center for Discovery Science & Scientific Exploration
4. Teach children about reverence for wildlife and conservation of wilderness via cryptozoology
5. Seek proof of the existence of Bigfoot via local field research and forensics

Upgrade website & add online store
Complete the museum improvements & exhibits
-Bookstore/research room
-Outdoor classroom/ Theatre /Children’s Art project
-Sculpture garden / Tanglewood Bazaar (outdoor booths)
Marketing (advertising & collateral)
Develop product line
Seek sponsors, staff, subscribers, volunteers and more visitors
Develop curriculum
Follow through with local field work, starting with Operation Y.E.T.I.

Arrange for additional Capital
-seek sponsors, donors, partners, investors
-start Ebay store
Remake & revitalize website
-make current & dynamic
-add online store
Set up the Bigfoot Discovery Weekend eco-tours
Get more members, visitors, volunteers
-membership campaign (direct mail/email)
-rack cards printed & distributed
-listings in local & greater Bay Area newspaper Calendars
Plan more events
Design & produce product line
-prep basic logo art for imprinting souvenirs
-finish first two posters (Monarch & Moment)
-design & produce new tshirts & bumper stickers
-SCruz Mtn Bigfoot Book with trail maps
Creative director/curator/spokesman
Sales clerk/docent
Store manangement (inventory, POP)
Blogger, forum administrator
Event planning
Janitorial & maintenance, grounds-keeper
Product design & production
Exhibit design & production
Research & investigatory fieldwork
Newsletter creation
Newsletter production & distribution
Curriculum development/classes & workshops

Tour bus
Thermal imagers
Video recorders
Audio recorders
GPS devices
Night vision
Sound analysis software
Specimen collection supplies
Materials & supplies for product manufacture

So, DO WHAT YOU CAN, even if it is only janitorial work.
I know I'm thinking about buying a Bigfoot Wall Clock for the Bigfoot Books store!

(Channeled by Denali)

This blog is copyright and all that jazz, save for occasional small elements borrowed for "research" and information or satirical purposes only, 2007-2012, Bigfoot Books and Steven Streufert. Borrowings for non-commercial purposes will be tolerated without the revenge of Angry Bigfoot, if notification, credit, citation and a kindly web-link are given, preferably after contacting us and saying, Hello, like a normal person would before taking a cup of salt. No serious rip-offs of our material for vulgar commercial gain will be tolerated without major BF stomping action coming down on you, hu-man. 

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BLOBSQUATCHING THE PGF: The Problem of Intentional Imaginative Pareidolia; The Beckjordian Background of Delusion, and MKD Emerging from Retirement (Again)

Early June, 2012 Edition
Where is the "Bob Gimlin in the Bushes," Blevins?

Pareidolia can be fun. Try it sometime. Just stare long enough at some abstract thing, pattern or setting, perhaps crossing your eyes a little, and you will begin to see forms and things that emerge. Faces will form from wood paneling. Clouds will transform into fleeting dragons. At times these can be truly surprising, even epiphanic; but that does not always mean that they are real.

Just like M.K. and his odd offspring, Mr. Lee Blevins, we are going to take an "in-depth look" at the Patterson-Gimlin film in this expedition into the inner reaches of the mind. SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLES. Click on the images to view in a larger size, gaze at them long enough, and maybe, just maybe, you will find the deep secrets I have found there. If not, well, there are colored circles drawn around some of these hidden mysteries to guide you.

Bekjord the Grey, ET Prophet
The great Granddaddy of all of this Blobsquatchery is Jon-Erik Beckjord. He was noted for progressively odd theories about the Bigfoot creatures and the Patterson-Gimlin film as a particular example. He was featured in an article called IS BIGFOOT FROM OUTER SPACE. As he aged, so his theories proliferated into the paranormal. There is a possibility that he was some kind of great Visionary, but I think parsimony suggests that there was some kind of mental illness going on as the years went by. Pareidolia may be fun, but delusional mental illness is not, especially for those others subjected to it, like Tara and Loren. He was known to appear at Bigfoot conferences wearing an "ET" grey alien mask in his later years.
Image updated for 2012 PNW Conference on PP. Click to Enlarge,
Here is an example of some of the things that Beckjord saw in the PGF. It would seem that Beckjord was the creator, or at least the primal propagator, of the notorious "Red Circle." Below are some "baby Bigfoots," and other hidden Bigfooty presences he found in the bushes behind the film subject. He seems to have been an influence on MK Davis' work looking into the Patterson Film, as well. Before his website went down after his death, Beckjord displayed many an early MK image on there.
Early examples of the "Blobsquatch." Ignore the humanoid figure in the
right foreground---that is just an alien robotic android being. Click to Enlarge.
Did you know there was a "Blob-Gimlin"? It is only visible in one frame, but it does look a little like a younger Bob... or Elvis. This is the basis of the theories of one Leroy Blevins. However, how could he not see the "red-headed man" whose head is right next to "Bob's" and is actually much more clear than the "Bob"?
Above, "Blob" Gimlin, and Red-Haired Man in Blue Shirt.
Below, the real Bob Gimlin, in flesh and blood.

Even across space, we
See Things like this
"Face" on Mars, or the "Man
on the Moon."
Not all Pareidolia is due to some kind of mental condition or delusion. IN FACT, we ALL have it. It is a natural function of the mind seeking patterns and forms in sensory input. We are, in fact, hard-wired to "See Things," especially faces and human forms. This seems to be one of the earliest and most primal, primary tendencies of the mind, as the infant appears to recognize faces before other objects, and also to make faces to its mother to enhance bonding, and hence to increase chances of survival. Being human, we tend to see the human form projected upon the world. In many cases of blobsquatch identification, or even Bigfoot sightings in "the field," Pareidolia is what is really going on; and hence, the oddities of human perception should always be subjected to skeptical scrutiny before they are taken literally as real.

Sometimes "Blobsquatches" are not pareidolia or "matrixing," but simply mis-perception. Here is an image captured from a recent "Bigfoot video" that was said to "Confirm on All Points." I beg to differ, a little....
Confirms on... REDNECK! Bigfoot... NOT.
Here is an image found publicly posted on Facebook that is said to contain "many" Sasquattles, and even an alien or two...
I dunno, folks. I mean, I see only shrubbery.
In the cover of this upcoming book, BIGFOOT BLUES, there are said to be five Bigfoot hiding in the forest. When I looked I found TEN or more. What is going on here? Pariedolia? Or did the cover artist simply miss the Sasquatch hiding in his/her very own photograph? It is a great mystery!
Can YOU find the five Bigfoot in this book cover?
Another form of "blobbing" is the suppositious mis-identification of so-called "evidence." With "Squatch on the Brain Syndrome" just about anything can be a sign of "Bigfoot." Like this kind of thing widely circulated on Facebook Bigfoot groups and walls....
Bigfoot Did It! Yep, that's right. Every stick that falls is a sign....
Here is a CLASSIC: "Bigfoot" AFTER he has dematerialized, from Oklahoma. I was assured that there was a real, physical Bigfoot standing right there just a second before it entered "That Place Where They Go," in another dimension, or something. Rather than a blobsquatch, this is what we might call the "No-Squatch."
De-materializing Bigfoot
You may have heard that M.K. Davis retired. I hope he knows that despite some kidding here, we all wish him the best of health and happiness. Anyway, he's come back a little, drawn by the irresistible magnet of Bigfooting infamy. He's seeing White Bigfootses everywhere! In a recent blog, published just about an hour or two after I took him apart piece by piece live on the air on BlogTalk Radio, M.K. stated,

"It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to go in new directions. My health is declining. I have a few projects to finish I hope…before “I” am finished. I hope that this site and this blog meant something to you. To all the nearly 30,000 people who have visited, please know that you are important to me and your interest in my work is greatly appreciated. I have protected my sources, and I have done right by them and by you. I leave with a clean conscience. 
I’ll continue with the Bigfoot Central show as long as Don Monroe wants and artistfirst will have me. I thank you one and all."

HIS RETIREMENT DIDN'T LAST VERY LONG, DID IT? Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in! Eh, MK?
MKD, in current state, after years of "Blobbing"
So, just what is it that is causing this flirtation with retirement? We have inside information and a photo that reveals it.... the rare, but highly contagious condition, Blobbybluritis. The photo seen here shows M.K. in his current state, after countless hours, months, years, spent staring into his computer monitor at overblown-up images from the 1967 Bigfoot film. It is with this sad case that we urge caution and moderation when viewing the images that follow.
or, There Was More Than Bigfoot There That Day...

MK found many a thing in the PGF, so so may I. What follows is just the tip of the iceberg of things I've seen in the film, and managed to get screen captures of... it is said that blobsquatches are highly elusive, excellent at camouflage, and of course may simply walk through walls or into another dimension. Perhaps these don't quite live up to Beckjord's "Alien Android" theory, but we still hope you'll enjoy. YOU'LL HAVE TO CLICK THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM, and be sure to stare at each for as long as it takes for your eyes to cross, hypnosis to set in, and the hidden secrets to become animate and real to you. All of these images were found in the REAL PGF, not elsewhere, nor were they Photoshopped into the photos.
The "Gimlin" plus a Howling Clown Skull
Horned Man with Alien and Watching Person
Scary Man and Ape Faces
Monkey, Creepy Alien, and Watching Face
Old Indian Face
Star Wars Stormtrooper
Cthulhu, plus "8"
Alien on Butt
Blurry Cartoon Lady of the Trees.
Humanoid Couples and Alien Entity
Ghost Alien Spirit Form Being
Howling Face on Back of Patty Bigfoot
The ONE TRUE CROSS of Bluff Creek
Standing Rabbit Attacked By Ghost Wolf.
Man Rodeo-Jumping a Beetle or Crocodile
Another bizarre and totally ridiculous piece of "Bluff Creek Massacre" Pseudo-History has emerged.
READ (but don't believe) MORE HERE...

Patterson-Gimlin Film: A New Tall Tale

By R.V.

Who is this  "R.V." and who is...  ?
Info on the publisher or "author" of this story:
Stephen Wagner is a paranormal researcher and author.Experience: Stephen Wagner has been an investigator of many aspects of paranormal phenomena for over 30 years. He has written articles for numerous magazines, including FATE, and is the author of "Touched By a Miracle: True Stories of Ordinary People and Extraordinary Experiences". He is also a member of Central New York Ghost Hunters.From Stephen Wagner: This website is your gateway to the fascinating world of ghosts and hauntings, strange creatures, psychic phenomena, lost worlds, other dimensions, and the unexplained. Here you'll quickly learn that there is far more to our existence on this planet than is currently explained by science. I welcome your feedback and your true encounters with the unknown.

BELIEVABLE? I doubt it. A credible source for history? Not. Here are a few excerpts....

"Remember the movie where Bigfoot walks past the screen and looks at the camera?," he said. "For years, when it was shown on TV, it was edited. There's a big piece missing. When they show it on television, it's shown out of context. This guy we hooked up with has a different film. An entirely different thing."

The film starts off very shaky. After a few seconds the subjects come into focus. It starts off with a few of these creatures digging for something. Not just one. I remember him saying distinctly "three". They are also very far away from the camera. They start to walk down a trail or a path and then they stop by a pond or a puddle of water. They separate, but then soon regroup. It seemed like these creatures were just doing a surveillance of the area.

"Surreal" is the word he used because he was not sure what to make of this. The whole time the camera is on them and they don't know it. Then all of a sudden, a hail of gunfire comes from the tree line and blast these things cold. One of the creatures drops and another one bolts into the woods. The remaining one strangely just walks/staggers off. As one of the creatures walked off, someone kept taking pot shots at it from a distance. That's the creature you see in the popular film.

He also said that there was another film, which was shocking as well as disgusting. It shows a bunch of men dragging one of the lifeless bodies and placing it on a tarp or a pool cover and then cutting it up. Obviously, there was no sound on these videos. I told him that if this was lost footage or something, then it would probably be worth something to somebody.

John said that there was a person with money who wanted to have a look at the film and maybe do business at one point. He was a lawyer/businessman type. John also added that an eccentric named Eric Beckord, a researcher, was harassing him at one point. He threatened John by saying he would drag his ass into Supreme Court if he had to. He said that Mr. Beckjord came off with a sense of entitlement and claimed to be the rightful owner of all films related to Bob Patterson. Then he was never heard from again.

BOB Patterson??? A pond on Bluff Creek? I think we can write this one off, folks. The fabricator of this silly story obviously does not know that the full Roll One of the Patterson film material has been recovered by Bill Munns from a copy in John Green's collection. There was NO such footage on the roll, but just some scenery and horseback shots down in the creekbed. There are also no edits from the camera original. This is just... A TALL TALE. That is all this stuff is, just like all of that stuff MK "sees" in the P-G Film, from which tiny suggestions and blurry forms create a whole false edifice of suppositional, fantastical and delusional history.

We have it on the word of one of the very few who was there in the small room after the 2008 Ohio Bigfoot Conference where MK first announced his outlandish theory that MK DID SAY THAT DREADED WORD, "MASSACRE." MK denies ever having said this, so we don't know. I wasn't there. In any case, I believe the word of my witness. The name, "Bluff Creek Massacre Theory" STICKS. Sorry MK.

(Channeled by Denali)

Me so angry right now. This big boom-boom storm, or as hu-man call it, thunder storm came and blow tent into angry bigfoot cave. Now cave big mess! It take angry bigfoot two week to clean up. It also blow best friend bunny away. Next day, me seed best friend bunny in meat maker, or as hu-man call it, a factory. Me so angry, me think angry bigfoot head go boom-boom like big storm cloud did.

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