Monday, December 29, 2008



Willow Creek, Humboldt County, CA & BEYOND:
Sasquatch Kitsch and Culture in Northern California

Many search the world over for signs of the elusive Sasquatch. In Willow Creek we see Bigfoot every day!

A collection of iconography of Bigfoot found around the general area of Willow Creek, this site is in progress. Do you have any images of unrepresented stuff, especially historical Bigfoot sites not currently existing? Do contact me at:

Visit the site here at its NEW LOCATION:

Steve, Bigfoot Books

NOTE, Update: We're ALWAYS looking for roadside Bigfoot/Sasquatch images. Send yours along and we'll post them in the upcoming expanded version of BIGFOOT BY THE ROADSIDE, PACIFIC NORTHWEST EDITION. Thanks!

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  1. You should hot link directly to the Bigfoot pic site Steve. Blogger makes it pretty easy.

    A blog's all about hot links, man!

    I gave you props over at my blog too.


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