Friday, October 19, 2012

New 2012 Maps of the Bluff Creek Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Site

Preliminary 2012 Expanded PGF Site Map.
Mid-October 2012 Edition

In honor of the 45th anniversary of the PGF I am going to jump the gun and publish some current maps of our work in surveying and documenting the film site as part of the BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT. I still have to post all of the information about events and processes conducted over the summer, which included work with Bill Munns on the site. Sorry, I've been busy. Expect those posts to appear here soon, along with the Bigfoot Days 2012 celebration in Willow Creek. For now, enjoy these documents painstakingly created by Robert, revealing the current state of the true Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Site.

(All maps are copyright, BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT, drawn by Robert Leiterman, with research by Steven Streufert, Ian C., Rowdy Kelley and Jamie Schutmutt. Special input from Bill Munns has been appreciated, as well.)

CLICK IMAGES TO SEE LARGE VERSIONS AND SAVE, for research purposes only. These are big files. Right click the enlarged version to save. Not for publication or redistribution without permission.

Our current project is the Bluff Creek Trail Camera Survey, being implemented gradually at the moment. Check out the temporary page here:

Downstream of film site, including the first sighting spot as identified by Bill Munns,
just a few yards southwest from Gimlin's memory of the spot.

Crop showing eastern edge of the site sandbar, including the "Bowling Alley" which
helped Gimlin remember the spot.

Crop showing the western edge of the site and major artifacts surrounding subject.

Detail showing the first part of the film trackway, Patterson's camera position, as
well as first sighting and Frame 352 locations.

Another detail, showing the legend and eastern start of "Bowling Alley."

Sorry, but the map is now too big for our scanners, hence the details and cropping. We'll get a full version in ultra-high resolution done before too long. ENJOY!


What, you put like 15 camera around me house and you expect me not smash? It bad enough me have to pull up pot farmer grow all summer long. Now me have to break camera? You hu-man never learn. Next time me just smash you. Solve the problem.

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