Thursday, January 15, 2015

New BLUFF CREEK PROJECT Trail Camera Results, On the News, New Funding Drive, and More

BIGFOOT'S BLOG,Mid-January 2015 Edition

Image of a Ringtail from Twin Lakes, just east of Bluff Creek.

BLUFF CREEK PROJECT, an extension of our former BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT, has a new set of Winter 2014-15 wildlife results from the cameras at one of the ridge lakes above Bluff Creek itself. The actual watershed of Bluff is closed during the winter by the USFS, but our cameras are still down there running until late Spring when we hope to return. See below for the latest videos, plus the previous ones from Summer 2014 and earlier.

The Project is running another funding drive for the expensive lithium battery replacement and maintenance of our some 20 cameras currently deployed. From Jamie Wayne, head of trail camera deployment:

"I just launched the Winter crowdfunding drive so we can get some new batteries for the cams. Please sponsor a camera! Only $12! We need to start getting ready to service the cameras in the spring. I just used the last our lithium batteries to keep our Reconyx going for another 3 months."

Check here at Indiegogo for information and to contribute to this public research project:

Bluff Creek Project Logo, art by Wes Losner

JUST UP, a new blog/website for the Project, still under construction:

Find BLUFF CREEK PROJECT on Facebook here:

Also, local Humboldt/Northcoast NBC television news featured the Project the other day, here:


 Current highlights:

 A kinky bear:

Past highlights:

Fabulous bears at Twin Lakes:

Summer 2014 on the PGF Site:

Animals at the "Altar" at the MK Site:

 Three Mountain Lions!:

 A Cat on Patty's Trackway:

Thanks to all who have joined us in BLUFF CREEK PROJECT by contributing, joining us in Six Rivers National Forest, or just by sharing links to our posts here and on Facebook!


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  1. Just got a camera sponsor! I'm a friend of Robert. So happy to sponsor this film/ camera project hope to camp soon too!!
    Cheers from Cindi


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