Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Packet from John Green on Peter Byrne, Part One

January 1st, 2017 Edition

Back in early 2010 we received a very interesting packet in the postal mail from Canada from none other than the Moses of Bigfooting, JOHN GREEN. Included therein was the ultra-rare and unusual, "never-in-print" short work, PETER AND THE SASQUATCH: A FARCE NOW IN ITS THIRD ACT. Words by Peter Byrne. Very Interesting!!!

Here this blog will present the first document, with a total of 18 pages. As you can see in the image here, there were others included. We'll get to those in a second part.

Yes, this is an artifact of the old-school Bigfooting Wars, which really began in 1958, reaching a peak during the time of the Pacific Northwest Expedition in Bluff Creek, which started with Green, Titmus and Dahinden, with others, and was financed by Tom Slick. Green and Dahinden both bailed out early on, when conflicts arose. Eventually Peter Byrne was brought in to run the show.

This document is presented as it is, without judgement or assessment on the part of this blog. It is posted here as an historical artifact of importance to the history of the pursuit of Bigfoot. Unfortunately, the original photocopy we received from Green was somewhat faint. I've adjusted the contrast a bit to make them ore legible. Enjoy. Click images to enlarge and better read. A "right-click" with the mouse to open in another tab will make them really large.
Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine

Page Ten

Page Eleven

Page Twelve

Page Thirteen

Page Fourteen

Page Fifteen
Page Sixteen

Page Seventeen

Page Eighteen

Well, that's it for now.
Happy New Year to all.

RIP, John Green, a man who built much of the reason
and logic, what there is of it, into Bigfooting.
Photo from the Sasquatch Summit.
View the video from Believe It Tour here:


  1. found this on a Google search of Peter Byrne was wondering if he was still kicking... Lost so many of the Bigfooters, most of them from Bigfoot Odyssey are gone and just lost Bindernagel in 2018, I'd just gotten all these Bigfoot dvds off ebay and as Amazon, so I started googling them and one by one they're all dead... if you're the guy in the pic I recognize you from the Willow Creek movie I got off ebay... I figured you was BobCats brother at first! lol... well 99.9% of the people who view this leave no comment but I did! lol

    1. Yep, that's me in that movie, though I'm not Bobcat's brother. We helped him make that film and took him to Bluff Creek.

  2. If you see this... I had a Bigfoot book as a kid, wanted to get it again for nostalgia... all I can remember is the front cover had a nasty Sasquatch holding his hand up to block headlights glare like a Bigfoot in the headlights! If I knew the title I may find it on eBay or amazon and do you know anyone selling copies of the dvd called "Bigfoots Reflection", sites I found have been out of stock for years, it's a Canadian Bigfoot Documentary... I'll check back here from time to time to see if you responded... saved this page to favorites... thanks.

    1. I think you must mean the Daniel Cohen book, "Bigfoot, America's #1 Monster," a 1970s paperback. Re. "Bigfoot's Reflexion," they have a website. However, the movie is on YouTube and Amazon Prime streaming.

    2. thanks, I'll see if I can find that book... I wanted the dvd of Bigfoots Reflection, I watched it on YouTube but not good enough quality to burn to a dvd. What's the websites URL?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. you was right, that's the book, found it by cutting and pasting the title you gave and added the word "book" to the end on google, average price for that little book is $40, must be rare!

  5. Just saw ya on "Birth of a Legend" on Finding Bigfoot, took me 7 years to track down a copy, those shows are harder to track down than Bigfoot! I'm slowly getting them despite their scarcity! If there's a will there's a way... they took down all the uploads people had placed on YouTube years ago, I have a few discs of MP4 files from YouTube and they play fine on my Blu-ray but they should put out all the dvd sets for purchase and not make people hunt for them! I bought seasons 3 and 4 on Amazon a year ago, the prices have shot way up since then!

      I'd have bought all of them on DVD abs sold them in my bookshop, but they never released them. All I ever saw on DVD was Season One. Exen on streaming sites they only had the first few seasons. So, their loss... I've had friends sending me copies from TV all along, or I caught them on YouTube before they were deleted. There are a number of the later episodes I still haven't been able to see, as I don't get TV among the trees where I live on the opposite side of the hill from the satellite.

  6. the Bluff Creek Massacre is back again:
    you should post on your blog what you think about this!

  7. Thanks for posting this John Green (packet) pages so us Squatchers can print it up to add to our Squatch library! Byrne on Sasquatch Odyssey dvd (now 20 years old) said he'd found 5 sets of prints in like 35 years of searching! If you have a 1-800 BIGFOOT HotLine and are really "searching" you should find that many tracks in a year! I don't think he was trying too hard! I'll go with John Green any day! (R.I.P.)

  8. In case you missed it, Bob Gimlin tour bus (he says MK Davis claims are bogus):
    I wish I was along for that Sasquatch Roadtrip!

  9. Bob Gimlin link:
    seems the above link doesn't work for some reason!?!

  10. Correct Bob Gimlin interview link:
    Weird how the other 2 links I posted say "400 error not found", that's not my video, I found it while browsing, it's Bob Gimlin just a few days ago, it's good to get the record straight because once someone is gone they can't dispel the theories people come up with and they'll live on forever!


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